Alhambra Designers' Edition

by Queen Games

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    1. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Thank you!

    2. Steven Alvis

      You guys are awesome, thanks a lot! :)

    3. Lutz Wolf on

      As a Gold Level Backer I would also like to have the bag. But I do not want to have the game twice. And I do not want to put my old one to the bin. Please make the bag possible for me. Thank you.

    4. Guoccamolé

      Very classy. TY, Queen Games!

    5. Jesse Pudewell on

      It looks like you've accidentally limited your retailer level to only one pledge. I'm sure there's more than one retail establishment that would want to get in on it.

    6. Justin

      Awesome, thank you!

    7. Comic Book Joker

      I have a few local game stores I can mention this to.

    8. David N. on

      The local retail pledge is the reason for loosing pledges. Why should we pledge a KS exclusive Mega-Box, when a retailer can order them too? That s a big mistake.

    9. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      @Jesse Pudewell We had to limit it for a bit to work out some complications that came up, but it is active again.

      @David N. Why is it a mistake for us to allow local retailers to have access to it? There is no guarantee you will have a store nearby that orders them, and the price may be higher. Of course, if someone decides not to back the campaign to give business to a local store who backed the campaign, we are happy to make the sacrifice to support the store.


    10. Bernardo Miguel Nuñez moraleda on

      could you update the campaing page please (with new Stretch goal limits).