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3rd studio album by WSTM(Jonathan Jones and Dan Koch of Sherwood) First time Jon and Dan have worked together since 07. Back to basics.
3rd studio album by WSTM(Jonathan Jones and Dan Koch of Sherwood) First time Jon and Dan have worked together since 07. Back to basics.
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    1. Antonio Garcia
      on August 20, 2012

      I was veeery careful when opening the poster, and I have to say it looks great! Seeing my name there, and having the poster be limited to X number just made it better.

    2. Joshua Allan Hartsell on August 1, 2012

      Fellow Kickstarters be careful when you open the packaging. I was so excited to get the album, I accidently tore my poster when I opened it. BTW Great tunes We Shot The Moon!

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian on July 13, 2012

      @Gary Thanks for pointing that out to me! :) I just figured Update 13 would have been the songs, not the 2nd, strange... but thanks none the less! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Gary Fitzgerald on July 9, 2012

      @Brian - Go back to Update #2 on the Updates tab for the link.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian on July 5, 2012

      Did I miss something??? It says on the home page "check the "Updates" section for a link to your immediate download of the new songs" but I go there and see nothing. Have you guys just not update the page yet?

    6. Antonio Garcia
      on July 2, 2012

      Just got the survey for shipping info!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jared Bourne on June 24, 2012

      Got in and pledged right near end! Referred by Neil Bredenberg.

    8. Antonio Garcia
      on June 24, 2012

      @Jonathan Jones: Thanks for confirming it! I'm glad to be a part of this. Listened to many WSTM, Waking Ashland and your solo releases yesterday, and I could not pass up the opportunity of owning them all while directly supporting the artist!

    9. Jonathan Jones 3-time creator on June 24, 2012

      Antonio: sure it does!

    10. Missing avatar

      Rose Daguio on June 24, 2012

      *to be a backer :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Rose Daguio on June 24, 2012

      Really excited to backer of this project! I was referred by Michelle Daguio.

    12. Antonio Garcia
      on June 24, 2012

      Also, as I mentioned on the last update, I just referred myself to this Kickstarter, and pledged $25 on top of the $25 already in place. Does that qualify for the Acoustic CD of new backer songs? ;)

    13. Antonio Garcia
      on June 24, 2012

      Went up to $50 since I figured that 7 CDs and 3 EP for $50 is worth it.

    14. Austin Catmull on June 23, 2012

      Super excited for this album! I loved WSTM's other two, and your solo albums, Jonathan. Keep it up!! Can't wait to hear the new songs and see you perform them live!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tyler DeMoura on June 20, 2012

      Keep up the good work guys.

    16. Michelle Nedzesky on May 31, 2012

      I watched you guys back in 2008 at Purple Door in Harrisburg. I have been in love with your music since. I had to back you guys!

    17. Alyson Watson on May 31, 2012

      Can't wait to hear the new album, proud of you Jonathan!

    18. Jeremy Rieske on May 30, 2012

      Really excited to see this album come to fruition! Any chance you guy will come through Provo for a show again? It's been a while since I've been to one, and want to make up for not making it to the past couple.

    19. Shaxs on May 30, 2012

      You just made and ruined my day....New We Shot the Moon?? YES! The info that Sherwood broke up- broke my heart.... boo!

    20. Matthew Janssen on May 27, 2012

      Awesome songs, I can't wait for the whole album! I second Devon's comment - any artwork (even if temporary) we could use for the songs?

    21. Missing avatar

      Victoria Salbi on May 27, 2012

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    22. Betsy Milford on May 27, 2012

      Andddddd we've got an album!

    23. Caleb Ismet Bilgen on May 27, 2012

      dude passed the mark already!! =D

    24. Stacy on May 26, 2012

      Loved listening to the advance songs. Hope you like the idea of a living room show in Vegas!

    25. Spencer Ray on May 25, 2012

      Geesh! You're almost there in the first day!

    26. Devon Michael Dundee on May 25, 2012

      The advance songs are great, especially the new single! Is there any artwork by chance?

    27. Jonathan Jones 3-time creator on May 25, 2012

      Hey Hannah,

      There is no limit. Nashville sounds like a great place to have a house show. Make it happen and I'll be there.

    28. Nick Shannon Kulmac on May 25, 2012

      Great to see you two working together. Both of you are outstanding musicians as well as great people. Happy to be a backer and looking forward to your continued success!

    29. Hannah Roy on May 25, 2012

      Any limit on where you'd fly to do to the house show? How does Nashville sound? If I can get enough friends to split the cost of the house show with me, I am ALL OVER THAT. :)

    30. Jonathan Jones 3-time creator on May 25, 2012

      Hey Tim,

      On the first record, we pulled the title "Fear and Love" from one of the song lyrics. This time, coincidentally (as far as I know), Jonathan was working on a new song with the words "is it love or fear?" So we though, wouldn't it be cool to call the album Love & Fear, since this album is sort of a return to basics for us -- we hadn't worked together on a project since that first album. So that's pretty much it!


    31. Tim Hite on May 25, 2012

      Would love to get an explanation on the title of "Love & Fear" considering the first WSTM album is Fear and Love. Is there any connection?

    32. Matt Baldwin on May 25, 2012

      In highschool your albums were inspirations. So glad we get another to hear.