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Alhambra with all new artwork, upgraded components and exclusive expansions of world-famous designers!
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New stretch goals!

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

We've already eclipsed the 1,000 backer mark, which means not only did we unlock that stretch goal (Fan Expansion #3), it is also time to reveal the new stretch goals. All stretch goals will apply to every pledge level.

And presenting our new stretch goals, hopefully to be unlocked soon!

The tiles for the Magical Buildings and the Medina are 45 mm, and will be included in the Mega Box, even though it already comes with these expansions in 50mm. Logistically, it just makes it much easier, so consider it as an extra gift if you are backing the Mega Box.

The Lion Fountains will come in the size appropriate for the edition you are backing.

Also, based on a suggestion from backer Board Game Revolution, we have revised the art for the new Designer Expansion “Fresh Color” to be more user friendly for color blind players. Thanks for the suggestion!

Finally, we have added two new pledge levels based upon backer request.

The first is a triple Mega Box pledge level, with a shipping discount.

Second, we added a pledge that include the Mega Box and the Alhambra Big Box Special Edition. The Special Edition includes: Granada, The Gardens of Alhambra, Alhambra: The Card Game, and Alhambra: The Dice Game. (nothing in the Special Edition has been updated for this campaign)

We are excited to keep making the value of the product even better. Thanks for your continued support!

-Queen Games Team

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    1. Missing avatar


      You just added a pledge that includes the Big Box Special, but if want to pledge for that wouldn't I be losing the benefit I got from the Early Bird pledge?, how would you manage early pledgers who are also interested in the Big Box?

    2. Queen Games 10-time creator on

      To clarify, I should have been more clear that the stretch goals are not added to the most basic pledge, which notes that stretch goals are not included in it.


    3. Justin

      Like they said, it's simply cheaper for them to include it for everyone. I'm not so much out of sorts with them including something that I'm going to throw away as I am that high level pledgers get nothing out of those stretch goals.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jose Miguel on

      So the only queenies exclusives of MegaBox are going to be in all pledges.. Why I want the same tiles in reduxed size if I'm new to Alhambra and don't have any 4,5cm tiles except those?? Maybe I downgrade my pledge.

      I suppose most of the backers will be happy with that. But people lile mi on the MegaBox would appreciate any other kind of detail but the same thing reduced...