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Exceptional Fast Charge | Situational Awareness | Bluetooth 5.0 | Graphene Sound | Voice-Controlled AI | Perfect Ear Fit | 16 Hrs Music
Exceptional Fast Charge | Situational Awareness | Bluetooth 5.0 | Graphene Sound | Voice-Controlled AI | Perfect Ear Fit | 16 Hrs Music
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      Derek Crager on

      I purchased two sets. One each color. The black pair is working fine while the clear pair is breaking up left to right...left side breaks off, then quickly comes back but out of sync, then goes, then comes back again.

      Is this what others have fielded?

      Is there a firmware difference between clear and black?
      Mfg change?

      Overall I'm fairly impressed and am just looking for consistent performance.

      Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Constantino on

      Please let us know if you have the solution for this connection problems or keep grab article from another company to solve your problems.

    3. Marco Tullio Cicerone on

      I Agree with what a lot of other customers confirmed - the earbuds have a huge connectivity problem. The issue is evident even in the daily routines: sometimes i enough to cover with your hand one of the earbuds to completely lose every connectivity with the device 1 meter from the earbud.

      i think i will request a refund for this, since the signal keep giving those kind of issues (while promised in the video and in the description a "indestructible" connectivity with the Bluetooth 5.0)

    4. Chris Stackhouse on

      The funny thing is that with my Fireflys, the connectivity is BETTER when I’m at work, surrounded by 11 computers running Bluetooth devices, huge displays, immersed in WiFi signals and whatever other potential electronic interference is generated. I don’t start having problems until I’m outside, with zero WiFi and/or electronic interference. At that point, as I detailed previously, I can’t even turn to the left while my iPhone is in my right pocket, without having the connection get spotty and the audio constantly dropping out.

      I’ve tried 2 or 3 different cheap wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Amazon, and while the sound quality is usually lousy, none have had even remotely the same connectivity issue. Echoing what others have said, there’s gotta be a hardware issue

    5. Missing avatar

      Nestor on

      I dont think these with help. the problem is that the buds are not strong enough or shielded enough. when I am at home or office, there is no disconnection. this happens outdoor only. I guess other RF signals interfere. but the strange thing is that it happens at the beach too. in my case, there are no close by buildings that could have RF emmiting equipment, so the only other source of RF are other devices at the beach. i am starting to belive this is a hardware issue of not enough power for the signal or not enough shielding for interference