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Help Mary Lou Lord Make Her New Record !'s video poster

Hello! I am making a new full length lp and I'm looking for your support to help me do this! Read more

Boston, MA Indie Rock
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Hello! I am making a new full length lp and I'm looking for your support to help me do this!

Boston, MA Indie Rock
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Mary Lou Lord
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Mary Lou Lord

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About this project

Hey everyone! Well, the time has come for me to make a new record ..I'm hoping to have twelve songs on this full length lp. Two songs have already been mixed and mastered. 

Those of you who are familiar with my material know that I do lots of cover songs by obscure artists such as The Bevis Frond, Richard Thompson, and Big Star. This new one will feature a few songs by The Green Pajamas and other surprises. This record will be a mix of acoustic as well as a full band. 

I have always embraced the Do it yourself ethic, and the music industry has pretty much collapsed which makes it a very exciting time for independent artists. We've gone way back to the beginning. Even Beethoven had private backers to help him do his thing. Although making records is way less money than it used to be, it is still a very costly thing to do, as well as being time consuming.

I'm asking for your help with this project for a few other reasons besides the money. One of the reasons, is that I want you to be involved. I want YOU GUYS to be my record label. Doing a project like this gives me a complete perspective on WHO is buying my record, and it makes you REAL to me...When you're on a major label (which I have been), the artist never really gets the chance to see WHO is buying their records. I think many artists don't even know how many records they've sold-especially if they took large advances that might never have been recouped.

So, a project like this helps me feel Connected to YOU.

I get a full perspective on how my music is selling and to WHO

It's fun to know that someone still likes my stuff !...:)

It frees me up a bit to be able to put a bit more TLC (time) into the project by having a bit more of a financial position to afford that time.

It makes me feel like I am part of a team.....YOU and ME

I started my career as a busker, I played music in the streets and in the subways of London and Boston.   This was my job - The PEOPLE supported me. I would have had to quit... so, in a way, we are back to the beginning. I cannot do this without the help of the people... so this PROJECT is a work of ART that is created by YOU and ME. It would NOT be able to exist without YOU!

The record industry is like The fall of Rome. The greed and the commercial and corporate schlock has caused it to collapse in on itself.  So much of it is all  grass roots now. Music and artistic endeavors have become very organic which gives the artist direct linkage with their audience making a very close connection and DE-bunking the "rock star"'s all very PUNK again. so in a way, the whole "kill rock stars" thing has happened. It's happened with the rise of the internet putting the power back in the people's hands.

         Here is where your donation will help me get this project off the ground:

1.Help me get to England to possibly write and record with my favorite song writer and friend Nick Saloman. of The Bevis Frond 

2. Pay for the recording, mixing, mastering, pressing and shipping of the record.  If funds allow I'd like to hire a publicist to help get the word out.

3.  I do a lot of cover songs.  Many of these songs are by obscure artists who could use the financial help of someone recording their work.  Paying publishing royalties to these artists will be a cool way for you to help them out also!

4. I would like to tour to support the record.  (This will help me get to your town and meet you all in person!) 

5.  I am the co-founder of Girls Rock Camp in Boston.  It's a great organization that helps young girls empower themselves through music.  If I exceed my goal, I will sponsor a girl to attend the camp. My daughter Annabelle who is 12 has attended the camp for the past 2 years and the camp has helped her find her own voice and unique abilities through the awesome medium which music is all about.....

Also, if I do happen to exceed my goal of 7,000, I am going to have some guest artists on this project, and do it sort of spontaneously. I would love to have people like The Bevis Frond, Daniel Johnston and other musician friends guest. I will need transportation money to get to some of these artists, or get them to me. Your contributions would help me do this... I would document ALL of it from video interviews to the process of writing and recording the songs with the artists who will be involved.....

So, that's about it....I am very excited about this project. I feel empowered, and I will be eternally grateful for your support. Every one of you... xoxo

Thank you so much for dropping my my project!

-Mary Lou



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