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Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
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Posted by George Hultgren (Creator)

Just uploaded the patch, it's a big one, expect to spend a while downloading.

Now I'm working on the store for around 48 hours and when I'm done the patch goes out to everyone else.

Mirrored from here: patch notes


Major changes

  • Entire code base migrated to Monogame.
  • Version control system changed...not that you care.
  • Added ship design into single player.
  • Key binding support.
  • Upgraded post processing with modern render target support - added HDR rendering, better bloom, light shafts.
  • Added a new framework (ship systems) for ship modules that should be controlled during flight.
  • UI overhaul for ship flying screen.
  • Scanners and view range mechanics added with supporting modules and stats.
  • Dialogue system added.

New stuff

  • ship cargo can now exist outside of ships in addition to inside of them.
  • loot from cargo bays now dumps into space when the cargo bay is destroyed.
  • ships can now scoop loot directly from space into their cargo holds.
  • created a new loot id for the stuff reactors will spawn when they explode.
  • cargo that drops from broken cargo bays is now lost 20% of the time...stop getting shot at!
  • module animations can now draw under module art.
  • added some tier 1 versions of common modules.
  • reactors now drop exotic matter when they explode, a high density resource for the player to toss into the matter furnace.
  • Noise sampling code used by the world map has been moved into WaywardExtensions for use by mods.
  • added new functions to our in-house backdrops extension for generating new varieties of asteroid fields.
  • overhauled cave generation for asteroid interiors, generation modified to include procedural branching caves.
  • asteroid interiors are now sometimes full of monsters.
  • created a new system for storing player designs and unlocked ships as part of the save game information.
  • created a new screen: single player design which can only add and remove tiles belonging to modules the player has unlocked as part of the current singleplayer game.
  • updated ship unlocking to use the new Hull system.
  • made monsters flash red when they get shot.
  • created a list of default modules for the single player ship design screen to work on - however the list is still mostly empty.
  • added a <visible> tag to text input fields so they can be made invisible.
  • space bar no longer does anything from most screens by default.
  • logistics screen now has a simplistic ability to manage ship designs.
  • added a new animated UI element for ship systems.
  • converted the drillbore launcher into a ship system.
  • set system slot values for all existing bridge modules.
  • updated existing bridge modules with better tool tips.
  • added a UI element for ship status effects.
  • added tool tips to existing ship status effects.
  • added a new system for creating procedural damage maps for weapons.
  • reduced per-shot energy use for every autocannon class weapon.
  • created new damage maps for every single projectile weapon in game.
  • buffed the damage output of nearly all existing guns.
  • added a UI widget that tracks the status of crew on your team regardless of where they are in the universe.
  • your team members now have much more personality with names, gender, and artwork.
  • added a key bind for exiting your current console.
  • added a screen stack that allows the concept of returning to the previous screen.
  • redid state tree for most screens allowing access to settings and keybinds from anywhere.
  • updated the minimap with new artwork and UI functions.
  • minimap is now centered on the player and has variable range.
  • minimap range now depends on a scan range stat.
  • view range now depends on a view range stat.
  • further nerfed some weapons used by low level enemies.
  • defense turrets now surround many of the random stations you find in space.
  • added a lot more wussy SSC enemies into space for the player to eat.
  • added a new module type: scanners.
  • sensor range is now limited and controlled by scanners.
  • view range is now limited and controlled by bridge modules.
  • added many new tier 1 modules for rooms and bridges and cargo.
  • remapped interiors of all T1 ships with new modules.
  • created a set of T1 pirate ships which are slightly upgraded versions of T1 ships.
  • changed pirate spawning behavior to make progression smoother.
  • added a function for getting random cargo stacks out of a cargo bay. used when ships explode.
  • main menu backdrop replaced with something that uses modern rendering and will scale to 4k screens.
  • replaced delete save confirmation buttons with modern button style.
  • redesigned the respawning process to be smoother and less prone to errors due to countdown timer purgatory.
  • the player no longer loses inventory when respawning.
  • the player can now access the research screen from anywhere in the game.
  • low level pirate spawns moved into more of the start area grids.
  • updated the interior of one of the stations that had cargo bays too close to the docking port.
  • minimap removed from logistics screen.
  • tweaked how explosions bounce shards around a little.
  • Added a new system for showing interactive dialogues to the player.
  • added a primitive tutorial quest that explains gameplay basics to a new player.
  • space dust particles now exist in an imaginary third dimension - it will blow your mind.
  • added a fancy overlay when zoomed out that displays ranges and shows your view and scanner range.
  • changed the spawn location inside your station slightly.
  • updated (polished) a lot of sprites for assorted UI elements.
  • added the ability to enable/disable/restart the tutorial from settings.
  • added light shaft post processing effects to the rendering pipeline.
  • added the ability to toggle light shafts in the settings menu because they are fairly resource intensive.


  • fixed a bug where crew were trying to find an airlock instead of wandering. too smart for their own good.
  • fixed a crash caused by the world trying to unload assets that were removed or never existed. (usually due to a corrput save)
  • fixed a bug where cargo pods would crash the game if used in testing arena.
  • fixed a small bug where grids were being assigned a noise value different from what sector generation once used.
  • removed some old BS code in world gen that isn't used anymore.
  • fixed a bug where random station spawning could crash if the system had asteroids but the algorithm didn't actually place any.
  • fixed a bug where generated stations didn't have ID values and could cause save corruption.
  • fixed a bug where generated stations that resized themselves used invalid collision data.
  • removed collision from all generated stations.
  • deleted some more unused code.
  • fixed a bug caused by resizing the logistics screen while selecting a ship to spawn.
  • fixed a bug where logistics screen would render wrong if you last exited the screen during a spawn dialogue.
  • fixed cursor in logistics screen to be a pointer instead of the ship crosshairs.
  • a rendering bug in the logistics screen fixed itself when we moved to monogame - knew that wasn't our fault.
  • fixed a bug where minimizing the game caused a resize event to zero size which was causing some screens to crash.
  • doors no longer play sounds when sound is turned off.
  • removed a ton of useless code from the SSC faction controller that I must have added when I was drunk.
  • fixed a bug with a faction where some ships were not being properly deleted.
  • fixed a possible integer overflow that could lead to damage sometimes calculating improperly.
  • fixed a bug where empty ships could fail to be flagged as dead ships and appear populated to the player.
  • fixed a crash caused by loading a game in a ship that has some turrets missing.
  • fixed a bug where glowing monsters made all nearby monsters also glow.
  • proper full screen mode is not working reliably and as such has been replaced with borderless windowed mode for now.
  • fixed a bug where some buttons were playing a beep sound only when sound was disabled.
  • all ships and shards given a default mass value greater than zero to prevent a rare divide by zero edge scenario.


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