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Doll is a storytelling game for two. One person plays a child, the other plays a doll who sometimes lies about important things.
Doll is a storytelling game for two. One person plays a child, the other plays a doll who sometimes lies about important things.
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Trust Me, the Doll Fiction anthology


All backers who earned a digital copy of Doll should receive a message from me today with their link to the fiction anthology. Trust Me is a book that contains eight original stories from eight different authors. Each story is about a toy that doesn't always tell the truth.

I'm very proud of the authors who contributed stories to this book. Some are seasoned writers, and some are relatively new, but each contributed a story that I enjoy. If you like these stories, spread the word about this book. It will go on sale to the general public in a few weeks. And don't miss the authors' biographies in the back of the book. If there's a story you particularly like, reach out to that author and buy more of their work. I promise that you will make their day.

Thanks again, folks.


Josh Jordan



All the dolls shipped out on December 31st. The puppets should ship out tomorrow, January 3rd. (The single, exclusive Heroine doll should ship later this month.)

Feel free to take a picture of yourself with your doll or puppet and email it to me at

The dolls are done!


Finishing the Dolls and Puppets

The sewing for all the dolls is done. I have a few faces to decorate, and then they will be ready to pack and ship.

I have the bodies ready for all the puppets. I just need to attach the puppet heads to the bodies.

I was planning on finishing all this tomorrow and shipping everything tomorrow, but my son has two ear infections and is home with me today, so I might not get a whole lot of crafting done today. (He woke up so many times last night that I lost count.)

Right now, we're parked on the couch watching Curious George. I sincerely hope to finish everything before New Year's. We're so close!

As a side note, my wife has been working on the one custom Heroine doll. Her original estimated date of completion was January 2014. I suspect that she will be able to keep to that.

The Doll fiction anthology, Trust Me, is also close to completion. We've been editing the last story, and it's almost ready.

Merry Christmas! Doll Elf on Shelf Edition

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