YSMART: Redefining EDC Flashlight


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    1. Erik Czerwin on

      For a company based in London, your English is very poor.
      Any chance you could give us more information about who you are, where you are located, etc.? That has been asked many times before and never received a clear response.

    2. Sue Heim on

      Thanks for the update. And a hint... always better to err on the side of communicating too often than not often enough! Even if it's just a quick "post by" that says "hey, we're here, we're working hard, we are still on target, bye!"

    3. Missing avatar

      Jamie morrison on

      Great post!! Thank you for the update.
      This helps everyone stay in the loop and prevents us backers losing our S**t over lack of communication like some other campaigns on here that Ive backed "Cough" "Rite Press" "Cough" "Cough".
      Much appreciated.
      Keep up the great work and looking forward to the next update.

    4. YSMART LONDON Creator on

      Thanks for your support and understanding!!!
      We will keep updating with you guys, and we are so appreciating your understanding and being with us all the way. We will try our best to share more updates and process with all of you.
      Warm regards

    5. YSMART LONDON Creator on

      Although we are London based, we're not native speakers and we're not pro-copywriters and while we do get help when we can, please forgive us if our responses and written are not always perfect...
      And for the company member's and details, thanks for your suggestion, we spend some time to update it in our website, https://www.ysmart.co.uk.
      We welcome any and all your ideas and suggestions. So if you can think of something we could be doing better please send us a message or email to ysmartlondon@gmail.com
      Warm regards