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ocdj makes a last album and an as-yet-unnamed persona makes a first album. Two of the voices in our head collaborate and separate.

ocdj makes a last album and an as-yet-unnamed persona makes a first album. Two of the voices in our head collaborate and separate.

about the album

ocdj has been dying a slow death. Radio stopped in 2006, performances stopped in 2008, all appearances trickled out by 2011. Three albums will go unreleased due to hard-drive crashes, mental crashes, and sunken ships. Everything that once defined ocdj is now gone: radios, computers, masks, alcohol, records, amplifiers, hot dogs, cities, boats, high fructose corn syrup. Hurricane Irene buried the last of what once was ocdj under water. All that is left is a man, a boy, a cat, with no name and no possessions. One last ocdj album still exists, though, conceptualized on scraps of paper and floating precariously in the mind and memory of the one who survived those crashes.

what to expect: uncomfortable rumbles, fourier transforms, dancehall acappellas, cat purrs, square waves, tape hiss, jaw harp, and a kick drum drum beat

For this album to be recorded and materialized, money is needed. Needed for traveling into Tennessee woods, Carolina beaches, and Atlantic oceans for recording. Needed for replacing instruments broken in rough seas and tape recorders logged with sand and salt. Needed for the physical materials that will become the album.

about ocdj

notes about the release

This isn't just fund raising to make an album for anyone to have - this is a pre-order for a release limited to the amount of people who pre-order.

The money collected to make this album will go directly into making this album (sonically and physically). If more than the goal is reached, then that much more money can be put into its production. No one gets more than one album. Super generous or rich people are welcome to give more if they are worried that not enough money will be raised and the album might never exist, and they will get some extra bonus treats for this. The number of copies made will be between 10 and 200, depending on what combinations of contributions are made, but no more than 200 will be made. The concepts for the physical characteristics of the album are not finalized - that will come as the album comes to a close. But if you know me you should know that I put a lot of energy into the things I do. If you have any more questions that I probably won't be able to answer, feel free to ask.

There is a short time limit on the fund raising because my bursts of energy and optimism are often fleeting if they don't gain the proper momentum; if I don't get started on this soon I may never get started on it. So please pass this along to people and places you think might be interested.

Please only give money if you like my music and want to hear more - if you get an album just because you wanted to support me as a friend but don't like my music so much, then you are potentially denying someone else the chance to get music they might want to hear. You are also asking me to invest a large amount of emotional time and energy into creating something to share between the two of us that you already may not care about. You don't have to like it once you get it - but you should think you might be able to. This all sounds obnoxious - because it is. Sorry. But if you just want to support my efforts, there is a small level for that, and it is appreciated. You don't need to get an album from me or like my music because you want to support me as a friend. You can do that just by being a friend.

wow. who's excited by all of this pretentious murmur? no. really. we can share something through our ears. heads together. side by side. but always apart. Thanks.


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