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An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
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24 hours to go...

Posted by Daniel Hienzsch (Creator)

There are 24 hours left in the funding window and I see two very achievable goals that I think would be great milestones, for me personally.

The first would be to reach 100 backers. I know it's purely arbitrary, but man, three digits worth of supporters would really mean the world to me. 100 people is a lot of people to support anything you do!

The second would be to hit $10,000 which isn't arbitrary at all. That's the second stretch goal and results in everyone getting the bubble display pack (or certificate suitable for framing)! These are so fun to play with, and look so cool, I think everyone would enjoy that as an added bonus for so many supporters on this project.

I've spent the past three days writing a LOT of content. It hasn't been published yet, as it's still in draft form. My typical process is to write the modules and then let them sit for a couple of days to let my head clear of the topic, then revisit it to edit out typos, adjust for clarity as best I can, and look for technical errors. It would be nice to have a technical editor, but you do the best you can with the resources at hand. So, here are the modules that should be released tomorrow to celebrate reaching the funding deadline...

  • Bit Banging the 74HC595
  • Bit Shifting the 74HC595
  • Bit Masking the 74HC595

And with those published, I think it will be time to leave the trusty shift register behind and move on to timing diagrams, reading datasheets and getting started on I2C.

I was in touch with Small Batch Assembly today making sure we had a handle on the amount of boards and timelines. (By the way, you can Bob at Small Batch Assembly for pitching in and pledging yesterday afternoon to push us over the $8000 mark so that everyone gets the first stretch goal of the Digital Logic Pack!) I should be touching bases with OSHPark in the next day or so, but they were having a major DNS issue with their website today that I suspect had them scrambling.

For all you non-electronics-enthusiasts out there, and I know that a lot of my friends and family backers are among them, you'll be happy to know that I started working on your stickers today! Here is my first draft of the proof sheet. Obviously, as you well know, I'm not a graphic designer and I have zero skill with these sorts of software packages. However, as I well know, none of you will be shy in telling me what you think :)

Sticker Proof Sheet - First Draft
Sticker Proof Sheet - First Draft

That's it for now. Welcome to all the new backers! As always, keep sending me your questions and comments!

- dan

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