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Animated film about the most epic battle in Marine Corps history. Produced by award winning filmmakers and combat vets.
Animated film about the most epic battle in Marine Corps history. Produced by award winning filmmakers and combat vets.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on April 4

      So no one got a digital copy? Cause I have not gotten mine.

    2. Wardog
      on August 4, 2017

      Did anyone ever get their digital download? I know I haven't.

    3. Chad on July 25, 2017

      Chad on March 20

      still waiting on digital copy

    4. Chad on March 20, 2017

      still waiting on digital copy

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Baranet on September 15, 2016

      ????????????????????? I forgot about this, what happened?

    6. Ali A Kobeissi on December 23, 2015

      U haven't received my copy yet. Is there any information on how I can get my copy?

    7. Missing avatar

      charles klahn on September 26, 2015

      must be waiting on the USMC supply system because I haven't seen anything except notifications... Semper my a$$!

    8. Missing avatar

      Roger Conlin on September 8, 2015

      Same here, never heard anything on the digital download.

    9. Steven Diaz on August 23, 2015

      Yea I've never gotten anything.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rodney Dalton on July 23, 2015

      To date, I don't recall receiving anything for my backing

    11. Matt Reppert on May 19, 2015

      I'm also curious if we're going to get a full version of this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brandon Waldon on May 18, 2015

      So any updates on the film?

    13. Neil Gossell on May 8, 2015

      Any update on if we're going to get a full length fill for this?

    14. Missing avatar

      ShadowsPawn on May 21, 2014

      Nevermind, for some reason I thought I had funded to get a digital copy of the movie, apparently this wasn't so.

    15. Missing avatar

      ShadowsPawn on May 21, 2014

      Are we really not going to discuss when we are going to get the digital download here? I was hoping this would be before it aired.

    16. Missing avatar

      ShadowsPawn on May 13, 2014

      Is there any word on the digital download? I really wanted to be able to give it to my father-in-law, who's father fought in Chosin, before the show aired.

      Thank you,

    17. Chad on February 5, 2014

      Estimated date of completion.

    18. Patrick Wong on June 4, 2013

      Jost got a signed DVD box - it is awesome! Looking forward to what's coming up next!

    19. Ron W on April 25, 2013

      Hey Brian,
      I watched the clip and I really love the busting of chops going on between the two Marines. One suggestion that I might give is to have the hero say something to the effect of "How am I going to explain the jeep to the 1st Sgt." Like all things in the Corps, someone signed an ECR card for that jeep.

      I really think the animation gives a very good representation of what it must have been like in Korea. I had the privilege of working with a Chosin Reservoir Marine when I was in high school. He used to tell me stories of how the Chinese would just come like a literal wave of people trying to over run their positions. Your animation really captures that feeling. I am very excited to see the progress of this project. Semper Fidelis.

    20. Brian P. Iglesias Creator on April 24, 2013

      Thanks for the feedback! I am sending you a private message so we can brainstorm.


    21. Missing avatar

      alfie song on April 24, 2013

      Looked at video draft. Nice start.

      Looks like they were diving toward the grenade, only seen that in Chinese Propaganda films. Natural for people diving away and survives.

      "Only a M--machine Gunner" does not need to be volunteering for the job, just got assigned; or he should disclose his mail man status with (no?) machine gun training and accepted the challenge-- your pick.

      Hope you get studio support with a great story line and convincing video draft.


    22. Brian P. Iglesias Creator on April 16, 2013

      Herbert, not exactly sure what you mean - but i will give it a shot and hope I can answer the question. Digital download for the animated short will be later in the year - when it gets completed, and our backers will get to see many iterations of the work in progress. For the graphic novel digital downloads, they will be out in about a month - depending on how fast it is laid out in book form. We will also have some images and artwork that will be made available only to backers - as a digital download. That will come out periodically. We want to share/give as much as we can. Let me know if this helps. You can also direct message me and I will send you my email and phone number and I will be happy to talk to you about any/all aspects of this project and others.

    23. Herbert Eder
      on April 16, 2013

      If most of the DVDs have already been shipped, what about the digital downloads?

    24. Chad on March 31, 2013

      At what point will the already released films be shipped? When/how do we get the digital copies?

    25. Brian P. Iglesias Creator on March 1, 2013

      Check out the newest update. Sorry for the delay.

    26. Ron W on February 28, 2013

      Hey Brian, it has been 30 days since we last got an update. Is there any word on progress? Semper Fi.

    27. Jonathan Snodderly on December 24, 2012

      Give em one Marines!!. Kill!!

    28. George Garabedian on December 23, 2012

      Happy to support! Thank You!

      Both my father (USMC) and Uncle (Army) fought at the Chosin Reservoir. My father (CPL John Garabedian) was a BAR man with the F/2/1 and participated in the Inchon landing, Battle for Seoul, and the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. He received a severe mortar wound at Chosin and was evacuated. My uncle (George Garabedian) was with Task Force Faith. He was all the way up at the Yalu River and he experienced some of the worst fighting conditions imaginable. Keep up the great work in keeping the memory of the Chosin Few alive by telling their story.

    29. Chris Abbott on December 22, 2012

      I really like what your doing. I pushed it out to my VMI pals and if you need some connections to the Sarasota Film Festival, i can make a couple introductions as well. Looking forward to it!!

    30. Garrett Anderson and Antonio de la Torre on December 21, 2012

      Made it! I am looking forward to this. Thank you for doing all of the hard work to help honor the Veterans of the Korean War, we just lost our relative's story a couple of years ago. The best advice I have ever received about being a Marine came from two Korean War Veterans. Semper Fi, living the motto!

    31. Michael Salinas on December 8, 2012

      I really hope this project gets funded. I've tagged twenty something marines on FB, hoping some would donate.

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on December 6, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    33. Ronald V. Smorynski on December 5, 2012

      Yah, as a backer, I don't mind you making updates public. The more the merrier.

    34. Aaron Ward on December 5, 2012

      Awesome work, keep it up. Semper Fi!

    35. Thomas Mauer on December 5, 2012

      Just noticed that the updates are for backers only. A lot of (over)funded projects I've seen had updates set for public viewing. Projects that didn't get funded often had them set to private. It seems that regular updates have a positive effect on the willingness to back projects, so you guys should rethink.

      Dunno how the other backers think about it, but I'm not too concerned with seeing exclusive material. I've already backed after all. So I'd rather screenshots like that of Mickens and active content updates over the next 20 days enticed other people to also pledge.