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A 2-4 player card game featuring bunnies with questionable intentions.
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Featuring bunnies with questionable intentions and adult beverages, Tavern Tails is all fun and games… until someone goes too far. You and your friends compete to be the last player standing in standard battle royal fashion OR to complete a random quest without getting caught. Sounds pretty simple, right?  

Well, here’s the catch. Every time you play an attack card, there is a chance you may be the one receiving the damage so be careful. And chances are you have no idea who has which quest card in their hand. Winning Tavern Tails requires luck and strategy so make sure to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Quest Concept  

An alternative route to winning the game is to complete a quest. Quest cards are randomly mixed in the deck for players to draw. We’re all about supporting consent culture here so players are free to discard the quest card if they want. Some quests may encourage players to play more aggressively or more sloppily so be sure to question everyone’s intentions and keep a lookout for suspicious activity!

Gameplay and Rules Breakdown

 Part 2: Gameplay

  • Each player starts the game off with 5 cards from the draw pile and 5 hearts. 
  • During the start of each turn, players draw 1 card from the deck. If you run out of cards in your hand, you may draw 5 cards your next turn instead of 1. 
  • During your turn, you have up to 2 actions. Each card played counts as 1 action. You may also discard up to 1 card from your hand per turn. If you decide to discard your quest card you make draw an additional 2 cards.
  • After everyone’s turn is over, count all the facedown cards that have been played and then from the SAFE pile add an equal amount of cards equivalent to how many facedown cards were played.
  •  If 4 “facedown” cards were played, add an additional 4 cards from the SAFE pile for a new total of 8. 
  • Then shuffle the safe and facedown cards together and place them all facedown in the middle. 
  • Whoever has the “Tavern Tails” token card that round starts drawing first from this new "facedown" pile. Then it goes clockwise from that person.
  •  Each player takes turns drawing from the "facedown" pile until there are no more cards to draw from or until they run out of hearts. Apply the drawn cards effects immediately. (If someone draws a card stating that they lose a heart, they immediately lose a heart. If someone draws a safe card, they are safe and nothing happens to them.) 
  • When there are no more cards to be drawn from the "facedown" pile, put the safe cards back in the safe pile and all the facedown cards into the “played” cards pile. 
  • After that, the current round ends and the “Tavern Tails” token card is passed clockwise to a different player who starts off the new round.

Who Are We?

We are Frank, Jenny, and Nathan -- a pair of siblings and all childhood friends. Our favorite past time growing up was storytelling where we would take turns in narrating our journey to tame dragons and save the world from destruction. We eventually moved away from these imaginary adventures and started playing all kinds of board games. We always said we wanted to try working on a game together and “Tavern Tails” is just that! We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed working on it :)

Tentative Schedule  

01/26/2019 Kickstarter campaign begins  

02/25/2019 Kickstarter campaign ends  

02/26/2019 to 02/28/2019 Finalize orders for production 

03/01/2019 Submit production orders to the manufacturer

03/01/2019 to 03/31/2019 Production completed  

04/01/2019 to 05/31/2019 Quality Control and shipping to backers

Risks and challenges

Risks are extremely low for this project. Our game is already complete and ready to play. We had different groups of individuals test out Tavern Tails and revised the game based on player feedback. A great and reliable manufacturer has also been found already. The only thing left is the funding to make this project into a reality!

We strive to be honest and transparent with our backers and will inform you of any problems we may encounter. If we run into any issues at all, we will definitely keep you updated every step of the way until we get the project to your door!

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