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Alhambra with all new artwork, upgraded components and exclusive expansions of world-famous designers!
Alhambra with all new artwork, upgraded components and exclusive expansions of world-famous designers!
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New Art First Look

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

Part of this campaign, besides the fabulous Designers' Expansions, is to introduce all new artwork and graphic design for all previously released Alhambra content. We wanted to show off some of the new artwork in a brief update, so without further ado, here are some samples:

Expansion 1 (The Vizier's Favour)
Expansion 1 (The Vizier's Favour)
Expansion 2 (The City Gates)
Expansion 2 (The City Gates)

Finally, we are very excited for Luxor to have received a nomination for the 2018 Spiel des Jahres! Thankfully, gamers don't have to wait until 2033 for a collector's edition! We are launching a short follow-up campaign for the same Collector's Edition that was recently completed. The campaign will launch on Wednesday, May 16th, and will run for about two weeks.


-Queen Games Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven White

      These are part of the expansions that weren't part of the core game, will there be an add-on for the new art components? Or would this apply to so much there might as well be a new art-based big box?

    2. Martin von Randow on

      Re the 9 not 9 diamonds, the 8 on the campaign page shows 8 diamonds, so I figure they will fi, the 9. Would be nice to see more new art in the closing days.

    3. David N. on

      The Characters shown here are written in English. It was said, that the material needs no translation. Only the rules. In the case that the material has text and will not be translated, I will cancel my pledge.

    4. The Phantom Piper

      I think the big diamond in the center counts as 2. If you count it that way it makes all the diamond cards work that are shown. ;-)

    5. Martin von Randow on

      Thanks for that response; makes sense. Just noticed the characters have lost their -names-. I did not notice the 8 diamonds on the 9 card, but now I do!

    6. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      The Workers Huts were changed in order to make them visually more distinct from the new Custruction Sites in Dirk Henn's new expansion.

      @Martin At this point Dirk is happy with how the old expansions work, and we won't be making any rule changes on them.


    7. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      Heh, I noticed that too immediately when I looked at the card.

    8. Leroy Smith on

      Looks nice, but the 9 Diamonds Card only having 8 diamonds on it is setting off my OCD. 🙂

    9. Martin von Randow on

      The courtyard art looks a bit off, and I second the question why those tiles are changing from worker huts. It looks like we might be placing things on those tiles now? They definitely resemble foundations.

      The diamonds look nice in line with the other new art for currencies, and the character style is quite nice. Never was a fan of the big wooden gates; any chance of some colouring like on the new card for them?

      The currency converter cards are a weird part of that expansion. I assumed that they would be in demand, but that has never shown to be the case, and they can block the pickups. It might be interesting to have more than one of each combo in piles available separately, or to just have them generic instead of set combos. If you are indeed considering changes to such things ;).

      Camps are quite a colour switch. I'm torn between their being less jarring and their standing out in the marketplace. One of my favourite modules anyway. Thanks for this work in progress preview!

    10. Jason Hunt on

      Out of curiosity; why the change from worker's huts to courtyards?

    11. Justin on

      Looks good!

    12. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      @Michael We don't do a lot of add-ons for our campaigns (besides the acrylic tower in this case). There is still a late pledge open though:


    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Guerard on

      Any chance of fresco and kingdom builder big boxes being made available like the last Kickstarter? Both big boxes are sold out near me (Toronto)? I just discovered this hobby and am playing catch up now! lol thx!