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A video travel guide series giving insight into the skyrocketing alternative art, fashion, music, and nightlife culture in Beijing.
270 backers pledged $12,031 to help bring this project to life.

Progress So Far and What's Next

Posted by The Frei Group (Creator)

Hello, everyone!

We're almost at $6,000 and that's no small feat - thank you all so much! Things are moving right along - we're continuing to compile our master list of features and are rejoicing in the wonderful feedback (and excellent photo-hunt concepts!) you've been sending us. To fill you in further, Shien and Daniel got together to shoot a video update, which you'll see at the end of this post.

As always, if you have questions or ideas, we’d love to hear from you! So far, we’ve received some inquiries about the distribution of Kickstarter funds and the format of The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing. In regards to the former, we're financing our own travel and the money raised here is strictly for production expenses, from equipment to editing to web design. You can rest assured your money is going directly into the project.

As far as format goes, our current plan for the Guide is a website featuring a series of short films accompanied by blog posts, photos and an easy to use directory. Whether we'll be able to take it to next level remains to be seen and largely depends on how much money we raise now and how far we can spread the word of the Guide. That’s why your support is so important. So what is the next level? We envision:

  • A series of Secret Guides with intimate focus on cities across the globe, hosted on a full-fledged travel site, where you’ll be able to choose your destination, explore your interests and book your travel. In addition to this host of travel services, we want to offer a platform for cultural exchange, where you’ll be able to connect directly with the people whose stories you enjoyed. We need a minimum of $30,000 for this ambitious goal to materialize.
  • A broadcast travel show! With our connections in the television industry, we will use The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing to pitch the alternative guide as an overall travel guide concept for a broadcast travel show, bringing the extraordinary people and places we’re passionate about to a broader audience.
  • The Secret Guide app, so you can use the Guide on the go, no matter where your travels take you! Apps take a lot of time to create and cost a lot of money, so we will create a separate campaign for The Secret Guide app.

6k is a lot - it's over halfway to our $10,000 goal! But, and we don't mean to sound gloomy here, if we don't raise the entire amount within the next 12 days, we will have raised nothing at all. Such is the power and the risk of Kickstarter.

So what can we do to make sure that doesn't happen?

With the fast-approaching deadline in mind, please consider raising your contribution to help us make The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing a reality and help us get more people involved. If you have friends who are passionate about exploring the world - let them know about us! If you know tea lovers, filmmakers, art enthusiasts or aspiring fashionistas and other folks who you know would love our incentives - pass this along so that you and viewers around the world can discover—and participate in—Beijing’s cultural renaissance.


The Secret Guide team

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