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Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
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Patch for alpha backers released

Posted by George Hultgren (Creator)

This was a huge series of updates that all came out yesterday and today. I also made a video talking about it.

If you are one of the backers with early alpha access, this applies to you.

Patch notes:

  • Added some new modules to aid station interior beautification.
  • Backdrop system overhauled
    • Backdrops now have their own unique data structure that can have unique parameters for every sector.
    • Loading + unloading of backdrops is aware of player position and dynamically imports only the needed assets
    • Rendering is aware of nearby sectors and blends between sectors for smooth transitions
    • Transitions are handled by backdrop code and can be as complex or as simple as needed on a per-backdrop basis
    • Backdrops for any sector in the galaxy can be overridden using external data
  • Extension system added
    • Ability to import external code at run time.
    • References WaywardExtensions.dll, a new API with interfaces for importing data types into the game
    • Current accepts custom code for backdrops from extensions
    • In the future will accept code for declaring modules, ship weapons, AI enemies, zone scripts, etc
  • Added some new internal spawning options to ship interiors
  • Monsters system added
    • Allows various AI controlled enemies for the player to fight
    • Can't pilot ships, but no limit on quantity or attributes so we can spawn lots of them
    • Will attack any human, including AI crew. Some day in the future you may find AI ships adrift that have been overrun by monsters
  • Stations added to world generation
    • Asteroid stations will sometimes exist among the asteroid belts.
    • These are like mini-dungeons with monsters and loot.
  • Crew weaponry improved and diversified, there are some rare weapon types now and all types have new art and descriptions
  • Crew weaponry new uses ammo and reloading mechanic
  • Updated various sound effects
  • Fixed a bug where the travel drive charging sound could loop forever
  • Fixed a minor bug with airlocks on the edge of a ship causing an integer overflow
  • Minor optimizations to universe map loading
  • Various world gen attributes upgraded to use the new backdrop system
  • Fixed some rare memory leaks caused by screen resizing
  • Game camera and rendering system overhauled
    • Full 3d camera allows correct parallax at every depth
    • Deferred rendering allows infinite point lights
    • New materials allows roughness and reflectivity
    • New bump maps make ships look more 3d and more detailed
    • New effect for shields with fancy glowing effect
    • New effect for damaged ship tiles shows glowing internals of destroyed sections
    • New turret arc indicators
    • Fixed Z sorting issues with thrusters and engines
    • Massive frame rate boost
  • Rewrote gunnery and navigation and logistics screens to reference new rendering methods
  • Replaced all Normal(bump) maps, and all specular maps
  • Rewrote old backdrops into new backdrop system
  • Added some new utility slot items, you will have to go exploring to find them
  • Added a new system to track status on ships that will allow utility items to have interesting and unique ship-wide effects
  • Fixed a ship interior calculation rounding error that resulted in some odd mappings between crew location and tile placement
  • Updated artwork for thruster jets to not only look better but to have different art for each quality tier
  • Updated the player's station. Expanded it and updated some of the layout slightly
  • Added a bunch of turrets to the game
  • Added a ship or two to world generation
  • Slightly buffed the speed of the player's ship
  • Updated all ballistic projectile artwork
  • New artwork for all ice crystals
  • Player spawn location unified so that I will stop introducing bugs that spawn the player inside a rock
  • Bullet spawning optimized and code slightly improved
  • Turrets can now have multiple barrels
  • Improved randomness of SSC ship spawning so hopefully you will have a greater chance of encountering their big ships
  • Changed the wording of save and exit
  • Added the ability to dock nearby ships from the logistics screen in case you stranded something in space
  • Fixed a ton of thruster module offsets so the animations would play properly
  • Fixed numerous bugs with setting screen resolution and window border style

  • Fixed a rendering bug that would cause strange visual artifacts when repeatedly switching screens
  • Added the respawn button to the game menu

  • Drastically reduced memory overhead of ship interiors by removing data structures for unused tiles
  • fixed a Z sorting issue with pulse beam rendering that caused an alpha artifact
  • fixed a bug where monsters would forget their attack damage value and hit for zero damage after loading a save game


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    1. Alvin Fletcher on

      Sounds awesome, now I just need to learn how to play properly haha. Also the monsters with drifting ships is a great idea could give great loot if you fight them off haha