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Exceptional Fast Charge | Situational Awareness | Bluetooth 5.0 | Graphene Sound | Voice-Controlled AI | Perfect Ear Fit | 16 Hrs Music
Exceptional Fast Charge | Situational Awareness | Bluetooth 5.0 | Graphene Sound | Voice-Controlled AI | Perfect Ear Fit | 16 Hrs Music
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We've Sent Out More Tracking Numbers This Week!

Posted by Jabees (Creator)

Hello Backer,

The last batch of the tracking numbers has been sent! For those backers who haven't filled up the survey form, and those pending shipments due to the unconfirmed shipping addresses or phone numbers, we will resend email tomorrow, please get back to us as soon as you can. 

Finally, thanks so much for those backers who have been so supportive and we really appreciate your words of encouragement via emails, comments, etc. It means a lot to our team. Thanks a lot!!!!

The Jabees Team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      GrinseKaetzje on

      I haven't a tracking number yet. Are there still any Fireflies on their way??

    2. Missing avatar

      Hiroki Wasada on

      backer #1224. received the firefly yesterday. right side earphone keep disconnect and sound nothing. how can i get this issue resolve?

    3. Robert on

      Well suddenly I have a tracking number!
      Thank you, I'll retract my last comment and will review the Fireflys once I receive them and listen.
      Thank you again.

    4. Robert on

      Well it seems that after waiting 3 months and receiving email after email THIS IS PROVING TO BE A SCAM....
      I'LL notify my cc comp. and ppal so the charges will be reversed.

    5. Mark Justin Otto on

      I’m wondering when my return will be processed and my money will be put back on my PayPal. I gave all necessary information to your team weeks ago. I really can’t say enough how poorly my experience has been.

    6. Jabees Creator on

      @Peter Fonseca @Jana Mesárošová Thanks for reaching out! We are now checking with our courier, and we will get back to you by email.

    7. Jabees Creator on

      @Alan leung I've just sent you an email, will you please check. Thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jana Mesárošová on

      I submitted the survey response two months ago (20 June) and about two weeks ago I received an email asking to confirm the color of Firefly I wanted (6 September). I responded right away but did not receive the tracking number or any other message yet.

    9. Peter Fonseca on

      I haven't received a tracking number yet. I am backer number 1646. Please advise.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alan leung on

      backer #294. received the clear firefly yesterday. right side earphone keep disconnect and sound choppy. how can i get this issue resolve?

    11. Jabees Creator on

      @Michael Brandon Thanks for reaching out to us! We will check with our courier to get the tracking update, you will get email from us. Thanks!

    12. Michael Brandon on

      Hi guys!

      Still no shipping number. Colors and all necessary information sent. Can you help?

    13. Jabees Creator on

      @Walker Azevedo @Tomi Maukonen @Tiago Furtado @Carlo @wswx @Robert @William Will you please send us email to so we can check and get back by email. We cannot view your contact information here.

    14. Jabees Creator on

      @Alvin Wai-Fort Will you please send us an email to so we can check and get this resolved? We couldn't view your contact information here.

    15. Missing avatar

      William on

      I have encountered battery issue on my Left earbud and it's reported over e-mail.

      I would like to know anybody is following my case ?


    16. Robert on

      W A I T I N G....
      i'm irritated now

    17. Missing avatar

      wswx on

      Backer 722 here. No tracking number received, also submitted the survey.

      Also dropped multiple PM messages across KS but no responses lately, patience and support is one thing on the kickstarter platform that is expected of backers. Then again, the same support should also be expected of creators - as backers we’d like to see where and how our funding has been allocated to, in this case it would be great to see the appropriate investments made to expanding and sustaining the bandwidth to adapt to ever-changing customer support and enquiries as your company continues to grow. Ultimately, I believe many backers of the community would not mind paying for an increased minimum funding to support in your company’s development of a strong customer support.

    18. Missing avatar

      Carlo on

      Backer #2271 here and I have not also received any tracking numbers. I've also responded to the survey and filled all the necessary details. A response would be nice. Thank you!

    19. Tiago Furtado on

      I responded to the survey. It in my details and submitted it, yet I still haven't gotten any tracking numbers.

      Even if there was a problem with the from, according to the last update, I should have already gotten a email.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tomi Maukonen on

      Backer #432 and I haven’t received tracking number and no one from Jabees Team will answer to my direct emails, also start to be very angry with this nonsense😠 Jabees Team doesn’t responds to direct messages, so I'm forced to put these messages here.

    21. Alvin Wai-Fort on

      My order was finally in New Jersey, ready to be delivered & for whatever reason they decided to attempt delivery at my parent's address which I never even gave to you instead of my address which I provided. Now the tracking status is saying it's being returned to you in China. This is just absolutely ridiculous. What can you do to help fix this so I don't have to wait another 2 months to get my order? I am backer number 67.

    22. Missing avatar

      Walker Azevedo on

      I haven’t receipt yet the track number .

    23. Missing avatar

      David Frohlich on

      @Samuel Pair... I found that not all USB-C cables actually worked with my charging case. Try a slower charge cable that plugs into your computer instead of a wall unit.

      As for the Jabees team... You guys/girls are literally the best kickstarter I've ever invested in. You're quick to get the product finished and shipped. You have kept us all up to date in very timely updates and I really appreciate that. Great job and I look forward to what you do in the future. I love the ear buds i bought from you and will probably buy some for my wife whenever these go on sale outside of kickstarter.

      Thanks again!

    24. Samuel Pair on

      I got my order two weeks ago and my charging case is already broken - won't hold a charge. The first time I plugged it in, it wouldn't charge past one green dot on the led display.