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Liberating Instagram photos from your smart device, Instacube feeds your favorite images wirelessly at 3x the size.
Liberating Instagram photos from your smart device, Instacube feeds your favorite images wirelessly at 3x the size.
3,434 backers pledged $621,049 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Giulliano Mosena about 22 hours ago

      I still haven't recieved the product. I want a refund, and can't find any contact information.

    2. Creator Lori Hobson on June 15

      I have never received the Instacube, nor have I received a refund. I have read the Verge, however. The feds are going after Kickstarter fraudsters.

    3. Creator Brian Sooy on June 15

      Two years and three months later, my Vintage Green Cube arrives... not laser engraved with my Instagram handle (as promised), nor is it number (as promised).

      Two grades of plastic (exterior); a decal for the stripes.

      "Collector's Limited Edition Instacube! This is a VIP batch just for VIP Kickstarter backers! One "Vintage Spring" Instacube in Kickstarter Green, individually numbered ___/1000 and laser engraved with your Instagram handle or name (optional). This is the only time we will ever offer Instacube in this amazing throwback retro green!"

    4. Creator Tim on June 12

      For those still awaiting their two Instacubes that were meant to arrive in March 2013 are due to arrive this Tuesday!

    5. Creator Carson Yim on June 12

      finally got my lover's pair of instacube(hastagcube) after paying a surcharge for the shipping of $40 for 2 units. Totaling $239+40=$279 for 2 units. Shipping via Fedex was fast too!

      I'm just glad I finally received them esp since I've struck this project off as a failure.

      Whoever had to clean up after the original project group, I give you my small token of gratitude you guys finally delivered after 3 years.

    6. Creator Alex Crandall on June 11

      I was actually just about to post the same article.

      Perhaps if enough of us contact the FTC (the agent for the above case is listed at the bottom of the article) we can finally get some action taken.

    7. Creator Dean L on June 11

      Here is an interesting article about a settlement between the FTC and another Kickstarter project that screwed their backers.

      Hopefully this will set some type of precedence for crowd funding.

    8. Creator Euwing Tham Tatt Wah on June 6

      It's quite sickening that Kickstarter isn't doing anything about this. It's $621,049 of people's hard-earned money!

    9. Creator Michael on May 28

      I know most people wont do this, but if you can. Locate a media source and tell them the story. I think it's very weird that Kickstarter and D2M are not responding and don't feel a need to respond to consumers. I just submitted the story to NBC/ABC for consideration. Easy to find, just Google your favorite news networks contact!

    10. Creator Michael on May 28

      You can't get a charge's way too late in the game now.

    11. Creator Tanner Lubuk on May 28

      @angela call you credit card company file a dispute against the company, only thing is you'll need to provide proof you never got your item. Show them messages you sent them, their kickstarted page and so on as proof. That's what I did over a year ago and got my money back

    12. Creator Angela Simpson on May 26

      Well I still haven't received my refund for this and it's been what? 2 years or something? Really poor form by the company. They keep making excuses. I just want my money back. How hard can it be to issue a refund?

    13. Creator Aaron Gustafson on May 25

      Where's my green version?

      Also: My white one has been crapping out and shutting down. Is it running out of RAM or something?

    14. Creator David Rosser on May 8

      Refund please...or at least ship me the 2 cubes I paid for years ago!

    15. Creator Lino Palena on May 6

      How to have a refund?
      Refund please, to Italy.

    16. Creator Henrique Sauer on May 6

      Please, can someone contact me to speed up the refund?

    17. Creator Renata Caughlin on May 5

      I'm still waiting. I'm so disappointed. I was just offered another Kickstarted project I am so excited about, but I can't bring myself to support it since getting screwed on this one! Moreover, i'm pissed that SOME people actually got it and not other... is it those that made a stink? It'd almost be better if nobody got one. Seems like favouritism now. I'm in Canada, so how do I file a complaint... anyone know?

    18. Creator Roy Ong on May 4

      Can i have my refund back please...its been too long

    19. Creator Sajid Fakir on May 2


    20. Creator Alexandre Correa on April 15


      Can I have a copy of the receipt for the two Instacubes?

      Shipping agent is requesting due to customs...


    21. Creator Sajid Fakir on April 14

      I want a refund! Haven't received a damn thing.

    22. Creator Bradley Cochran on April 14

      So backers are still waiting for delivery and these knuckleheads are already selling them to the public online? Is that right? That is fudged up! I still want my cubes even though I hear they are pretty much a piece of junk.

    23. Creator Simon Vindevåg on April 12

      I received my pair just before the weekend. Good job delivering despite the setbacks in the project. I was asked If I wanted a black #cube instead of a black instacube. I said it was ok, and I got a black #cube and a white Instacube.

    24. Creator Ron Stehouwer on April 12

      I was promised a refund quite some time ago, but still haven't received anything. When will I get it??

    25. Creator Cora on April 11

      Hello, I'd like to receive a refund on the two Instacubes I payed for in December 2012 and still haven't received...
      I wonder if we should start warning your Amazon buyers about your after-sales (lack of) service...

    26. Creator LEANDRO BRUGERE on April 9

      Three years! How should I still be waiting for what I've pledge for!? This is ridiculous ! You're selling it on line ! But not sending those for who has pledge on your project

      I'm very disappointed

      Which excuses are gonna sending me this time!? Please just tell us that we'll never get it

    27. Creator Simon Hodgkiss on April 5

      Still waiting come on this is shocking!!

    28. Creator Shahi Hamad on March 31

      back this project over 2 years ago and STILL have not received my #cube. Ridiculous.

    29. Creator Michael C on March 25

      Has anyone received their black instacubes yet? I've seen them on amazon "#Cube" as they are being called now, and I'm pretty damn pissed off that they are for sale there, yet I haven't gotten anything even though I backed this project in August 2012 like everyone else . I know a few of you have gotten them, but I haven't seen anyone say anything about the black ones. Just curious. Thanks

    30. Creator Paul Adams on March 21

      Still waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting

    31. Creator ehsman814 on March 21

      I got my $ back. Thanks. Still disappointed in the whole thing

    32. Creator Beagle on March 14

      You need to contact them citing their promise to refund you once they had sold your item elsewhere. It took me several months but I got my money back by IBAN in the end.

    33. Creator Michael on March 14

      Hey guys, you can seek out a refund if you used Amazon Payments. Just log into Amazon Payments and search for this transaction. Let them handle it. Also, kickstarter doesn't support it's customers or fans so i'd wait till products actually launch.

    34. Creator Ryan Houghton on March 13

      filed a complaint on California's Better Business Bureau. I suggest you all do the same and see if we can't garner some attention.

    35. Creator Ryan Houghton on March 13

      seriously, where the hell is this. I backed it over 2 years ago and nothing.

    36. Creator Robert McLellan on March 13

      Please can we have some sort of update when we might receive these?
      Im still waiting for mine in London, England.
      You haven't sent an update since November last year and it seems like I've thrown $239 down the drain.

      Is there any way people can get a refund or at least some response from a human as to when we these are likely to ship?
      I feel like I'll be dead before these ever arrive or the product will just be obsolete.
      If you can sell them online on amazon then why cant you send us all the ones we have already paid for!!!!??

      Without us backers your company would be nothing and this product would not even exist so please show some gratitude and give people what they have paid for over 2 years ago.

      Cant believe this has gone on so long.
      Please don't let it reach 3 years waiting :(

    37. Creator SD on March 7

      I would like a refund.

    38. Creator Mike De Clercq on March 1

      What do i have to do to get my money back?

    39. Creator Wombat on March 1

      As all others I'm deeply shocked and disappointed in how D2M has "managed" to handle this whole situation. To my surprise, last week I *finally* received my two Instacubes!

      But moving forward I must admit that I'm very happy with the final product. It works really well and is easy to setup. The picture quality is good (but not iPhone/iPad screen sharpness good), although the screen is a bit too bright for my taste.

    40. Creator Pepper Chastain on February 28

      Ditto - chiming in here as I have messaged/emailed D2M team multiple times over the past 1.5 years and responded to every survey (including confirmation of address, twice) and STILL NO CUBE. Backed this project in August 2012, so apparently, I was somewhat of an early adopter. Ha! Does anyone know how to get a refund? I am not even interested in this thing anymore. Just want the money back. thanks

    41. Creator Jaber Mohammad on February 27

      I was shocked to see the device under its new name "cube" being sold at a retail shop here in Dubai with a huge stock available while I have not received mine yet! I request Kickstarter to start an investigation as this clearly has gone beyond a case of inventory mismanagement to pure fraud.

    42. Creator Rob Walker on February 27

      Call me impressed (A Jaded New Yorker), I was blow away with the customer service from this company. They responded to my request For a responds very quickly, with a reasonable answer of delivery time 6 to 8 weeks for the Black unit Cubes. (provided no further setbacks or unforeseen circumstances).
      For me, at this time what the company may lack in inventory,
      Was compensated by quick communication and customer service. Renewing my Faith in the company to deliver the Black unit Cubes to its Backers on Kickstarter.
      Thank you

    43. Creator Rob Walker on February 27

      I believe I've waited very patiently and this the first time I am posting.
      Here in NYC, I Ordered two cubes, Black.
      If as per your updates, all deliveries were made to backers months ago, so why are there so many of us backers still waiting to receive our cubes.
      I am formally requesting a response.
      Thank you.

    44. Creator Chong Chee Wee on February 24

      Hey CEO,
      Where Is My Refund ?!

    45. Creator Douglas Fountain on February 21

      As a "Early Adopter" (Aug 2012) I too have yet to receive my pair. See the new Cube web page and blog, units for sale on Amazon is just fuel to the fire that this project was ultimately a big sham !!!! ..and from the comments of those who have received units, they confirm that in fact these things are totally outdated (hmmm.. and only after waiting two and a half years ??) Ces
      t la vie..

    46. Creator Nivas Gallo on February 19

      Got mine last month, and boy, this is so outdated I don't even know how to begin. Any Android Tablet does a better job than this one. The screen resolution is really bad: the pictures are all washed out, and it seems to drain battery a lot. The battery life is very, very small, like half an hour of use and you have to plug it to the wall. The sensibility of the screen puzzles me: some areas don't respond at all, so I had to use some creative moves to get things done. The look and feel is meh, OK. Looks like a cheap product, despite the designer's attempt to resonate Apple plastic white (witch is old now). Gave it to my mom, who isn't a heavy user and she loved though. So, there's a market there with old technoludite ladies who'd like to see their siblings on Instagram and ferociously like all their selfies.

    47. Creator Matthew Procaccino on February 19

      Where the hell are my cubes. This is insane the amount of crap us backers have dealt with for this product. This designer needs to ship or refund NOW

    48. Creator Peter Nguyen on February 18

      Backed project on August 27, 2012. Fast forward 2.5 years and I'm still waiting for a pair to ship to Vancouver, Canada.

    49. Creator Ray D on February 16

      Still waiting for my product 2 years later! When will it ship to Toronto, Canada?

    50. Creator gryphonent on February 16

      Amazing. Just came here for fun. You guys still believe you get a refund? I’ve written off the investment already. There used to be some images here in the comments showing Andy Butler partying and going on holiday… well, it looks he enjoyed wasting our money. Lesson learnt. Don’t back on Kickstarter! Wait for the product to hit the store, and read the reviews before handing over your hard-earned dough.

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