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Love dunking cookies, but hate when the milk gets low? High milk displacement dunk technology gets you the perfect dunk, every time.

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Everyone loves dunking cookies.

We love dunking cookies, but we hate it when there's not enough milk left in the glass to get a good dunk. So we designed the perfect cup for dunking cookies, featuring High Milk Displacement Dunk Chamber Technology.

In more detail:

Basically, here's the problem: that finger extending, fist jamming, glass tilting lean to stretch for a dunk in those last few ounces of milk. It's an awful scenario. Best case? A partial dunk. Worst case? Milk spillage or you drop the cookie in and fish it out with a fork.

And here's the answer - The Cookie Dunker, designed by the Awkward Engineer, and featuring High Milk Displacement Dunk Chamber Technology. It's been carefully engineered to give you the most dunkage for any given volume of milk.

This is what it looks like in action with a little milk left.

Will it fit any cookie?

We designed it to fit your basic sandwich cookie. We'd like to offer other sizes in the future

How much milk does it hold?

An 8 ounce serving. A little more if you fill it to the brim.

Is it BPA free?

Absolutely. We use only high quality, BPA free, top rack dishwasher safe plastics. We recommend you don't microwave it, though.

How many cookies did you eat during testing?

Several packages. We're simultaneously proud and disgusted with ourselves.

Is this part of the new face of American Manufacturing?

Yes! This is about how a small business, with a 3d printer in the back room (we don't even have a garage!), can iterate and develop an idea and then use Kickstarter to raise funds for production tooling. We work with local companies because ethically we think it's the right thing to do and it makes the most sense for a small company to manage the logistics. Our injection molder, packaging printer, assembly facility, warehouse, and order fulfillment center are all within an hour drive of our facility.

What we're going to do with the funds raised:

As it turns out, cutting the steel for the molds that form the cup is very expensive and will consume well over half our fundraising goal. The rest of the money will go to raw materials, production, packaging, and shipping.

The Team and our Partners

We are incredibly grateful for the team we've put together to make this project happen. Many of them were also instrumental in helping us manufacture our first product, the Panic Button Light Switch Kit, and we're counting on them for this project, too.

CEO / Chief of Dunk Engineering, Awkward Engineer Creations, LLC -  Sam Feller
Chief of Marketing, Awkward Engineer Creations, LLC - Chris Sim

Manufacturing - Built Rite Reliance
Packaging - Boston Packaging
Shipping/Fulfillment - Sprocket Express
Additional Operational Support - New England Village

Videography - Emily Falcigno
Video Editing - Rachel Chalhoub
Additional Graphic Design - Emily Christy

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Every project has it's risks, but we have a great infrastructure in place from the release of our first product, the Panic Button Light Switch Kit.

The cup is a single injection molded component, with no mating assemblies or secondary operations. From a technical point of view, this is an advantage, as the largest risk is manufacture of a mold that will make distortion free parts with good surface quality. We've gone through a hands on review of our prototypes with the manufacturer, and given the cup geometry and shape, we believe this risk is low.

We expect the mold making process to take 4-6 weeks, with production beginning shortly thereafter. We don't want to over promise and under deliver, so we've added another 4 weeks to the schedule after that to complete delivery.

We've put a lot of time and effort into selecting partners companies that will help us bring this product to market, from our manufacturer to our packaging supplier to our shipping center. We work with companies that are all within an hour drive of our facility and they pick up the phone when we call. Our relationships and commitments with them are what we believe will lead to successful project execution.

Oh, and did we mention that we used to design components for space satellites? We feel like that gives us some engineering street cred.


  • Yes. The cup can certainly withstand the temperatures of hot liquids, which is part of what makes the plastic dishwasher safe. It's not a mug or thermos, though, and may get hot to the touch.

    While safe for hot liquids, it's not meant for things like boiling water in the microwave.

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  • We are planning on using a plastic similar to that used in Nalgene bottles or Tervis Tumblers. It is a completely different family of materials from polycarbonate and it is BPA free.

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