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An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
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Fabrication Has Begun...

Posted by Daniel Hienzsch (Creator)

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm very pleased to announce that fabrication has begun on the boards!  Payment has been sent to OSH Park for PCB Fabrication and to Small Batch Assembly for the actual soldering and construction.  I have the parts orders lined up with the various distributors, and am only waiting for them to process some additional paperwork (because ordering as a business isn't quite as easy as ordering as me, apparently) before those orders go out.

For those unfamiliar with the process of creating printed circuit boards, your design program outputs something called "gerber files" which you can think of as PDF files that contain all the data that makes up the various aspects of your circuit board.  Here is a screen shot of the Education Shield Panel from OSH Park

I2C and SPI Education Shield Panel
I2C and SPI Education Shield Panel

 And here is a screen shot of the gerbers for the Display Add-on...

Display Add-on Panel
Display Add-on Panel

(the colors don't really mean anything... the program selects them at random each time... the boards will be purple, like in the video and pictures)

I plan on taking a trip to Small Batch Assembly to document the assembly process for you, take pictures and write up what it's like seeing your creation come to life!

I have the stretch goal parts, the Logic Pack and the Bubble Display, all set and ready to go.  The only unfortunate part in all this news is that the actual QDSP6064 bubble displays are back ordered until March.  Everything else looks like it's in good quantity as of today.

But that's not all that's been going on! I've also created designs for breakout boards of each subsystem of the Education Shield. That way, if you really like working with the ADC or the Flash Memory, you can easily incorporate it into your future designs by using a breakout board! Those prototype designs have also be sent off for fabrication by OSH Park, and I'll test them in the next few weeks. Those will become regular products. The list so far is...

  • A set of three debounced buttons ready to be used as digital inputs
  • A set of three debounced buttons combined with the 74HC595 and LEDs
  • The 8Mbit Flash RAM
  • The 10bit 8-Channel ADC
  • The Real Time Clock
  • The Temperature Sensor

I've also made sure that the first production run will have extra inventory of both the Education Shield and Display Add-on so if you want to grab those in the future, they'll be available as well.

As always, I look forward to your feedback, so stay in touch!  As soon as the fabrication process is fully underway, I'll be able to get back to writing content!

- dan

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    1. Brian Boatright on

      I look forward to watching the behind the scenes at the assembly plant.