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New MegaBox Stretch Goals

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

The Alhambra contains many secrets. For instance, did you know that there is a network of underground tunnels and caverns that lies beneath the palace complex?

Like the real Alhambra, our campaign for the 15th Anniversary of Alhambra is full of secrets as well, or in this case, two secret stretch goals!

The first wasn't supposed to be secret. Many of our backers have noticed that there were two stretch goals in a row for extra content already included in the MegaBox, and wished we could include something for the MegaBox backers. What we couldn't tell them yet was we had a stretch goal planned for them as well.

We are happy to announce an (almost reached) stretch goal at 1900 backers for an upgraded insert for the MegaBox. For Queen Games, it is very important to us that we not make promises to backers before we know if we can fulfill them. Designing an insert for a game with this much content, with more being added, that does everything we want it to but does not make the box too big, has proven to be a challenge. We decided to hold off revealing the stretch goal while we worked on the design more, but we have figured out enough details to finally announce it.

Below is a digital rendition of what the insert could end up looking like, but please keep in mind this is still a work in process.

MegaBox Inlay
MegaBox Inlay

Features we are working to include are:

  • Two stackable trays that will hold everything in the campaign, including two tile towers, cardboard or acrylic.
  • Room for sleeved cards, even "wide sleeves"
  • A guide to where everything goes in the insert
  • A design that will hold everything in place even if stored vertically

We will give out more details on the design as it gets finalized.

But wait, could there be more? Why yes. It is almost time for the 2018 Spiel des Jahres nominees to be announced, so in honor of Alhambra winning the award in 2003, we are adding another stretch goal. When we hit 2003 backers, we will add an embroidered bag to all MegaBox pledges. The bag will be custom embroidered, and will be great for storing tiles, or as an alternative to the tile towers.

New Stretch Goals
New Stretch Goals

We are really excited to finally be able to show off what we have been working on, and we think this adds even more value to an already excellent product.

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    1. Aonline

      I think more and more people are sleeving their cards. Sleeves fit inserts stretch goals and sleeve packages add-ons are more and more common in campaigns and that is a reflection of consumer preferences. Like I said before, I don't get exited for insert stretch goals because I throw them out, two of the very very few I have kept was WasteLand Express and Mechs Vs Minions. I used to be on the camp of no-sleeves unless it is a pure card game; But sleeves preserve and protect cards from more than grease and liquids, not to mention, for me personally, they facilitate shuffling.

      Fitting sleeves is a priority if the insert is great enough to keep. Vertical storage would be amazing.

    2. QED on

      Please consider bringing the bag to the designers expansion box. It really seems incongruous to exclude your loyal fans who have followed and collects your produce over the 15 years.

    3. Traxanth on

      I love the news about the upgraded trays and embroidery goal!

      +1 to Justin about the sleeves space being good but low priority.

      I think of sleeving game cards like those people that put the giant plastic covers on their couches. Just takes something that could be beautiful and seals it away making it ugly. To be fair, sleeves do a great job of protecting cards from messy eaters or drinks, just like the couch covers. If it's my game and I'm concerned about it being damaged, I just don't let people put food/drinks on the game table or play with dirty/greasy hands like from pizza. Take a break, enjoy your food, then come back to the game when you're done!

      To me, sleeving cards is only considered when the cards are damaged to the point of being 'marked' and identifiable from their backs, or are from some extremely rare or old game.

    4. Justin

      Hopefully sleeves is on the bottom of the list as the amount of people who sleeve is rather low. I'd rather have everything arranged better and fit better over having overly large compartments. But if, after everything else, it can be done then great.

    5. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      @ManO As we mentioned, fitting sleeved cards is one of the features we are working very hard to accommodate. We are still going through iterations with the plastics manufacturers though. If it is possible, it will fit them.


    6. ManO

      Thanks QG for listening to MB backers.
      Those 2 SG are nice. The cloth bag remains the one in old MB version.
      I buy Big Box SE last week and sleeves don't fit in.
      Please, think about it for new edition. It'll be pain in the a** if I can use the box because sleeved cards don't fit in.

    7. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      @Keith Farmer The insert is designed specifically for the MegaBox, and the bag is an exclusive for the campaign.


    8. Missing avatar

      Keith Farmer

      So if we already own Alhambra then these won't be available as an addon?

    9. Lukas Vitroler on

      wow these are some super sick stretch goals!!

    10. Justin

      Awesome news on the insert! Looks good.

    11. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      @Aonline We are working really hard to get a design that can do all these things, be sturdy enough, and fit everything in the box. We think it can be done, although we can't say 100% at this time. We think the final design will be really great and a really nice addition to the MegaBox.


    12. Aonline

      I throw all inserts out, except GameTrayz, no exceptions....BUT, this is the first kickstarter insert update that has all the points I want to read:

      Two stackable trays that will hold everything in the campaign, including two tile towers, cardboard or acrylic.
      Room for sleeves, yes please
      A guide to where everything goes in the insert, goodness, CMON please take note
      A design that will hold everything in place even if stored vertically, yessssssssssss, take my money.

    13. Igor Jeremic on

      I was in doubt to keep my pledge or not but, oh my, this kept me in for sure! Well done, QG!