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Heroine is a storytelling game inspired by Labyrinth, Oz, Wonderland, and Narnia. Can the girl be heroic and save the Other World?

What is Heroine?

Heroine is a storytelling game inspired by books and movies like Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, and The Chronicles of Narnia.  I love these stories about a girl who has serious problems to deal with in her regular life, but who gets whisked away to the Other World, where she has an unusual chance to be heroic.

Together with my editor, Paul Lyons - you may know him from his time as a host of the Podgecast- I am building a game that creates a story like these. You and your friends can explore a girl's struggle to grow up. On the one hand, she has to overcome the magical challenges of the Other World. Will she rescue the innocents? Will she find her way through mazes and traps? Will she survive an encounter with the Antagonist who now rules the Other World? On the other hand, she is trying to leave behind her fear, confusion, and selfishness, so that she can learn to be heroic. Will her time in the Other World teach her about being clever, daring, and kind? When she finally returns home, will the things she has learned enabled her to overcome her struggles in her regular life?

Playing Heroine

When you play Heroine, one player plays the Heroine. The other players take turns narrating the story and playing one of the Heroine's quirky new companions. Every backer of Heroine is entitled to a PDF copy of the current demo version of the game. Though the game is 90% ready, I'm always thrilled for people to playtest the game and give me suggestions! Playtesting comments will be welcomed until the day the game goes to layout.

Supporting Heroine

This Kickstarter will allow me to fund professional art and layout for Heroine. JR Blackwell is excited to be the artist for the game, and you can make that happen. On top of that, Daniel Solis has agreed to do the layout. That's right. Two Ennie-winning game designers want to help me with Heroine, and you can make that happen!

The Rewards

Depending on what level of support you choose to give Heroine, you can earn the following rewards. I also have some exciting stretch goals to add if we are able to surpass our goal.

Electronic Books - All backers will have access to the latest demo version of Heroine and can send playtest feedback to the author at any time up until the day I send the book to layout. Once layout on the game is complete, some backers will receive a copy of the final version of Heroine. Backers who earn a physical copy of the book will also receive electronic copies of any mini-supplements that are unlocked.

Physical Books - Some backers earn physical copies of Heroine. I will ship these as soon as I receive them back from the printer.

Token Bags - Heroine uses Drama Points as the currency for most of the moves in the game. Backers can earn a custom bag filled with Drama Point tokens. My wife, Anessa Jordan, is a professional artist, art teacher, and craftsperson. She has agreed to create these bags for backers of Heroine.

Box Sets - My wife has also agreed to create a limited number of custom wooden boxes for Heroine. These boxes will hold the book and will be covered in Heroine-themed art. They will be large enough to contain any mini-supplements that are unlocked.

Mini-Supplements - These short supplements to Heroine will contain new rule and setting material that address a specific kind of heroic girl or that reproduce a specific genre of young adult literature. Other game designers and I will co-write these supplements. These mini-supplements may be unlocked either by pledging to the $150 level OR by meeting a Stretch Goal as listed below.

Stretch Goals

Unlocked! Emily Care Boss (Breaking the Ice) is the first game designer to announce her mini-supplement. She and I will produce a guide to help you tell a Heroine story inspired by the works of Andre Norton.

Unlocked! $1400 Filamena Young (Flatpack) has agreed to do a mini-supplement inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but set on space ships

Unlocked! $1600 Nora Last will write a mini-supplement inspired by the Tortall universe of author Tamora Pierce.

Unlocked! $1800 Josh Jordan will release Cinder Girl Cries, a mini-supplement inspired by fairy tale romance and indentured servitude.

Unlocked! $2000 (Locked) Fraser Ronald (Kiss My Axe, Accidental Survivors) will write a mini-supplement of wuxia and elemental magic inspired by Legend of Korra.

Unlocked! Julia Ellingboe (Steal Away Jordan) will write a mini-supplement inspired by T. A. Barron's The Ancient One, in which a young girl travels to ancient America to save the future.

Unlocked!  Extra Art - JR Blackwell will create more than double the original amount of art for the game!

Unlocked! Shreyas Sampat (Mist-Robed Gate) will create a mini-supplement. The subject is to be announced soon.

Unlocked! Josh Jordan will release Misses, a mini-supplement about young telekinetic and clairvoyant orphans, inspired by Push and Matilda.

Unlocked! A group of podcasting ladies will lend their voices to create an audio version of Heroine. This audio version will be available as a download to anyone who receives a printed book.

$3600 (Locked) Josh Jordan will release Evangel Academy Shojo, a mini-supplement inspired by high school girl anime like Fruits Basket. (This mini-supplement and any following supplements will be available in pdf only. They will not fit in the printed booklet that will be included in the boxed sets.)

+$400 (Locked) For every $400 raised above $3600, Josh Jordan will release another mini-supplement by June 2013.

Note to Backers

Thank you for your support of Heroine. I honestly believe that this game will bring joy to a lot of people's tables, and I think it is important to have a game that focuses on heroic girls. I believe that Heroine tells a kind of story that no other game does. I thank you for helping me make the physical book a reality.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is my first book, so every step feels like an exciting new challenge. However, I am committed to keeping my promises to each backer of Heroine.
Printing may take longer than I expect, so you may have to wait before the paper copy of the book is in your hands. As far as it depends on me, the book will be out my door as soon as possible after I get it from the printer.

I don't think this is a particularly risky Kickstarter for you, because the game is mostly done. The artist, layout person, and I are all excited to start completing Heroine soon. All we need is your help!


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