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A New Album by Alta Mira's video poster

Alta Mira is in the midst of recording their new album but they need your help to finish it. Read more

Albany, NY Rock
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This project was successfully funded on January 30, 2011.

Alta Mira is in the midst of recording their new album but they need your help to finish it.

Albany, NY Rock
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Hello Kickstarter,

We are Alta Mira, an Indie Rock band from Albany, NY. Over the past few months we've been in and out of the studio recording our next album of new songs. We strongly feel that these are the best songs we have ever written and we're eager to share them with others. We've almost reached the halfway point of recording with four songs done, but work has come to a sudden halt because of our lack of funds. So coming to this abrupt halt, we thought we would give this Kickstarter idea a try since it has helped so many other bands and projects out there.

We've given it a lot of thought and I think we've come up with some pretty good rewards for people that pledge to help us out. So please take a look at the rewards listed on the right. The goal we decided on setting is $5,000 which will certainly help us out in a huge way, but will end up only being a part of what we need to do this. To get the full amount we have to reach $5,000 by January 30th, otherwise we get nothing. The funds will help pay for the following:

- Tracking the rest of our songs
- Mixing the album
- Mastering the album for digital release and vinyl release
- Packaging and pressing our album to vinyl

We want you to feel like you have helped us make something beautiful and in return we will try our hardest to make the best music we've ever made.

Alta Mira

P.S. Two of the new songs can be heard online: Organ Anthem and Red Red


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    This is your preorder for the entire digital album when it's done.

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    Get the digital album AND a copy of it on vinyl!!

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    Get the digital album, vinyl, and an invitation to a private listening party to celebrate the release. We'll supply the booze and the fun.

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    Whoa. You get the digital album, the album on vinyl signed by the band, listening party, and we'll thank you by printing your name in the album!

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    Wow! It's a nostalgic popcorn machine! No no, just kidding. You get everything mentioned so far and we'll play a private show for you. Do you need a band for a party? A benefit? A Bar Mitzvah? You got it, but within a reasonable distance from Albany, NY please.

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    Now this is just ridiculous. We can't thank you enough. You get everything above plus we'll write and record a custom jingle for you or your business!

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