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We've been known in part for the presentation of our records. Even though we're self-releasing the new one, we wanna take that further.
We've been known in part for the presentation of our records. Even though we're self-releasing the new one, we wanna take that further.
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Windshield Smasher Maxi-Single (EP)

on august 28, (or earlier if the kickstarter funds clear before then) everyone who's pledged will be receiving a digital download of the "Windshield Smasher EP."  it's pretty much a 90s style maxi single with a bunch of remix versions of the song and an unreleased b-side.  the remixers all came up with some amazing stuff and because of that, this ends up running like its own little album.  

please keep an eye on emails from kickstarter, because that's how we'll be distributing the digital downloads.  

windshield smasher ep tracklisting:

01 Windshield Smasher (Album Version)
02 Windshield Smasher (ODD NOSDAM Remix)
03 Windshield Smasher (JUNK CULTURE Remix)
04 Windshield Smasher (LONGMONT POTION CASTLE Remix)
05 Windshield Smasher (ZACKEY FORCE FUNK Remix)
06 The Runner
07 Windshield Smasher (Instrumental)



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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Morgan Funkystuff Decker on

      Is there any way to move the funding back to friday? I neeeeeds my paycheck to clear so I don't gets dem overdraft charges, ya feel me? Thanks to anybody who even reads this. Can't wait to get my hands on this album, overdraft or not.

    3. Jimmy Melnarik on

      Will there be any kind of physical release of this maxisingle?

    4. Emily von Euw on

      howdy hey ho! every time i get an email for ya'll i practically pee my pants. except i don't wear pants. I AM HAVING SO MUCH DIFFICULTY WAITING. it will be worth it.

    5. Matt Stortz on

      Just upped my pledge, amazing!

    6. Missing avatar

      Thomas Buhler on

      fuck yes, i can't wait to hear that junk culture mix! in addition to everything else!

    7. Missing avatar

      David on

      Holy crap, so at this point everyone who pledges $23 or more will be receiving 4 albums?! (Cobra Juicy, Cobra Juicy Remix, Psychic Love Damage, Windshield Smasher EP). THAT"S FUCKING AWESOME.

    8. Giantrobots42 on

      can't wait for the FLACs!

    9. Quinton Caringella on

      Maxi Singles always had the weirdest artwork.

    10. Missing avatar

      Aidan Burns-Fulkerson on

      This is freakin' awesome! I can't wait...

    11. JOSEPH BLOOM on

      AH! The Runner finally gets some time in the spotlight. these remixes promise to be nothing short of AWESOME

    12. Missing avatar

      Alex Wilson on

      Hot damn ZFF all up in this shit! So huge.

    13. Joe O'Connor on

      tox, my wish: distribute before burning man so i jam my sound system on my bike with your tunes and rock the sox off of the dubsteppers.