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An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
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I am now 0x29 years old...

Posted by Daniel Hienzsch (Creator)

Good morning!

This past Saturday was my 41st birthday!  If I looked back on the last 10 years, an astounding amount of change has occured in such a short amount of time.  One thing that's been a constant companion throughout all of that is this parts bin:

I bought that parts bin as a birthday present to myself about 12 years ago, and then went to Halted Electronics in Santa Clara on a passives buying spree.  Labels and components have come and gone, but that parts bin and the ideas it supports are still going strong!  The bin is now dedicated almost exclusively to through hole components for rapid prototyping of concepts, so when you see something like this...

... now you'll know where all the parts are coming from.

Enough of nostalgia though, let's talk about content. The last four days I've written a series of modules covering the topic of Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal number systems and conversion of values between them. The more I've thought about it, this is up at the top of the list of most important things you can learn from this project. Familiarity with binary and hexadecimal is a vital tool in your kit of solutions, and these modules will provide the building blocks you can start to establish your foundation on. 

In fact, this is so important, I'm going to spend another few days putting together a page of practice questions, against which you can check your work.  Then after that, I'll discuss the topic of bit masking.  If you're not up to speed on binary and hex before trying bit masking, you'll probably get totally lost.  If you are up to speed on these topics, I welcome you to read through the content you're supporting the creation of and tell me if I'm making mistakes, typos, or simply not being clear.

On the business front, I met with an accountant last week who gave me a great deal to think about in terms of timing.  The fact of the matter is this project exists in the United States generally and California specifically, and with the Kickstarter campaign closing in December, there are definite tax implications that are related to issuing purchase orders this year versus waiting a few weeks and issuing them in 2015.  This is 100% one of those completely non-technical factors that creep into projects that ultimately still have a direct effect on fulfillment.  In no way do I see this as pushing any of the rewards past their promised delivery time frame, I just can't get quite the jump start on it as early as I wanted.

Last week also saw the selection of the new Rheingold Heavy logo.  Thank you to everyone who voted!  I will use this to get started on putting a small batch of promotional material together and the stickers for those pledged at the "I have no idea what you're talking about" level.



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      Margaret Johnson on

      A VERY Happy (if belated!) Birthday to you Dan. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments.