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Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
Exploration based RPG where you own a space station and command custom designed star ships
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Combat Diversification!

Posted by George Hultgren (Creator)

The important thing to remember about life in space, even as an asteroid miner, is the constant risk of being raided by neutral or hostile NPCs. The galaxy is a living breathing and also hostile place, and the constant threat of danger will keep you feeling alive. You will want to defend yourself with the best space gadgets and ultimate death machines this galaxy can offer.

Let´s get to the point like a railgun round to your reactor core. Per pixel destruction of ships gives a great base for tactical and strategic combat, but what matters even more is how we intend to build on top of that layer.

Micro-warp, cloak, energy armor hardening, ECM, flak, point defense weapons, transporter beams for boarding parties, drone swarms, these are examples of things we want to build and add into the game. Some of them, like the massive spinal mounted weapons specific to some ship categories are so important to us we have listed them under the first funding goals. I should be completely clear regarding stretch goals: every single stretch goal we list is something we know we can do, and ultimately we want to do regardless. If we get more support we can only do it sooner.

As additional backer motivation, here are some concepts created by our technical artist that demonstrate what the effects might look like once in the game:

We spend a lot of time thinking of the possibilities, I don't think we will ever run out of ideas. That's why we built a game world with enough space for all of them.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Somerandomguy on

      I wish one of the big youtube LPrs had a look at this. I want this bad!

    2. Adam Scott on

      That looks awesome. I just increased my pledge

    3. Graham Lowth on

      got to agree that de-cloak would scare the hell out of me.just hope the hail before blowing you to bits.

    4. Derrick Ditchburn on

      Love that shield effect! and the de-cloak would have me jump out of my captains chair shouting ROMULANS! then realising this is not star trek and I uncomfortably sit back down