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Strong&Durable Aluminium Body | Upgrade Titanium Option | Super Bright  | Magnetic Base  | Lightweight | Waterproof
Strong&Durable Aluminium Body | Upgrade Titanium Option | Super Bright | Magnetic Base | Lightweight | Waterproof
2,338 backers pledged £75,676 to help bring this project to life.

Count Down 3 Days!

Posted by YSMART LONDON (Creator)

We're entering the final 3 days of our first Kickstarter campaign. Hoooo boys... can you feel it?! By all measures, we're fired up for what the 3 days will bring.  

Thank you for helping bring the gadget to life. At YSMART, we specifically choose to not seek venture capital to run our business. We do that because our goal is to create the best products...not good, not pretty good...but literally the best in their respective categories. And to do that, we think it's important that we have complete control over how we run our business. That means no outside investors holding us to artificial goals or deadlines. We put immense effort into product development, and we don't launch things until we know they are ready.  

We're incredibly lucky and grateful to be in this rare position….but if it weren't for our Kickstarter community, none of this would be possible.  

Your support allows us to continue marching forward. Your feedback steers the direction of that march. And your enthusiasm and passion makes us stoked to come to work everyday, knowing that we've got the best customers you could ever ask for.  

With this, We'd like to make a final call for your help getting the word out! If you're reading this, we'd be incredibly grateful if you took a hot second to give us some love on social media, or sent a quick text to your friends letting them know that our time is winding down. You can simply send them our URL: 

Thank you for your continued support as we near the finish line!

All the best,


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