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The iExpander Expands the iPhone's Memory, Camera and Battery Life.  Expandable SD Memory, Great Low Light Images & 2X Battery Life!
The iExpander Expands the iPhone's Memory, Camera and Battery Life. Expandable SD Memory, Great Low Light Images & 2X Battery Life!
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iPhone 5 Update...

iPhone 5 Update....

Almost all of you have asked if and when we are going to release an iPhone 5 iExpander. Here's the update: We heard back from Kickstarter and they will not allow us to add the launch of our new i5 iExpander to this project. It is against their rules, so we have to launch that product on a separate campaign. Even though Kickstarter suggests not having more than 1 project running at the same time, we do not feel that these 2 projects will dilute our focus at all because they are essentially the same product. The only difference between the i5 iExpander and the i4 iExpander will be a different sized case and a different connector. The printed circuit board, all of the other components and all of the functionality will be the exact same. Regarding the different connector, you will be happy to know that we are planning to use the original 30 pin iPhone connector on the bottom of our i5 iExpander, so it will interface with all of your current charging cables and accessories...and yes, the audio will go through this connector too. We may have 2 options available, 1 with the lightning connector, 1 with the 30 pin connector and we may even be able to squeeze both connectors into the bottom. As soon as we can get a working prototype up and running, we will submit to Kickstarter and advise if it is accepted!


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    1. Endeavor Machining on

      I also agree with Christina's comment above. There are now only 10 days left for funding and it's sitting shy of the goal. I hope this makes the goal for you guys and you keep it all as one project. I personally don't plan to get the iPhone 5 anytime soon so don't want to see that funding pulled out of this pot!

    2. Amie Kreppel on

      Agree with the above. I would probably move my pledge to the new one since I am likely to get the iPhone 5. If you add it as a pledge level or add a survey question letting folks choose that insures more folks will stick with one project and it will get funded.

    3. Christina

      Actually having 2 projects running separately is more confusing! Plus some folks will likely hand their current iphone 4/4S to their spouse or kid and have an iphone 5 for likely might want to et both iextenders. This is why putting the option on the same project is best.

      I strongly urge you to add it to your current project, just don't add too many different pledging options, as that is what does confuse people.

      a survey is sent out once the project ends, and that is when people can specify which version they want. You need to figure out a way of making it easy for yourself and backers to keep orders straight.

      Best of luck.

    4. Josh on

      Are you sure this wont dilute things? You'd have people like me moving their pledges to the iphone 5 and off the 4 version. You HAVE to reach your funding goal or you wont get the money. So redirecting off this one to the other one might cause you to get neither funded :(

      And they wont let you add a pledge level?

    5. Neal Reese on

      Why not simply add it as a pledge level?