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Doll is a storytelling game for two. One person plays a child, the other plays a doll who sometimes lies about important things.
218 backers pledged $3,336 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

You Did It!

Posted by Josh Jordan (Creator)

Thank you for backing the Doll Kickstarter! Together we raised over 1300% of our original goal. That's incredible! Seriously, I'm amazed at the response to this game, and I'm glad that we will be able to put so much more into it than we would have if I had had to pay for the print run myself.

Just a quick review: The text for Doll has been finalized, and is in layout right now. Advanced Doll has been written. Tobie and I are finalizing the editing for it, and I believe we will be able to send it to layout this week. As soon as that happens, I will also begin putting together the audio book. If any of you are interested in volunteering to help with the audio book, email me at I'm perfectly happy to do it myself, but it's always nice to be able to throw an extra voice actor or musician into the mix.

I'm hearing from several of the writers for the anthology that they have already begun working on their stories.

Those of you who have earned dolls or puppets will be pleased to know that I have gathered all the basic supplies I need and that I've started preparing the first batch of heads. (This is less ominous than it sounds, officer. I promise.)

Thank you again for all your support. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.


Josh Jordan

Ginger Goat

Thank You!

Posted by Josh Jordan (Creator)

Looks like we passed $3,000. I know several authors and game designers who just earned a raise! Thank you for helping me pay these creators even more. They're worth it.

As a reward, here is a happy doll face from me to you, courtesy of DavidNoah1 on Flickr.

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Secret Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by Josh Jordan (Creator)

We've reached the Secret Stretch Goal of $2,750. I didn't list this on the Kickstarter main page, but you may have heard about it through the updates or by following me on social media. At this level, I am proud to announce the final three authors joining the Doll short story anthology. This brings the total number of authors to nine. Each of these folks will add something special, and each is a talented creator in their own right. They are:

Jeremy Morgan, co-editor of the forthcoming Heroine of Heiankyo, a Japanese fantasy setting book by Andy Kitkowski for Heroine.

TL Bodine, author of Nezumi's Children, a book about a rat prophetess that begins in a pet store.

Shoshana Kessock, my friend, a LARP and RPG game designer, and author of the forthcoming Dangers Untold, the LARP adaptation for Heroine.

Thank you again to the almost 200 backers out there. We only have four days left. Let's see if we can reach the next stretch goal, so I can give everyone but myself involved in this project, including these three new authors, a 20% raise.

Dolls, Stories, and More

Posted by Josh Jordan (Creator)

Thank you all so much! Doll has funded at over 1000%! We have surpassed the $2,500 mark and unlocked the larger short fiction anthology. This e-book anthology will contain stories inspired by Doll. Everyone who pledges $10 or more to the Kickstarter will receive a copy of this anthology. It will contain stories from Allegra Selzer, Filamena Young, Jared Axelrod, PK Sullivan, Ryan McSwain, and the author of Advanced Doll, Tobie Abad.

Today I want to talk about the next two stretch goals, in order to encourage you to continue spreading the word about Doll.

There is a secret stretch goal at $2,750. It involves the story anthology, but I'm not going to announce what we're adding unless we reach that goal.

Then there is the $3,000 goal. At this level, I will give everyone involved in Doll, except myself, a 20% bonus. This includes David Hill, who is doing layout, Tobie, who is writing Advanced Doll, all the authors in the short story anthology, and possibly my wife, if anyone receives one of her Heroine dolls (which will be brilliant, by the way.) I firmly believe that I am getting these folks' help at a bargain price. If we reach this goal, I will gladly give these people a bonus. They all deserve it.

I would also like to announce that I will use any profit this Kickstarter raises above the $3,000 level exclusively to fund free projects from Ginger Goat over the next six months. For example, if we reach $3,200, I will put all the profits from that extra $200 toward a free Heroine expansion. If we raise $5,000, I will use all the profits from that $2,000 to pay for art, layout, and writing for even nicer projects. All of these projects above the $3,000 will released for free to the public.

Thank you again for all your support! We've already reached more players than I ever imagined. Please continue to spread the word about this Kickstarter. We have less than a week to go.


Josh Jordan

Now with Fancier Rewards

Posted by Josh Jordan (Creator)

I was hoping to post a link today to my interview with Tobie Abad, author of Advanced Doll. However, it appears we may have to redo the interview do technical difficulties.

The good news, on the other hand, is that this snafu means I can instead announce our new premium backer levels today. We have three new levels for those folks who want to support Doll in a really big way.

First, we have a Heroine themed backer level. My wife has offered to create a few dolls that resemble the main character from the photos in Heroine. If you back Doll at the $125-level, you will receive one of these dolls, a signed copy of Heroine, and everything from the Child backer level. (This is the only time I have offered signed copies of Heroine for sale.)

Second, we have a game design themed backer level. If you back Doll at the Puppetmaster level, I will make you your very own game with a theme and target audience of your choice. Want a robot game for high schoolers? An alien romance game for adults? A zoo game for kids? I will make a game to your design. (I reserve the right to reject any theme that I personally find offensive or that I believe violates copyright law.)

Third, if you would like to game with me face to face and you want to support Doll in a really big way, then consider the Minstrel backer level. I will spend a whole weekend gaming with you. We will play games of your choice. Bring your friends if you want. It can be at a convention or at your house. It makes no difference to me, as long as everybody is there to have a good time gaming.

Thanks to all of you who have already backed Doll. We are less than $400 away from unlocking an even bigger story anthology inspired by the game. You guys are awesome. I can never say that enough.