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Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
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The "How will you get this thing" update

Posted by George Hultgren (Creator)

Wow, so 23 hours left, time to start preparing for the next steps. This information applies only to backers, however I imagine some non-backers may be curious so this update is being made public.

Backer Reward Distribution

We're going to send you backer rewards in a number of ways so we can cover all the bases.

1. Register on our store for automatic updates

 - The easiest way to get your rewards is to register an account on and download the launcher.
 - The launcher uses your store account, and we will make sure every backer has their store account updated with their reward info. That way everyone can get their game as soon as it goes live.
It's easiest for us if you register on the store with your Kickstarter email since it allows us to activate your account automatically. If you need to use another email you can contact us either here or on the store's contact us page and we will get you sorted out.

2. Wait for us to send you an email.

 - If you are in alpha, not all versions will be created equal, and we don't want to destroy your inbox with every little bug fix patch update. If you have not registered an account on we will hunt you down and make sure you get a build of the game when we have a stable release ready for you. This option isn't the nicest, but we keep it available for those who can't/wont register on the store. To be clear: you will get updates a lot slower than using the launcher.

- If you are in beta, you will see regular updates about our progress by checking our dev blog or by checking these updates, we will only be sending an email alert to you on big changes that affect you, or when the beta version is ready for you to receive.

When will you get it?

We have a todo list that looks like this:

1. Get KS users into the database
2. Find that last bug or two that makes the game impossible to play
3. Add some missing UI elements
4. Dump in whatever content is ready to play
5. Activate the download for all alpha testers

We think it will take us about a month or two to get to step 5, but we will be discussing with the community to help us decide how polished it should be before we give it to testers. Some of you would probably play it in it's current state, but others would be very upset by the lack of polish.

continuing our todo list...

6. Add content and features
7. goto 6
8. Is it polished enough for beta? Then activate the download for everyone (inc beta-only)
9. all backer rewards fully distributed by this point

I highlighted 9 because most likely it won't make sense to fully distribute some backer rewards until the game actually works and everyone has access to it. This will not be the blanket clause, we will try to get stuff to you when it is ready and we may just give backers fun stuff early as a surprise. We place this here because many backer rewards integrate into gameplay mechanics that may not exist during alpha testing.

For the engineers among us noticing that 6 and 7 form an infinite loop, lets enjoy our subtle inside joke and remind ourselves that this is not meant to be syntactically accurate. We plan to have beta available around June or July of 2015

Options for future purchasing

There is exactly 1 ship skin that is exclusive to Kickstarter, everything else will remain available via our store in one form or another. When the Kickstarter officially ends, all of the current products on our store will no longer be available to purchase. After a short maintenance period we will bring the store back up with some simpler preorder options and upgrade options for existing backers.

This means beta-only backers will have the option to upgrade later if they decide they want into the alpha, and some backer rewards will still be available to purchase. Prices will generally be reduced by the amount you already paid.

This also means that the exclusive Kickstarter green skin for the Covenant artifact ship is only available for the next 23 something hours!

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    1. Jan Orszulik on

      Yes, demo will be updated.

    2. Missing avatar

      Branden Strochinsky on

      I'm addicted to this demo right now. I'm wondering if the demo is going to be updated at all after the Kickstarter so I have something new to play with before the beta.