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All Essen releases from Queen Games: Skylands / Franchise / Bastille including Queenies!
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All Games Have Shipped and (non) Missing Queenie for Franchise

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

Dear Backers,

I (Ian) was in Dallas for BGG con for the last few days, so I have not been able to answer comments as quickly. I also have a backlog of messages, so please be patient while I get you a response.

We had a rash of sickness in the Germany office after Essen that slowed down our fulfillment schedule by about a week. We are happy to say though that all packages have been mailed. 

Please allow a reasonable amount of time before sending a message about a missing package. We are happy to assist you, but due to the number of messages we are receiving now, this will help keep answers quick for everyone. If you are missing an item, please send me a message here.

Now, as for Franchise Queenie 3 that many are reporting missing, we were able to fit it on the cardboard sheet for Queenie 2. It is the "Boom" standee, and the rules are included with the other Queenie on the sheet. We are sorry that it was not clearly marked as the third Queenie and for the confusion that was caused.

We hope everyone enjoys the new games.

The Queen Games Team

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    1. Tamara

      Any update to shipping?

      The last message was early December and I know packages are slower to arrive over Christmas, but I haven't received my package or a shipping notification or anything. Where is shipping at now?

    2. Missing avatar

      Erik Widell


    3. Queen Games 10-time creator on


      You are missing Queenie 2 then. I will get you on the list for a replacement.

      Queenie 1 has the Milestones and Boom Tile
      Queenie 2 is the reward tiles

      I got the numbering wrong in the update, as I was working from memory from my copies at BGG con, and apparently in my still sleep-deprived state I got the numbers mixed up.


    4. Missing avatar

      Erik Widell

      I'm confused now :-)
      As I understand it, Franchise has three Queenies:

      1. Seven milestone tiles.
      2. One boom tile standee.
      3. Twenty reward tiles.

      I have reported that I'm missing Queenie #3. To clarify: I have received the milestone tiles and the boom standee. I have NOT received the reward tiles.