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"War Path" A Coming-of-Age Crime Drama Feature Film's video poster

"A down-on-his-luck, newly-wed-and-broke professional hit man goes on a roaring rampage of revenge after his wife is kidnapped. Read more

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"A down-on-his-luck, newly-wed-and-broke professional hit man goes on a roaring rampage of revenge after his wife is kidnapped.

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We got the news on Christmas eve that we hit our 12k goal! I want to thank everyone who helped us get there!


Now that we hit our goal, let's try to get it here! New rewards added!


Hey everyone!

Join us for the creation of the feature film, WAR PATH, from writer/director Casey de Fremery! We have come to Kickstarter to get your help getting our film made as our film is gaining momentum. We are a Bay Area production looking to do something epic, ambitious, foolhardy, and above our pay grade as we navigate the indie film world with this piece of material.


Why tell when we can show?

Plot: Joel Carrero, late 20's/early 30's, is newly-wed to Sabrina, a former model with a sweet heart. Victims of a troubled economy, they do all they can to make ends meet and find some place in the world. Joel works with his best friend, Eric, at a job he hates with a hardass for a boss, Frank.

That job, of course, being a professional hit man. 

One day, Frank asks an unusual favor: beat up, interrogate, and disappear a cop who's been blackmailing them. Joel is reluctant but agrees to the plan. However, Joel gets more than he bargained for when he meets the cop, Mitchell. Secrets are learned that threaten to take down everything that Joel has built but Frank won't let him just walk away. In retaliation for not doing his job, Sabrina is KIDNAPPED and Joel beaten down. He gets away but what else is there to do but revenge?


Back in May 2012, I came across a contest sponsored by Linkin Park via where you do a music video for their song "Burn It Down." The winner gets prizes and I decided to jump headfirst into the project. I decided to craft a storyline about Joel and his life as a hit man and the revenge that follows after his wife is kidnapped.

After a whirlwind 2 day shoot, we had some amazing footage and worked on it right till the last minute of the deadline.

The video didn't win the contest but got me such a big reaction from friends, collaborators, and new associates that it wasn't something I could just ignore. 3 months later, I decided to start writing a feature length version of the music video and see where it goes. I started getting more and more into it as it started to resemble the types of movies I loved growing up. Looking to finally break into doing feature films after years doing music videos and shorts, I decided to make it my debut film.

All told, it was a music video entry that ultimately didn't win but became the perfect proof that I could pull off a movie like this. Lemons into lemonade!


Conceptual character poster

"WAR PATH" is a film about choices. Secrets. Cause and Effect, the consequences of every action you take and how it impacts the ones you love. It's a film about the economy and how it doesn't just affect "civilized" people. Even more than the rest, it's a film about flawed people trying to find their place in the world and escape the shackles of their lot in life.


Growing up, I (Casey de Fremery) adored gangster and crime films. Goodfellas, The Godfather, Mean Streets, Narc, the movies about guys who made their way by force and not conforming to how society functions. They were on the fringes but they were vicious and the consequences of their actions always left a mark on me, showing that crime doesn't pay.

Even so, I am not approaching this as my attempt to ape Scorsese or tell an Italian Mafia story. I want to make a story that isn't about an ethnic crime syndicate, this is an island of misfit toys. There are brutes who are ruthlessly effective and trainees who basically answered the job ad. They're in an industry that is dying (no pun intended) due to RICO and the crippling effect of the FBI and are trying to make ends meet.

The aim is to make a gritty crime drama but with humor, drama, a bit of action, a fast pace, and to get you thinking when it's over. My aim is to make a movie for the audience by a guy whose been in those same seats before.

Simplified: Breaking Bad meets Killing Them Softly and has a baby with a middle name of Cormac MacCarthy.


You can't make it without the actors. I wanted to put the network of actors I've collected over the years to good use while also including fresh faces. The material has attracted some of the best talent I've seen in the Bay and we've only just started some of the big casting.

GARY NEIL (Our Happy Apocalypse) as JOEL CARRERO

The main character of the film. He's a talented man in a business of death but trying to find his place in the world now that he's married. He is selfish and tries to hide the true extent of what he does to the outside world but doesn't want it to be his legacy.


One of the lead roles in the film. Eric has been a longtime best friend of Joel and under his father Frank, runs one of Frank's criminal enterprises: hits and extortion. He's got a short temper, he's naturally competitive, and will be the first to hit on your girlfriend but he has a good heart. Unlike the majority of his employees, he actually loves his job and that leaves a lot of very unfortunate victims.


Joel's wife Sabrina, a former model Joel met at a bar randomly one night. Like Joel, she's a girl trying to find her place in the world despite there being no clear. She knows her husband is up to no good but she's a woman with secrets of her own and everything collides!


An old flame of Joel from life before Sabrina, Elena was previously another killer in the employ of Frank Daley. She was cast out once her relationship was made public and true to form, the boy's club sided with Joel. Things deteriorated between her and Joel but she makes her living selling guns and other weapons of war. Tough but vulnerable, she wants out but things never go according to plan.


Frank is Joel's boss/agent, who runs the overall business and handles the client side of the syndicate. Short tempered, gruff, and to the point, he has high ambitions to retire on a high note but leaves the hit man side of the business to his son, Eric. 


A detective with the local police, Mitchell is one of the few actively assigned to take down Frank's criminal syndicate. That alone could make a career but Mitchell's not in it for the glory. More than just about anyone else, he's playing the long game and poses just as much a threat as anyone in Frank's employ.


An old associate of Frank, Benoit is a domesticated middle man in a high power law firm. A gambler and routine customer to Frank's debt collection business, he's always on time and prompt. To Frank, he's a gateway to a lucrative contract for higher paying work. To Benoit, Frank's his main connection to his past life and a source for the dirty work of his employers.

JEREMY JONES (Hero Punk, 8: The Movie) as IVAN 

Ivan is the de facto bodyguard to Frank and never needs a command repeated when it's time to protect his boss. 


Abbot is an elite criminal within Frank's employ but puts on his best poker face whenever around social situations. He's calm and collected, follows orders, but is always willing to listen to the highest bidder. A true wild card.


Dennis is a relatively new boyfriend for Elena, seen as a rebound by everyone but himself. In a film full of psychos, criminals, and sociopaths, Dennis is one of the more straight-laced guys out there. A banker by day with indoor hobbies, he's one of the few who's shocked at discovering who Elena knows and what she's capable of...

DAWAYNE JORDAN (Fruitvale Station) as WESLEY

In a film full of crazed and skilled hit men, Wesley is more along the lines of the new frat guy, the pledge, who's trying to prove himself and show his superiors what he's made of. But going from 'newbie who is constantly hazed and exploited' to 'respected employee' comes at its own cost.


Owen is being portrayed by Myles Weber, noted Buzzfeed writer, actor, and stand-up comedian. Owen is the head of security at the syndicate but can just as easily be found surfing youtube when the others aren't looking. He got into this due to loving the crime films of his youth but this isn't a job for the meek.


Casey de Fremery (Writer/Director)

"Welcome to Jurassic Park." 

After that immortal line from Jurassic Park, Casey de Fremery came to the realization of what he wanted to do with his life. Born from a carpenter father and a truck driver mother, films became the highpoint of any week he was able to see them. From seeing his first film Jurassic Parkonward, he delved into any screenwriting or director book he could find and started his career in high school at the birth of the DV camera movement in 2003. Friends and relatives became actors and crew as he continued learning his craft through trial and error. After a number of years, he began to rise up the ranks with standout music videos and developing his own award-winning short films. His work includes elements of comedy, dark satire, and occasion tragedy, never staying within one genre or style of filmmaking. 7-9 years total working in the film business and "War Path" is his feature length debut! 

Ferguson Sauve-Rogan (Cinematographer)

Casey's partner in crime on this adventure, Ferguson is an accomplished filmmaker himself. A graduate of SF State, he works on a variety of commercials, music videos, short/feature films, and other ventures. He was also the writer/director of the feature film "Return to Nowhere" and director of "Writer's Cramp."

Chloe Tokuno (Producer)

"War Path" isn't just a boy's club! Chloe is our very talented uber producer hard at work making this film a reality! In her own words:

In 2003, after graduating high school, Chloé followed in her mother’s footsteps and began modeling for prestigious clients such as Sacs Fifth Avenue and Nike. While continuing her education with a degree in English Literature, she found a love for the runway, walking for Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, and Carolina Herrera, among other courtier designers. Chloé’s modeling career took her from San Francisco to Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Working with top Photographers and Directors gave her a deep appreciation of advertisings production side. Eventually Chloé began producing still and motion shoots for Monkey and Snake Advertising and Big Buddha Productions. Word traveled of Chloé’s capabilities behind the camera. She has produced fashion, medical and utility campaigns for television, radio and internet. Chloé has supervised and co-produced print and motion advertising campaigns in Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Poland and Korea. Beside producing commercials, small documentaries and music videos, Chloé is also media planning, media buying and Ad Directing for still and motion. Chloé has also co-published a sold out, limited edition fine art book set, printed in Germany by Cantz Printing for her Japan based client, MIKI Foods of Japan. Currently, Chloé is Executive Producer of a San Francisco based full length feature film.


Daniel Kautz Isaac is a graduate from SF State who specializes in a number of film production roles, some ranging from gaffing, gripping and even the mocking of star wars prequels. Daniel Kautz has worked on 5 feature films including Star Trek Renegades, Return to Nowhere and Prep School. He is currently now in the process of finishing his own short sci-fi epic titled Jalopy.

'The Epilogue'

While the movie was being written, I took the opportunity (given by Syndicate Studios) to craft a short film supporting the film, titled "The Epilogue."

Plot: Joel Carrero wakes up, bloody and dazed, in the middle of a giant desolate landscape. A mysterious TV advertises that he's in Heaven but how could this be? Is this a dream? Is he dead? And why can't he remember how he got there?

This is a very personal film for me and deals with a number of heavy topics. The film utilizes the same characters from the music video and takes place after the feature film. The trailer is embedded so check it out! But keep in mind that just because Joel and Sabrina Carrero play a big part in the short, this by no means implies they survive War Path. Not by a long shot…

The Epilogue is currently in submission for various film festivals and premiered at the San Jose Short Film Festival in October. It was an Audience Favorite and got great responses at the various screenings that took place.

So Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter has become a valuable resource for filmmakers to reach their audience, draw attention to their work, and get projects made that might've otherwise stayed as a pipe dream. As the cliche goes, it takes a village to raise a child and movies are no different in that regard. I wrote the script and will see it to every stage of production but I'm just one person and need a talented cast/crew to fully realize the film. Less movies than ever are being produced and the ones that do tend to belong to billion dollar toy franchises. Making something different isn't always possible but Kickstarter provides a gateway.

We are asking for your help with this film but feel so confident in it that what you get for donating will feel like a great cause. We are a fully independent crew that is trying to make something with a great story, engaging characters, and leave you feel like you went through an experience.


The kicker is that we must raise the amount in our campaign cycle or else we don't get a dime, endangering the production. It's all or nothing so we want to do all we can to make this a reality!


The film is one we are looking to have as $30,000 (or more. More is good) and have raised about $18,000 thus far. We've been budgeting and have a way of doing it for that budget for production and starting it up for post production. We are a lean and pragmatic production with much of the script written based on locations we can get, props we can get for low or no budget, and nothing that is impossible.

We are scheduled for a 20 day shoot but getting more than our target goal will allow us to get more shooting days, get additional gear rentals, help with additional post production costs, and brace us for any left-field emergencies. There are inescapable costs like food for the cast/crew, gear, gas money for the cast/crew, and certain locations. We run a tight ship and we've had dozens of years combined of running low/no budget shoots but not making them feel like their budget. 


YAY! You've donated! Charity is awesome but we want to give you a lot for your money no matter what tier you're at for more than just the film. On the right side of this screen is a list of rewards based on how much you donate and the perks of each one. We are a very open group so going as low as $1 grants you access into the production and can follow the progress as we go. One night, I might get the urge to post a clip from the film but only the backers would have the private link to watch what we've put together.

If you go higher up the chain, DVD's, blu rays, and all sorts of ways we want to give back are found. A copy of the film is a given but you can be onboard first hand as a War Path-ian as production and post production continue on for the next year and a half. We have some very unique awards on hand that can't be bought after or replicated, ways to contribute that can find their way into the film beyond just a credit card charge. 

NOTE: Every tier has its own designated letter assigned to it, i.e. A, J, M, etc. Each tier you donate at gets you all of the other perks below it as well. So if you donate $100, you will get the $100 prize, plus all the other tiers below it like the DVD, blu ray, shout outs, etc. Exceptions are the times when the quantity is limited.


Risks and challenges

Any independent film carries its own trials and tribulations. By its very nature, the budgets could always be better, the food could taste better, certain locations might try to get you for more money, etc. Pre-production is always tough and main production is always an uphill battle. Thankfully, everyone involved has gone through those trials before on other projects and lived to tell about it with amazing footage to show for it. I (Casey) have a favorite film I directed that had three main actors cancel the day before but made it work due to a lot of quick thinking and improvised methods. There's always trials but our collected experience will allow us to get through it.

The post production will be tricky and lengthy but is where the biggest magic happens. Once the film is done, there never are guarantees about the ultimate fate of it. We will be submitting for film festivals we have connections to, distributors we know, and utilizing a very active online campaign. No matter what happens though, our backers will get what they pay for and if it takes off, everyone can say they had a part in it.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    TIP JAR!

    Every bit helps! Donating this shows your support and we cherish you! This reward gets you on our mailing list with exclusives on the progress of the film, sit-down interviews, behind the scenes footage as we go, and previews of the film before the rest of the world gets it. As we go through post production, our backers will be the first to see official trailers, posters, and footage from the film!

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    $2.00 gets you a frame grab from the film, right off the timeline! Akin to a frame of film, this will be emailed to you as editing progresses and we'll make it a good juicy one you can put on your fridge and say "I made that"
    PERK: A.1
    Perks you receive: A - A.1

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    $5 gets you a personalized social media SHOUT OUT so that people know how awesome you are. Facebook and Twitter pages get shout outs but we'll throw in Linkedin if you wish!

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    $10 gets you all of the rewards up above along with a PDF copy of the WAR PATH SCRIPT. This will be emailed to you once the film has been released or is far enough along to where viewing it is possible. Donate and you'll see what attracted the wealth of talent we've managed to assemble to this project!*

    * Spelling and grammar not promised to be perfect

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    $15 will get you War Path DESKTOP THEMES as we barrel threw post production. We'll take frame grabs or publicity photos of the film, shine it up nice, and deliver those to you via email that you can make as desktop pictures or at least high quality photos you can add to your library.

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    $20.00 gets you a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the film upon completion and ready for viewing. The release date of this may change depending on distribution options or if the film takes longer to be finished but we will always keep you in the loop. Put it on your iPad whenever you get bored :)

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    $30 gets you the physical, professionally authored and subtitled DVD of the film. One of my biggest daydreams is when the film is done and the hoopla subsides, being able to sit-down and record an audio commentary on the movie for you to hear and learn about the movie gets me amped. I love those and will deliver :).

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    $40 gets you a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the War Path SCORE when it is complete and available. You can be reminded of what it's like to go to war whenever you're doing your morning jog! Our goal is to make a score along the lines of Atticus Ross (Book of Eli) and Trent Reznor (The Social Network). Donating at this echelon allows us to get even closer to this goal and will even improve it!

    Composer to be named closer to production.

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    $50 gets you the BLU RAY of the film when it is ready and with as many special features as we can cram in!

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    During the film, there's a number of instances where photographs are shown in the movie. Sometimes it's thrown in there as an example of a target that Joel or Eric have disposed of, sometimes it's a piece of evidence Mitchell has on file of 'known accomplices', and sometimes it's of a loved one, related to a character. As a donor of this category, send us a few photos of yourself and we will include it in the movie! We will provide instructions of what to take or if you have preloaded ones, we'll find a way to include them. Doing this actually helps us make the movie so we don't have to do as much source photography and widens out the world.

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    $100 gets you a prominent seat during our official premiere of the film! When completed, we will rent out a theater in Livermore, San Jose, or elsewhere in the Bay Area to host it and $100 gets you the free ticket for the event!

    Travel expenses and accommodations not provided.

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    Only ships to: United States
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    As we get closer to completion, this will get you an AUTOGRAPHED POSTER of the film!

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    Only ships to: United States
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    $150 gets you an exclusive VIP INVITE to our set as we are shooting! We will be shooting all around the Bay Area come January 2014 so this will provide you with the experience of what being on set is like on a crazy micro budget film. All we ask is for the cell phones to be off during takes :)

    Travel accommodations not provided

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    $200 gets you all the perks above as well as a featured EXTRA SPOT in the film! This is a film with many locales and occasions where we might need to pack the setting. You'll be close to the main actors in shot and even a line of dialogue should you fit the scene.

    Travel accommodations not provided

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    $250 gets a special prize within the film itself, limited to only a few. This is a film with a big cast and a lot of names thrown around to populate it. A few of the characters in the film are nameless so far but do get name checked and this will allow you to name them! Want to immortalize your last name on an unfortunate victim? Want to be remembered as the hit person who almost stopped the main hero? Are you heartbroken over a recent breakup and want to immortalize your ex's last name on a villain? Now's your chance!

    Keep in mind, we don't wish to be sued so have sympathy :).

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    $500 gets you an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit! This is all transferable to the IMDB and gets you raised higher if the film gets picked up!

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    Here's a quirky one: a WAR PATH private screening with rambling commentary by me! Once the film is done, and you've been given the DVD/Blu Ray, I will come to your house and do a live commentary and talk about the film with you. You'll hear the stories I can't tell on a regular audio commentary track and can make it really immersive and interesting! Bay Area residents only (unless you want to fly me across the US like a boss)

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    As a filmmaker, Casey de Fremery has worked on short films, music videos, commercials, and other types of productions. If you have a product you wish to advertise, a piece of music you want to make a video of, footage you wish to have edited together, or script consulting, Casey will help you! Let's get a dialogue going and find out how we can work the best together! You're helping me make my dream possible, let me help in return.

    If traveling is required, travel accommodations would need to be taken care of. If it's work that can be done over Skype, email, or if local, then that doesn't apply.

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    $1200 gets you dinner with myself and various Cast/Producer, our treat!

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    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER $3000 gets you the sole Executive Producer credit on the film! You'll get one of the most prominent titles in the whole production, all in larger than average 16 Times New Roman Font!
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