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An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
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All Rewards Completed...

Posted by Daniel Hienzsch (Creator)

Hello everyone!

I've just returned from the post office where I dropped off the sticker packs and Certificates of Awesomeness to the non-circuit board backers. That marks the end of shipping for all the Kickstarter reward levels!

Stickers and Certification
Stickers and Certification

All circuit boards have been shipped and quite a few have already been successfully delivered, which is fantastic!  The shipping workflow I used should have emailed you the US Postal Service tracking number for your shipment when I printed the label, but if it didn't, or you deleted that email, and you want to know what the status of your delivery is, just send me an email and I'll dig up the tracking number from my fulfillment software.

Forum Is Now Online

I've brought the forum online, and integrated it with the login, registration, online store and internal search mechanisms which was about as easy as it sounds.  The forum is looking pretty good (if empty since it's been online for about 24 hours), but I admit right away that the login and registration pages leave a bit to be desired.  However, since everyone is starting to receive their boards, it seemed best to get everything running and clean up the look and feel after the fact.

Education Modules for All Subsystems

There are now Education Modules published for every subsystem on the I2C and SPI Education shield, with only a few left to write that cover the Flash Memory, in order to complete the content entirely.  As of yesterday, that makes 50 modules published since the Kickstarter successfully funded!  That's a lot of content for you!  After I'm done with the Flash Memory, I'll cover the I2C Display Addon so you can see how it integrates with the various other subsystems.

One backer requested that I write up a datasheet of sorts for the boards, and I've published one now for the Education Shield.  As I move on to working with the Display, I'll publish one for it as well.

Further Communication

I'll be sending an email to the backers that requested circuit boards, that will contain information regarding the following items...

  • Registering for the forums
  • Signing up for the Rheingold Heavy Newsletter
  • Taking a quick 10 question survey

Beyond that, I will stop pestering with further updates to this Kickstarter.  I do get notified immediately if any new comments are published on this campaign, so I'll still see those, however if you wish to get hold of me, the best way will now be through my email address on the Rheingold Heavy About Page.

Final Thoughts

It was very important to me not only to deliver the rewards that everyone pledged for, but to do it on time as well.  Delivering the rewards at all, can sometimes be a massive hurdle for Kickstarter creators, but delivering them on the timeline you promised requires, at least for me, dedication and thorough planning.  Not a single day has passed since I clicked the Go Live button on the Kickstarter Campaign that I haven't thought obsessively about how best to serve you, the backer community.

Through the support of this campaign, I have been able to build the foundation for a company that can deliver high quality electronics education content and products.  Every penny of the Kickstarter pledges has been used to fund the development of Rheingold Heavy -- everything from buying prototypes to paying for web hosting.  It is the springboard from which I hope to continue to build and deliver great things.

Thank you very, very much.

- dan


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