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We've been known in part for the presentation of our records. Even though we're self-releasing the new one, we wanna take that further.
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Psychic Love Damage vinyl reminder

Posted by Tom Fec (Creator)

just a reminder for the new backers - all pledges at $125 and up will come with a free copy of the abandoned "Psychic Love Damage" EP on vinyl.  if anyone in a lower tier wants a copy, you can just add $15 to your pledge - then just let us know in the survey email in a few weeks that you added it on.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Derek Brewster on

      SURVEY?????? WHERE SURVEY???????????

    2. cannibalholiday on

      That is a curious point, i have wondered say you pledged 10 dollars originally, (download tier) then added the 15 for the vinyl, would that put you in the cobra juicy vinyl tier and add the psychic love vinyl but my reasoning seems like you would still choose the good time digital award after adding the 15 and in the survey choose to get the psychic love vinyl, because if you chose the cobra vinyl gift it would be adding the 15 for that vinyl not the psychic love one. maybe TOBACCO can clear this up a bit, either way you should add 15 for the abandoned album

    3. Nicholas Willis on

      So when we add $15 to our original pledge (to get the PLD vinyl), do we leave our reward choice alone? So while it APPEARS as though we're humbly accepting a lesser reward... in REALITY, we're just greedily bamboozling you into giving us a two-for-one special for one (absurd) low cost...?

    4. cannibalholiday on

      all i know is that it is well worth the small chunk of change TOBAX is asking for so add to your pledges people!! Lets see how many pressings we can get them to make of an album they thought was already forgotten.

    5. cannibalholiday on

      Sweatmother 2 maybe on there as well, who knows

    6. cannibalholiday on

      buuttt, there maybe some tracks on the abandoned EP that are titled; The Runner, Sunburned Fudge, Weird Winds, Quiver the Good Times, The Wettest Day, Blurry my Day(which is most likely Cobra Juicy's Blurring My Day) i cant help like tom can but i gave it a shot love you fans.

    7. cannibalholiday on

      Psychic love damage should be a total mystery until we get the vinyl in the mail

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      yeah could we please get the tracklistings for psychic love Damage???

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt Gavin on

      Could we get a track list for the PLD EP? Thanks!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Joan Holt on

      I would add $15 for a CD version of "Psychic Love Damage"......any chance at all of CD in addition to the vinyl?

    11. cannibalholiday on

      maybe post a short video of the BMSR members wearing our masks waving to us, or throwing citrus at the camera, im surprised to hear so much from TOBAXXO, but sad to hear nothing from iffernaut, :( i hope that's not her being actually dead in that picture

    12. Missing avatar

      Sean Bennetts on

      Do we need to add extra for international shipping of the PLD vinyl (on top of the international shipping already added)? Just want to make sure!

    13. Tim Guthrie on

      ooh sweet. Me. How many copies were made of that? is it on some kind of limited colorer vinyl, too?