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Liberating Instagram photos from your smart device, Instacube feeds your favorite images wirelessly at 3x the size.
3,434 backers pledged $621,049 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Shahi Hamad 2 days ago

      back this project over 2 years ago and STILL have not received my #cube. Ridiculous.

    2. Creator Michael C on March 25

      Has anyone received their black instacubes yet? I've seen them on amazon "#Cube" as they are being called now, and I'm pretty damn pissed off that they are for sale there, yet I haven't gotten anything even though I backed this project in August 2012 like everyone else . I know a few of you have gotten them, but I haven't seen anyone say anything about the black ones. Just curious. Thanks

    3. Creator Paul Adams on March 21

      Still waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting

    4. Creator ehsman814 on March 21

      I got my $ back. Thanks. Still disappointed in the whole thing

    5. Creator Beagle on March 14

      You need to contact them citing their promise to refund you once they had sold your item elsewhere. It took me several months but I got my money back by IBAN in the end.

    6. Creator Michael on March 14

      Hey guys, you can seek out a refund if you used Amazon Payments. Just log into Amazon Payments and search for this transaction. Let them handle it. Also, kickstarter doesn't support it's customers or fans so i'd wait till products actually launch.

    7. Creator Ryan Houghton on March 13

      filed a complaint on California's Better Business Bureau. I suggest you all do the same and see if we can't garner some attention.

    8. Creator Ryan Houghton on March 13

      seriously, where the hell is this. I backed it over 2 years ago and nothing.

    9. Creator Robert McLellan on March 13

      Please can we have some sort of update when we might receive these?
      Im still waiting for mine in London, England.
      You haven't sent an update since November last year and it seems like I've thrown $239 down the drain.

      Is there any way people can get a refund or at least some response from a human as to when we these are likely to ship?
      I feel like I'll be dead before these ever arrive or the product will just be obsolete.
      If you can sell them online on amazon then why cant you send us all the ones we have already paid for!!!!??

      Without us backers your company would be nothing and this product would not even exist so please show some gratitude and give people what they have paid for over 2 years ago.

      Cant believe this has gone on so long.
      Please don't let it reach 3 years waiting :(

    10. Creator SD on March 7

      I would like a refund.

    11. Creator Mike De Clercq on March 1

      What do i have to do to get my money back?

    12. Creator Wombat on March 1

      As all others I'm deeply shocked and disappointed in how D2M has "managed" to handle this whole situation. To my surprise, last week I *finally* received my two Instacubes!

      But moving forward I must admit that I'm very happy with the final product. It works really well and is easy to setup. The picture quality is good (but not iPhone/iPad screen sharpness good), although the screen is a bit too bright for my taste.

    13. Creator Pepper Chastain on February 28

      Ditto - chiming in here as I have messaged/emailed D2M team multiple times over the past 1.5 years and responded to every survey (including confirmation of address, twice) and STILL NO CUBE. Backed this project in August 2012, so apparently, I was somewhat of an early adopter. Ha! Does anyone know how to get a refund? I am not even interested in this thing anymore. Just want the money back. thanks

    14. Creator Jaber Mohammad on February 27

      I was shocked to see the device under its new name "cube" being sold at a retail shop here in Dubai with a huge stock available while I have not received mine yet! I request Kickstarter to start an investigation as this clearly has gone beyond a case of inventory mismanagement to pure fraud.

    15. Creator Rob Walker on February 27

      Call me impressed (A Jaded New Yorker), I was blow away with the customer service from this company. They responded to my request For a responds very quickly, with a reasonable answer of delivery time 6 to 8 weeks for the Black unit Cubes. (provided no further setbacks or unforeseen circumstances).
      For me, at this time what the company may lack in inventory,
      Was compensated by quick communication and customer service. Renewing my Faith in the company to deliver the Black unit Cubes to its Backers on Kickstarter.
      Thank you

    16. Creator Rob Walker on February 27

      I believe I've waited very patiently and this the first time I am posting.
      Here in NYC, I Ordered two cubes, Black.
      If as per your updates, all deliveries were made to backers months ago, so why are there so many of us backers still waiting to receive our cubes.
      I am formally requesting a response.
      Thank you.

    17. Creator Chong Chee Wee on February 24

      Hey CEO,
      Where Is My Refund ?!

    18. Creator Douglas Fountain on February 21

      As a "Early Adopter" (Aug 2012) I too have yet to receive my pair. See the new Cube web page and blog, units for sale on Amazon is just fuel to the fire that this project was ultimately a big sham !!!! ..and from the comments of those who have received units, they confirm that in fact these things are totally outdated (hmmm.. and only after waiting two and a half years ??) Ces
      t la vie..

    19. Creator Nivas Gallo on February 19

      Got mine last month, and boy, this is so outdated I don't even know how to begin. Any Android Tablet does a better job than this one. The screen resolution is really bad: the pictures are all washed out, and it seems to drain battery a lot. The battery life is very, very small, like half an hour of use and you have to plug it to the wall. The sensibility of the screen puzzles me: some areas don't respond at all, so I had to use some creative moves to get things done. The look and feel is meh, OK. Looks like a cheap product, despite the designer's attempt to resonate Apple plastic white (witch is old now). Gave it to my mom, who isn't a heavy user and she loved though. So, there's a market there with old technoludite ladies who'd like to see their siblings on Instagram and ferociously like all their selfies.

    20. Creator Matthew Procaccino on February 19

      Where the hell are my cubes. This is insane the amount of crap us backers have dealt with for this product. This designer needs to ship or refund NOW

    21. Creator Peter Nguyen on February 18

      Backed project on August 27, 2012. Fast forward 2.5 years and I'm still waiting for a pair to ship to Vancouver, Canada.

    22. Creator Ray D on February 16

      Still waiting for my product 2 years later! When will it ship to Toronto, Canada?

    23. Creator gryphonent on February 16

      Amazing. Just came here for fun. You guys still believe you get a refund? I’ve written off the investment already. There used to be some images here in the comments showing Andy Butler partying and going on holiday… well, it looks he enjoyed wasting our money. Lesson learnt. Don’t back on Kickstarter! Wait for the product to hit the store, and read the reviews before handing over your hard-earned dough.

    24. Creator John Huetz on February 15

      This project and others are why I'll never again pledge with kickstarter again.

    25. Creator James G on February 11

      Where is my refund? This is an absolute joke. Only on kickstarter can a company get away with such terrible service. It's literally theft at this point. WHEEN WILL YOU PROCESS REFUNDS?!?!

    26. Creator K.J. Cardinal on February 10

      Any idea when my units will ship? I would appreciate an update. Thanks.

    27. Creator Luiz Eduardo Oliveira Fonseca on February 9

      I wanna be refound, 2 years and nothing.

    28. Creator Oi-Lionheart on February 9

      I want to be refund. This has gone on long enough!

    29. Creator Tim Lomas on February 9

      Just thought I'd update, Liz from the Instacube team is helping try and get to the bottom of the issue.

    30. Creator Roo Bix on February 7

      Any idea when I'll be getting mine? It's a few years down the line now lads.

    31. Creator Roo Bix on February 7

      Any idea when I'll be getting mine? It's a few years down the line now lads.

    32. Creator Tim Lomas on February 7

      Anyone else's instacube brick itself? Mine is now stuck on the boot up image page. Flickers a couple of times then just stays on the picture. Can't get it to boot up...

    33. Creator Jesus Robles on February 6

      Finally got my cubes. I mean sure they were REALLY late ... but at the end of the day I think its a neat product. Sure the screen could have a better resolution but im just glad this whole thing's over..

    34. Creator Jo Hann on February 6

      where the hell is my instacube ????

    35. Creator André Rocha on February 4

      Could someone from your team give me an update on when my cubes will be received? I live in Brazil and have not heard news in a while.

    36. Creator Benoit Verreault on February 1

      Could someone from your team give me an update on when my cubes will be received? I live in Canada and have not heard a peep in a while. Christmas delivery promises have come and gone with nothing on my doorstep.

      A little more transparency would be appreciated.


    37. Creator Bee on January 30

      @Robert: I second that. I have been way more exited while waiting then after I received it. I sold my outdated piece of hardware back in November '14 on eBay.

    38. Creator Nicolas Chan on January 29

      I've yet to recieve an email or update on when I'm going to get mine. Who can i contact to rectify this?

    39. Creator Jason Mlady on January 28

      Okay, guys. This is now for sale on Amazon. Where are our backer rewards?…

    40. Creator Rob Logan on January 28

      I have yet to receive my pair of black Instacubes, or whatever they're called now, which is infuriating when they are for sale online.

    41. Creator Justin Kinnel on January 27

      Can you contact me about a refund?

    42. Creator Kevin De Mulder on January 27

      What's the procedure for getting a refund?

    43. Creator pellamac on January 27

      I think this Kickstarter is one of the most unsecured one I've ever seen: we've all pledged such a big amount of money and we're more than 2 years in and still nothing. You continue to promise and promise but we see nothing! I understand it's a huge project, but you can't expect people to be happy about it after waiting for 2 years for a product or still waiting for a refund after a year!

      When I see that the last update is from November and when I read the reviews, I'm feeling really betrayed by all your false promises. Yes, you are people, yes, this project has taken huge proportions, but it doesn't change the fact that you promised so much more than it's worth.

      So I'm asking for a refund too and I expect it to come earlier than later, I have my view on other projects that won't betray my trust in people's great ideas and projects.

      It's really sad because I thought it was something that would be the next best thing...

    44. Creator dion on January 24

      After getting someone else's refund cheque initially, I've gotten mine & can finally close the book on this nightmare.

      Hope everyone gets a resolution that they're happy with.

    45. Creator Henrique Sauer on January 22

      i guess i need my money back. how can i do it?

    46. Creator Henrique Sauer on January 22

      depending on the next delivery expected date, i'm interested in a refund. please, let me know

    47. Creator Francesc on January 21

      I requested a refund last September. I received an email saying that they added me to a refunds list but there wasn't a date for it.
      I didn't hear anything new yet.

    48. Creator Marc Lee on January 21

      Where is my Cube ?Where is my Cube ?Where is my Cube ?Where is my Cube ?Where is my Cube ?Where is my Cube ?

    49. Creator Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on January 20

      I too am awaiting a full refund of my hard earned money

    50. Creator Virginia on January 19

      I'm still waiting my 2 instacubes. I'm from Spain, what happen with our instacubes? I can't believe that I have been waiting more than two years!!! I WANT MY 2 INSTACUBES or REFUND ME. I feel absolutely cheated.

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