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OFFICIAL - Deadzone Tablscapes

Posted by Secret Weapon (Creator)

There were rumors. There was whistling. Then there were announcements about upcoming announcements, and now... there is an official announcement!

We have officially partnered with Mantic Games to offer a four tile, 2x2' Display Board option for their sci-fi skirmish game: Deadzone.

You will now have the option to select "Deadzone" as a theme for your Display Board pledge or add-on item. This set will include four of our clean "Urban Streets" foundation tiles, selected by Ronnie Renton, and redesigned to make them fully compatible with the Deadzone rule system -- while still maintaining our original urban vision.

In addition we are now working with our factory to offer a border system for each of our Display Board sets -- and these will be included with your board. As I type this there are still a handful of the Early Bird pledge levels open at the Display Board level... but I don't expect them to last long. Of course you can get in on the open Display Board level, or add one to your existing pledge, without a worry.

We are very excited to be able to work with Mantic Games and bring this offer to the table -- no pun intended.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Neil Phillips on

      Is there any chance of the deadzone foundation tile having 3" squares instead of 1.5" squares? The extra gridlines could create a hindrance to fast play.

    2. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      @ Nicholas -- I'll be doing that now. Yesterday was made of madness :)

      @ TSINI -- we do have a stone surface table planned in the next wave, yes.

    3. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      Have you guys considered a tile of stone faces for a certain nightmare horror game? :)

      Great news on the mantic partnership, I love the war gaming community it's such a small world, usually 28mm to be precise :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Petrie on

      You really need to post these updates on the front page. Even just the highlights of each one. It will give some energy to the front page and let new viewers see what is currently going on.

    5. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      Absolutely easy to do - but, again, any marking other than on the sidewalks will be VERY subtle.

      For instance - where the sidewalk has a clear grid, in the middle of the street we might put a small crack width wise. 3" below that and to one side a small X crack. But there will *NOT* be a visible, obvious grid on anything except the sidewalk and grid foundation -- which already had them.

    6. Angelic Despot

      Thanks for the clarifications.

      I'm guessing the answer will be 'yes', but will it be pretty easy to remove/hide the DZ markings from the urban boards, should we wish to do so? i.e. using modelling putty to fill cracks in roads / filing off raised markers, etc.

      I really want to see what this is going to look like, but it would be good to know that I could choose to modify say 12 of the tiles (including all of the road tiles) to remove DZ 'square' markings.

    7. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      I'll aim to make the border pack an add-on item -- I just need to talk to the factory.

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      All of the "Urban Streets" tiles will have the sidewalk grid and/or subtle 3" markings as it won't detract from the overall board. We're not going to let the tiling be obvious in any combination.

      As for adding borders... I'm working on that too. Right now I have a cost estimate, but not a cost -- including on the design of the piece, which also isn't covered by the campaign.

    10. John Austin on

      That sounds great! Am assuming that there will be a way to specify the boards with the subtle 3" Deadzone markings. Will there also be a way to add on 4 border sets to give the option to field the Skirmisher set as 4 distinct boards, assuming that they wouldn't be standard in the Skirmisher pledge?

    11. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      @ John -- welcome! You will want the "Urban Streets" set, from which the Deadzone board was made. I hope this helps!

    12. John Austin on

      Hi Secret Weapon! Kickstarter looks epic! Good job! I was brought here through the Deadzone Kickstarter.

      I just pledged for the $125 early bird Skirmisher set - will I be able to get all 16 tiles as DZ tiles?

    13. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      @ FunkyChef -- Yes, the display board add-on has gone from $45 to $54 -- as the Display Board has gone from $50 to $60 to account for the addition of a border set. You will now be able to frame your Display Board. This was a highly requested addition and we're going to make it work. The $50 Display Board pledge became an Early Bird deal and will include the border.

    14. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      1. The pledge level for a display board is $60 now that the Early Bird deals are gone and we're including a border. All of the Kickstarter add-on items are 10% off (additional tiles, etc.) so it's $54 for a Display Board add-on.

      2. I thought I had John's original question - whether the DZ Display Board was different than the Urban Streets Display Board - but it seem to be whether or not the DZ tiles are unique and NOT in the 16 tile set. So, yes, I could be confused. I have answered the question both ways now :)

      3. Yes, the designs will be changed to include SUBTLE 3" markings -- but no obvious grid. This will apply to ALL of the Urban Streets tiles.

      4. We will use the natural urban crack features to present a subtle grid. Here a cracked X, there a line in the crack pavement, and all conspiring to give you guidelines for 3" without being an obvious grid. There will be gaps in this but you'll be able to tape and paint if you need it solid by using the marks on the tiles.

      5. No, nothing will change the road/sidewalk widths at this point -- only the size of the concrete slabs that make up the sidewalks. We will now have 8 slabs instead of 7.

    15. Funkychef on

      Hi, just to check, the add on price for a display board has gone from $45 to $54?

    16. Angelic Despot

      Agh, sorry, I'm confused...

      1. Price: why does the pledge bar give the cost for a 2x2 display board as $60, but the pledge calculator says $54?

      2. Tile selection. I think you might have misunderstood John Bobita's question (or if not, perhaps I have). Is the following correct? The 'clean urban' theme is a 16 tile set made up of 8 different tile designs. The urban display board option is made up of 4 tiles chosen (by you) from this selection of 8 designs - and will likely include some road. The DZ display board will also contain 4 tiles chosen (by Mantic) from the same 8 designs. These 4 tiles will differ (e.g. no road) from the 4 in the urban display board. So the two display board options are different from each other, but they both include tiles found in the 16 tile urban theme set (i.e. there are no tile designs exclusive to the DZ display board)?

      3. Am I right in thinking that the design for some or all of the urban clean/ruined will be redesigned to accommodate the DZ 3" squares? Will this apply to ALL urban tiles, or just the foundation tiles?

      4. Can you explain how the alterations will work? Will the tiles have a faintly visible 3" grid carved into the existing designs? Or will the paving stones on the tiles change from being an 8x8 grid to a 9x9 grid?

      5. Will this affect the width of the roads at all? Or are the roads still staying at 8" wide?


    17. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      @ John -- the DZ tiles *ARE* in the 16 tile set -- this is one of the foundation tiles for that set. These are not unique tiles. Only the set configuration is unique. There is presently no other way to get a box of four foundation tiles.

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      @ Dave C -- THANK YOU! I changed the pledge level and not the add-on. Corrected.

      The Display Board add-on should be $54.00 -- sorry for any confusion.

    20. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Well that is just awesome, time to rethink my pledge it would see :P

    21. Brett Lea on

      Added $45 to Skirmisher pledge.

    22. ray bans

      hehe.. I asked Mantic directly about it, not sure if it was already being discussed before I asked, but they said it was a good idea.

      Glad it is coming through.

    23. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      40mm squares at last!! Please keep them that way, even if as a 'lesser' square, and not the full size 3" solid squares. This makes these boards useful for a ton of things besides Deadzone.

    24. DaveC on

      @SWM you need to check the calculator you've mixed up the display board prices, the add on is still $45 and the pledge level is showing as both $60 and $54

    25. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      $54 -- you'll see it on our pledge calculator as a Display Board here:…

    26. Brett Lea on

      To get the Deadzone display board, do you tack on $60 to your pledge?

    27. Bret Killeen on

      Love the edging for display board sets!

    28. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      @ John -- Yes, the Display Board option for Deadzone will be different than the Display Board option for Urban Streets -- but the Urban Streets set will have a subtle grid system built into it.

      @ Alejandro -- you are silly.

    29. Alejandro Kondrasky on


      Ohh... man... at last, so freaking happy for real i didn't scream here because everyone is sleeping but I'm madly happy about this.

      So sad this coop didn't happen with Kingdom Death, but any way i'm truly happy with this. So my 2x2' will be perfect for Deadzone, right ? :D

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      But of course! The complete Urban Streets theme will be compatible -- although only the four tile foundation boxed set will be officially licensed.

    32. Phil Nieto

      Will the ruined city also be compatible with Deadzone?

    33. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      The official Deadzone set is a 4 tile display board -- you will still be able to play Deadzone on your Urban Streets tile set.

    34. Murrell on

      If there is a way to include a deadend road that was been "grided", that would be awesome. I understand that this looks the most natural though, fighting on a City Block essentially. Mantic may be planning on making thin plastic road add-ons as well, so they may just be unnessecary.

      Loving all the partnering going on lately. Good Job Justin, Apparently every other game company loves you :D

    35. R2D2 on

      one Urban streets

    36. R2D2 on

      Okay, I really dont know atm... maybe I get one Deadzone set and on Urban Streets set then....

    37. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      Mantic asked for a 4 foundation set -- but if we hear otherwise from our mutual backers...

    38. Brian Blessed! on

      Or if your as unhinged as I am a 4x8 game...

    39. R2D2 on

      Im bit confused... (might be because of my eye infection) but no roads in deadzone tiles at all??

    40. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      All of our "Urban Streets" tiles will be compatible with Deadzone -- so you're good to go with a 4x6' Mini-Wargamer pledge and a honkin' big game of Deadzone!

    41. Capt. Dan on

      I have pledge for the mini-wargamer so am i going to get the stuff for deadzone ? i meen is my mini-wargamer pledge will be fully compatible ? cause i have put a lot of $$ on deadzone stuff so if the Urban tiles are 100% compatible than i know witch set i am going to chose !! ;-)

    42. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      The sidewalks will include 1.5" concrete slabs -- but the width of the roads and sidewalks will remain unchanged.

      What we will do is work on creating a SUBTLE system of 3" grid landmarks on the other "Urban Streets" tiles so that you can play larger games of Deadzone with or without having to paint off your grid.

    43. DaveC on

      So this is just a mock up using the current render with an extra row of squares then

    44. Adam ( on

      Are the other Urban tiles going to be redesigned to fit the same proportions (i.e. each sidewalk square is 1.5")? If so, wont that affect how wide the roads are? (if the sidewalk is 2-tiles wide, then the road is only going to be 6", or if the side-walk is 2-tiles wide, then the road will be 9").

    45. Secret Weapon 3-time creator on

      And a quick comment to let folks know that we're still working on the foundation tile that will be included in the Deadzone set. The crew at Mantic will also be given a chance to provide input on the final design -- so we can all be happy with the finished product.