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Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
1,053 backers pledged $42,147 to help bring this project to life.

Zero Falls goes out to backers

Posted by George Hultgren (Creator)

We just pushed out to all backers, updated authentication to allow updates for all registered users, and reopened the store with a much simpler arrangement of products: 1 item for $20 - get access to Zero Falls.

Patch notes:

  • fixed a bug with settings where pressing escape wasn't doing the same thing as the exit button.
  • added in some post processing value changes that were forgotten from the previous release.
  • recompiled all shaders for DX10 to provide more backwards compatibility. should not change performance or graphics.

  • fixed a rare crash with the station info GUI element due to a null string value if it is rendered before being updated.
  • respawn button crash was caused by the previous error.
  • cargo pods now despawn after 4 minutes.
  • activating the cargo scoop now slows your ship down by 50%.
  • nerfed the out of sector speeds on most ships to make them closer to in sector speeds.
  • drastically reduced the speed at which shards fly off of ships.
  • improved impulses from explosions to give different values based on range.
  • shards now slowly fade out and are removed from the sector over time.
  • fixed a pirate ship design without a connected bridge.

  • fixed a critical bug where saving a ship design in the singleplayer editor caused the game to crash.
  • many keybinds disabled on logistics screen while you are typing a design name.
  • the selected ship now glows in logistics screen regardless of if it is docked or not.
  • fixed a crash when double clicking things that create a rollout menu.
  • optimized dynamic light rendering by about 400% - this broke logistics but was fixed in
  • extension loading for backdrops was made more fault tolerant - invalid, corrupt, or locked backdrop extensions will simply prevent that backdrop from working instead of crashing the game

  • profile loading was made a little more fault tolerant - if you corrupt a ship profile by editing it in an external editor it MIGHT not crash the game promises.
  • fixed an issue with the logistics screen created during our light optimization in
  • fixed a rare crash from firing a gun immediately after switching to ship interior view.
  • fixed a rare crash from switching rapidly between interior and exterior views.


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    1. Missing avatar

      David A Fenton

      I played the game last night and found it to be awesome so far.
      One thing you might want to add somewhere (or maybe you already have it somewhere...I can't check your website from my work) is a list of open issues or future changes.

      Like when playing I noticed that when crossing boundaries, ships would magically disappear and new ships reappear. Moving back would reverse the process. Probably happens as a zone loads / unloads, and I'm guessing you know about this. Likewise, zooming in/out with mouse wheel takes a ton of scrolling (it'd be nice if it could be sped up, especially since viewing the map results in a fully zoomed in view). Maybe you already have this planned. Or on occasion my ship just disconnects from reality...I can still move around, but docking icons don't appear, the ship can't fire, and zone loading gets glitchy. Ending the process and reloading the save fixes it. Maybe it's a known issue.
      I'm guessing you don't want the forums spammed with bugs or improvement ideas you already know about, so is there any place that lists known issues / planned features?