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Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
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Alpha testing has started

Posted by George Hultgren (Creator)

I just uploaded a patch to the authenticator that should allow all alpha testers access to Zero Falls. Go check it out!

Here is the checklist for getting into the alpha:

1. Get the launcher. The launcher has 2 modes, it can be toggled to Zero Falls in the top right and that will let you download the game if you've registered.

2. Register on the store. If you are a Kickstarter backer, my script should find your registration and flag your account automatically (it may take some time), other users have the option of buying into the alpha directly from the store.

3. If you have trouble registering, or if you were a Kickstarter backer but your account doesn't work, contact me immediately so I can fix it.


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    1. RamesGamesLC on

      Freak accident related frustrations aside, this alpha was so worth the wait! :D Gonna be a fun, long road ahead!

    2. George Hultgren 2-time creator on

      You guys are great at finding bugs that I can hardly even reproduce. The character walking thing is for sure AI related, it should never happen but it seems your character got flagged as an AI faction so the AI is controlling your character. I have an idea where to start looking.

      @Timothy - Your store account shows that you are registered for beta access. (Vagabond)

    3. Alvin Fletcher on

      Awesome, time for me to get back on board, I cant wait to see the changes and to see if I can get those giant laser weapons working :)

      also just want to ask are you happy for me to start making a youtube series from this?

    4. Timothy Humphreys on

      My store account is still not registering that I actually bought the game on kickstarter so Im having a little trouble, my email is the same for both and stuff so idk maybe your script missed me? :3 If it did my email is, looking 4ward to giving it a go :P

    5. RamesGamesLC on

      Other than my ship disappearing, and the game quite frequently (all of the sudden) forcing my character to auto walk to the command console and hit 'f' regardless of who is shooting me every time I use an airlock, I'm really enjoying the alpha!

      I'd love to post on the forums, but your site refuses to email me my login credentials after telling me my login info that was saved to chrome was incorrect (that I previously used just fine).

      Oh well. Guess I can't log in. I'd love to know why my character is just automatically walking. It's like my player controls got mixed with some programmed ai after a bug happened, I saved and quit, resumed, and was on an entirely different ship across the sector, with none of my equipment, and the ship was empty of all hostiles. I think it randomly assigned me an Ai to control after a bug happened that caused my current manned ship to disappear (literally) in space for no reason.

    6. Gareth Mitchell on

      Nice to see such huge progress :)