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We are building an Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil along with High Voltage Sculptures made out of Glass, Metal, and electronics.
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Video of fused glass sculptures in action

I have a YouTube video of some fused glass pieces in action.  It is a little long, just keep watching.  Unfortunately some of the video is too dark to really see, but in person it is really cool...especially the plasma waffle because the air inside the waffle glows, unfortunately you can't see this in the video.
  We should be using better video equipment soon, and at Maker Faire will have better video equipment for sure because some of the club's parents have good cameras.  We are still working on creating more fused glass pieces.  We are firing one right now that is made with the orange bumpy dichroic piece in the video.  We made a wiggly channel for the electricity to follow by placing two clear pieces of glass on top and ground out a curvy channel in them.  Next we are going to embed an electrode in it, which will send the electricity into the glass.  It is going to look cool!  I am working on a metal lightning sculpture today.  It will be a lightning strike made out of metal wire, and when it is placed on the coil, real lightning will be flowing off of the sculpture.  That will be spectacular!  One of the needs for funding that we have is to make more sculptures and fused glass pieces.  It costs for a 3"X3" fused glass piece around $15-20 in materials.  We don't have a kiln, so I fire them at my class and can only fire about two pieces per week, with funding we could take it to the local glass shop and rent a kiln for $35 and we could create about 8 pieces at a time.  If we had the funding, I would like to make some fused glass with channels in them to manipulate the lightning into recognizable shapes.  I also have an idea to embed wire in the glass in a circuit diagram to see if the lightning will trace the path of the circuit.  I would like to do some experiments with different metals and foils.  If we make a diagram out of different foil, which burns off in the kiln and leaves a residue, it might be conductive.  In the next few days we will be creating more sculptures and I will post videos of them in action on my spark gap tesla coil.
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