John Silence

by Josh Jordan

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    1. Hamish Cameron

      Should we share this post or do you prefer we share this in a different form (blog/website post, etc.)? At the moment I'm waiting for an official tweet to share.

    2. Hamish Cameron


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      Boutrose Norr on

      this is very interesting, I didn't know that there would be opportunities to submit writing for the book as well.

      I have 2 questions:

      1st: I am a poc myself, being Palestinian, and although I have been published in quarterly magazines that I've submitted to, they were unpaid and mostly just a way for me to share my short stories, does this still count as unpublished for the purpose of the reserved spot?

      2nd: I wrote a short short noir story for the magazine a while ago based around the intifada which took place in 1987. Would you be opposed to me expanding on this to increase it to 4000 words as a submission?