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Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
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Revised release date

Posted by George Hultgren (Creator)

We've been working a lot on the code lately, secretly we wanted to have some youtubers check the game out. That meant we had to do some polishing and polishing we did. The feedback we've gotten is very positive.

We have enough gamepay ready that it's actually fun to play, and I've removed enough bugs that playing is actually possible. That means my initial projections for the release of the alpha may have been an over estimate, I think this thing may be ready for early access in less than a month.

Check out the new home station and UI upgrades:

Here's what our testers have been playing with:

  • The new space station is in and looking way better
  • We started to overhaul the ship control UI
  • The space station can refine ore and spawn ships
  • The farming mini-game is fully functional, even though it hasn't had its art overhaul yet
  • There are 3 factions flying around doing stuff, I've received reports from testers that they stumbled into big fights between NPC ships
  • All ships have randomized loot in their cargo holds that allows a series of tech unlocks (mostly new turrets and farming stuff)
  • All ships can be captured and reverse engineered. There are some nice upgrades out there
  • There is a trade convoy you can raid.
  • I removed so many bugs

Every time people tell me they are actually enjoying the game I find myself encouraged to send it to even more people, so if things continue to go well I expect I'll be itching to push the button before Kickstarter ends. However I really don't want to send you a broken product so until that happens we are working double time to put in content and art and find that last bug that makes airlocks do something strange.

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    1. Gareth Mitchell on

      Brilliant, a quick suggestion (if it hasn't already been made) I was wondering if there is the chance of a tractor beam & ship breaker facility add-on to the base after a large battle you could tractor the scraps to be processed by your base for resources as well as the reverse engineering mechanic in play.