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Alhambra with all new artwork, upgraded components and exclusive expansions of world-famous designers!
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Lion Fountains stretch goal unlocked!

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

The fountain in the center of the "Court of the Lions" has been a central feature of the Alhambra Palace since the late 14th century. Now, thanks to 2100 boxes of Alhambra pledged for, they can be the central piece of your Alhambra as well!

If you missed it in the comments, we decided that, since we just added a lot of bundles of different sizes, we were going to count boxes pledged for instead of individual backers for the stretch goals. With that, we have crossed the 2100 mark to unlock the Lion Fountains (a really magnificent game piece), and are well on the way to the next stretch goal. As a reminder, those who back the MEgaBox will get the fountains in the larger 5cm, and the rest will get the standard 4.5cm to match their tile size.

With 35 more hours to go, here is what we have added to the game:

  • 2 New Designer Expansions
  • 2 Queenies: The Wishing Well and the Magical Buildings
  • 3 Fan Expansions
  • Upgraded card quality
  • Lion Fountains
  • Insert upgrade and Embroidered bag for the MegaBox

Thanks for your support!

-Queen Games Team

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    1. ginger007 on

      Ah yes... Thanks Ian :)

    2. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      @ginger007 It is 2, but I wrote "The Wishing Well," one of the new Designers' Modules, instead of the Medina. I thought that I had fixed that, but apparently the edit didn't save.


    3. ginger007 on

      Should the ist in the latest update say 3 Queenies? You have forgotten to include the Medina :)

    4. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      @Justin/Rodrigo Vera As we don't have any new expansions officially in the works at the moment, we don't have any specific plan as to how they will be sold, but yes, we will make them available in the larger tile size for the MegaBox backers. Why make a definitive Alhambra product, then leave those who buy it up a creek with a future expansion? We certainly don't intend to do that.


    5. Justin on

      But they might not all be retail. Might have to buy from QG directly.

    6. Tim Whitehead on

      @Rodrigo it's been confirmed in the comments and faqs that future prints will be printed in both sizes going forward.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Vera on

      I like bigger pieces, but how will you handle future expansions? If necessary will you provide pieces for both sizes?

      I guess any future expansions (if any) might not use new tiles

    8. Martin von Randow on

      Cool! Clarified and confirmed. Now for those extra animals!