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Exceptional Fast Charge | Situational Awareness | Bluetooth 5.0 | Graphene Sound | Voice-Controlled AI | Perfect Ear Fit | 16 Hrs Music
Exceptional Fast Charge | Situational Awareness | Bluetooth 5.0 | Graphene Sound | Voice-Controlled AI | Perfect Ear Fit | 16 Hrs Music
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We Decide to Change our Shipping Sub-Contractor

Posted by Jabees (Creator)

We apologize for keeping you guys waiting! We got your comments and messages, and we know we can no longer compromise to this ineffective shipping arrangement, for example, the prioritized orders were never taken care seriously, the backers got emails of shipping notifications but without tracking no., several backers got the wrong color, etc. We CANNOT STAND THIS ANY MORE. So we decide to change our courier company. We are now in a process to retrieve those unshipped orders from the courier company, and these will be delivered to the new courier during the weekend. We are sure everything will get back on track soon. Again, we are so sorry for all the inconveniences caused, especially those early backers who still haven't got any shipping notifications from us.    

Thanks very much for all your support!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryan Tena Caballero on

      If we want to get the color we actually chose do we need to ship the wrong color to you using our own money even though we did not commit the mistake? I have been trying for about 2 weeks now to get my correct color

    2. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Xu on

      Back # 1625 still no updates on shipping information.

    3. Jabees Creator on

      @Robert We've got two 201 in our system, may I know if you are from United States? Or from Singapore? Thanks!

    4. Jabees Creator on

      @Marco Tullio Cicerone Will you please send us your backer no to, so we can check? Thank you!

    5. Marco Tullio Cicerone on

      One of the earliest backer and still nothing. I am going in vacation Tuesday but it seems like I will not be able to test them....

    6. Missing avatar

      Ozay Ertan on

      Backer number 2303. I still haven't received shipping info. Can I get an update?

    7. Robert on

      201...being patient!😁

    8. Chris Stackhouse on

      Backer #1,995

      I just received a shipping notice email last night from that address you've mentioned in previous updates. Is the tracking info they send me still valid now that you're using a different courier?

    9. Markus on

      Will you ever be able to give out information on who's shipping is still open? Are there specific countries?

      It's so annoying not to get any information.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      Backer number 1,654. I still haven't received shipping info, or any replies to my messages. Can I get an update?

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Kwok on

      Please check my shipment too, back#1005

    12. Missing avatar

      AN Zhi on

      Please check the order number 1669

    13. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Ruhlig on

      4 Days Ago - I aks for more Information for Shipping to Germany. I got no Infos!

      Iam Backer #589. I received nothing yet. So thanks for a Update. When you plan the Delivery to Germany at the moment?

    14. Missing avatar

      Xallista on

      Hi! I did the survey but I didn't receive any email on delivery info. Is my order processed and otw? #1718

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Chu on

      Please check my shipment too. Backer #1437.

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian Chu on

      Please check my shipment too. Backer #33.

    17. Jabees Creator on

      @Neil Thomas Will you please send us your backer no. to Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      Neil Thomas on


      I had the email about changing the shipping agent but I’ve not had anything about my item being shipped as of yet. Someone who ordered after me has had theirs delivered

      Thanks Neil

    19. Scott VanHoogstraat on

      Got mine today. Amaaaaazingggg!

    20. Missing avatar


      Backer #1,982: I´ve received the tracking number, but when I use it to search, the site returns the message "This number can't be found at this moment. It's not available in the carrier's system yet. Please check back later."

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Centeno on

      Backer no #1011 would like to know where they are at.

    22. Missing avatar

      Takuma Shiozawa

      Backer No.2140. We still waits for shipping info. Very Disappointed with this project.
      How long do we have to wait?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Tyree on

      Backer 149. Still haven't heard Jack on shipping information. Pretty frustrating, especially since I'm seeing people that were higher than backer # 1,000 who have had theirs for over a week. Getting really upset, here, Jabees. Where is my product? Where is at least an email with tracking info?

    24. Missing avatar

      Amy Ou Yang on

      I’m backer #2428, other than getting the shipping address from me. I haven’t received anything or any tracking info. I need to know when will this arrive as I will be traveling soon. And now getting no reply! I want a refund now. Thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      DANNY PEREZ on

      Backer #1,267: Not impressed with product. Tips do not keep out surrounding noise. Situational awareness has hissing sound. Max volume is not loud at all. Sound is tingy, there is no rich bass. Earbuds won't connect properly. They don't fully charged because the tips prevent them from cradling appropriately. The magnets are weak. The USB cable is inferior. What an absolute disappointment!!!

    26. Connor Donovan on

      Backer #991 - have not received tracking info or package. I’ve tried reaching out numerous times. Can I please have an update?

    27. Baran Ahmet on

      Backer #523. And I still haven’t got the email for tacking or the product... a bit frustrated.

    28. Thiago Arroadie on

      Sent the message to email as advised hours ago and didn't got a response. If I knew I had to press by comments here...

    29. Ashton Ryan Jenkot on

      Haven’t received any tracking as well. Frustrating :(

    30. Missing avatar

      Claudia Luhur on

      Please check mine if yoou can!

      Order: 1634

    31. Missing avatar

      David Frohlich on

      Just wanted to say, I received the wireless earbuds and WoW! I'm super impressed. They fit great and sound great! One of the few Kickstarters where the final product was way better than my expectations. Thank you so much. Might even get some for my wife because she likes them too.

      Sorry a lot of people are having shipping issues. Hopefully you get them soon because they are well worth the wait.

      Awesome design on the charging case as well. Only issue I found was that it won't charge using my Google pixel Usb C charger cable. Have to use the one in the box, but that's only a minor thing. Thanks again!

    32. Missing avatar

      Nestor on


      mi number is 1819. just PM with the info you might have.

      thank you


    33. Missing avatar

      Leo LaPorte on

      Backer 424. Still nothing

    34. Jabees Creator on

      @AI C, as I can't find your order with your name display on Kickstarter, could you please PM us so we can check it for you. Thanks.

    35. Jabees Creator on

      @Bryan Tena Caballero Sorry for the mistake, we will send an email to you to communicate this issue today, please feel free to check it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    36. Jabees Creator on

      @Kok Chin Leong, sorry for keep you waiting, your order will be ship by our new shipping company.

    37. Jabees Creator on

      @Lizzie, just PM you for your address problem, please feel free to check it, thanks.

    38. Jabees Creator on

      @Kathy, Sorry for keep you waiting, just sent your DHL tracking number to you on PM, thanks.

    39. Missing avatar

      Natboa on

      Please check mine, backer 952

    40. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Ruhlig on

      Iam Backer #589. I received nothing yet. So thanks for a Update. When you plan the Delivery to Germany at the moment?

    41. Greg Altorfer on

      I’m backer #394. Thanks for the update, as I have heard or received nothing yet.

    42. Greg Altorfer on

      Thank you for the update. I was beginning to wonder!

    43. Missing avatar

      Bosco Lai on

      I recieved last week, right color work great sound good only thing is when I took from the case isn't away auto connect and I need to put it back the case than take out again to make it happen.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      I have yet to receive anything. No shipping notification, no tracking number, no package, nothing...

    45. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      Well, I am disappointed that it looks like this update isn't completely true.
      My tracking number was generated on Saturday, but only today the parcel was given to DHL.
      It really looks like you're blaming them in the hope that they never hear about it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Wayne on

      I am glad you decided to switch to someone else. It's silly for the courier to keep them in a warehouse waiting for a better rate. What happened if better rate does not come for another 6 months? The longer they keep it at the warehouse, the more chance of thief and product damage. Not to mentions the angry backers you have. It's counterproductive to push a product out in such a short time (such is amazing on Kickstarter) and then have the courier ruin the experience.

    47. Al C on

      Several wekks ago I got a notice my order was shipped. No tracking number and never got it. How do I know if it was shipped?

    48. Missing avatar

      Roger Nicholson on

      Backer 2,447
      Just wondering if AU has an ETA for posting or anything? Haven't seen any email yet.

    49. Missing avatar

      Bryan Tena Caballero on

      What happens if we receive the wrong color? I’m one of those backers and already emailed my proof. I’m order #92

    50. Missing avatar

      Kok Chin leong on

      Backer #397
      Can you please tell me where mine are at? Have they even been shipped? Backer #397