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Rhino Shield protects your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet screens against impact.
Rhino Shield protects your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet screens against impact.
Rhino Shield protects your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet screens against impact.
3,674 backers pledged £73,716 to help bring this project to life.

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Exciting New Product From RhinoShield


Dear Rhino Fans,

We hope your phone is safe and sound with RhinoShield! We are thrilled to announce the Kickstarter launch of our new premium line of iPhone impact protection cases: the SolidSuit. New sophisticated design, same awesome protection!

Help us fund this project and get your hands on the SolidSuit before everyone else. Simply pledge £17 or more on our Kickstarter page (40% off the future msrp).

The SolidSuit is a marriage of our improved EggDrop Technology and our new premium Leather and Carbon Fiber finishes. We designed a case that not only looks good, but also feels like the quality product it is. It is also hands down the thinnest premium case that offers full protection for your iPhone.

With such an unique product on hand, we decided to return to you to help us bring it to market. We are about to start production in our factory and will be ready to ship the rewards around May.

Check out our three models on the Kickstarter page.

The Evolutive Labs Team

Our new product!


Dear Backers 

We hope your phone is safe and sound with RHINOSHIELD! we are excited to launching our new Kickstarter project, RHINOSHIELD Crash Guard — a minimalist mobile phone bumper case with maximum protection. Together with our RHINOSHIELD Screen Protector, the bumper case will make your mobile phone virtually indestructible

We have started accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter. Pre-order your bumper case today and get a fantastic early-bird deal with up to 40% off the retail price.


watch the 25ft drop test: 

Detail for claiming your MKII

Dear Backers

Thank you all for your patience and great support! Rhino Shield MARK 2 are ready for dispatch! The Mark 2 is much tougher and stronger! I think you will all feel excited to know that the impact absorption capability of Mark 2 has been enhanced by more than 40%! Additionally, the denting problem has been significantly improved and the peeling issue is resolved. Also, the new Mark 2 has improved oleophobic coating to make it more resistant to fingerprints and grease. 

We will be sending out one-time exclusive coupon codes to all of you this Sunday, which you can exchange for replacement shields, MARK2. The value of the coupons will naturally reflect what you pledged toward our kickstarter campaign. The reason for coupons is because many of you will have changed phone numbers or addresses since our initial contact, and also many of you have made additional orders of shields and wish to combine batches to save shipping costs. 

At Evolutive Labs, we aim to provide utmost quality in all areas of our service, and therefore value all feedbacks received. One of these have been the reliabilities of delivery. We have taken this on board and have since decided to upgrade our delivery service, which does mean there will be a shipping charge compared to the last batch we sent out. The fulfilment service that we have picked to use is $2 USD handling fee + $4 USD shipping. Therefore, there will be a shipping charge at $6 USD or £4 pounds, and all of you will have a tracking number. Delivery time is estimated at one week, sent from Taiwan. 

Due to the high volume of demand, we are unable to cover this shipping cost. So instead, we have created a special discounted shopping page just for you guys. All the products here are pre-discounted (30% off retail). If you are placing extra orders, they will have already been discounted. Best Wishes Evolutive Labs 

Denting issue tested with video


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(Important) We will be doubling your rewards, Rhino Shield Mark 2.

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Hi Backers

In the past month, we have been very busy sending the orders out and tracking the post. (which was not fun).

We have also been collecting feedbacks from everyone. (Thanks again to everyone for their constructive comments.) 

Based on the feedbacks, We have now identified and acknowledged two main areas that need to improve. 

1. Peeling/delimitation with one particular batch, we have identify the cause for this, and we have solution for it.

2. Dent, This was not a problem we anticipated when we first design Rhino Shield. We were so focused on the impact protection and scratch protection ability (the shield actually dont really get scratch but does dent fairly easily) without realised we created a new problem. 

We have now tested a few new prototype, and have significantly improve the denting problem. (Good for everyday uses, however it will still dent, if you use sharp key and scratch it really hard) The new prototype are a lot more durable than the current one. We will soon finalised the design and will be producing a new batch again. (we would like to run few more tests to make sure we did everything right this time.) We are very determine to make Rhino Shield the best screen protector you can get!

We will also be looking to improve the better surface coating that attract even less finger print. 

The GOOD news are,

  • we will be giving Rhino Shield mark 2 to everyone for free. 
  • The impact absorption capability is now 70% more than the current version!!! in other word, Rhino Shield mark 2 absorb 70% more impact energy, and is more durable. 

I will post some test videos with denting test and new drop test of our prototype soon. 

We would also be posting more updates to communicate with you guys more, so please look out for our emails!

Many thanks 

Evolutive Labs 

P.S if you have any comment, we would prefer you send it to our email ( It would make our life a lot easier in terms of organising.