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To buy, edit, and score this 1921 film starring Marion Davies and get it back into circulation.
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This project is to fund the purchase of a print of BURIED TREASURE (1921) starring MARION DAVIES from the Library of Congress, create a synopsis of the missing final reel, edit the film, and add a music track. The film is in the public domain and is one of hundreds of silent films preserved in archives or in private collections, unseen by the vast majority of film buffs and historians.

Since the cost of producing a professional DVD of a rare film is prohibitive for the individual, I've started this campaign to organize a collective effort to give this film back to the public in a nice print. While the video quality may not match that of ENCHANTMENT (1921), it should be very good. There may be some signs of deterioration as is usual with a 96-year-old film. I will create a tinted version of this film.

Once I have obtained the film, I’ll obtain a music score. This is the same process I pursued for putting ENCHANTMENT (1921), THE RESTLESS SEX (1920), FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE (1919), DUCKS AND DRAKES (1921), THE BRIDE'S PLAY (1922), BEAUTY'S WORTH (1922), and APRIL FOLLY (1920) into limited DVD circulation. Indeed, ENCHANTMENT, DUCKS AND DRAKES, and THE BRIDE'S PLAY have all aired on Turner Classic Movies. Both BEAUTY'S WORTH and THE BRIDE'S PLAY are now available on DVD thru Ben Model's Undercrank Productions.

Composers I have worked with on past projects include Donald Sosin, David Drazin, and Ben Model.

After I create a synopsis of the missing final reel, edit the film (which will include re-sequencing several reels), and attach the music, professional copies will be mailed to those who donated $25 or more. As with ENCHANTMENT, THE RESTLESS SEX, FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE, DUCKS AND DRAKES, THE BRIDE'S PLAY, BEAUTY'S WORTH, and APRIL FOLLY, I am offering a new DVD disk in a paper sleeve. Depending on the success of this campaign, I may be able to offer a disk in a DVD case with art (as I have done in all previous campaigns) to domestic donors. Mailing costs will prohibit a DVD case to international donors. The entire process could take up to 3 months.

Because the final reel of BURIED TREASURE is missing, this film has probably not been seen since its April 10, 1921 release in theaters. This film was originally about 75 minutes. With my synopsis of the final reel, this film will run about 68 minutes.

PLOT: In this interesting story of reincarnation. Marion Davies stars as a young heiress who has a ruthless father. She experiences a series of trances that show her previous life as Lucia as well as a fabulous buried treasure. The greedy father is determined to find that gold, but Davies fears the tragedy that befell Lucia and her lover all those years ago. Can she change the course of fate?

BOTTOM LINE: Although missing the final reel, BURIED TREASURE is an interesting film in the career of Marion Davies. This was the second Davies film Joseph Urban worked on. He created vast and lush sets that would be hallmarks of Davies' silent films. Here, Urban has created the lush interiors of a luxury yacht and a Spanish galleon for the flashback pirate sequences.

Risques et défis

Risks and challenges There really are no risks or challenges to this project. I have already contacted LOC and have the basic information with which to move forward. The great majority of donors (if not all) are knowledgeable about silent films and the various kinds of deterioration that can afflict them. No one will be expecting a pristine print. Composing a score can be an enormous and time-consuming task, and the overall turnaround time could be up to 30 days. Once I have the master DVD, I should be able to make copies and mail them to qualifying donors within a few weeks. If the project does not fund, no donor pledges are completed.

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