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3rd studio album by WSTM(Jonathan Jones and Dan Koch of Sherwood) First time Jon and Dan have worked together since 07. Back to basics.

*NOTE: After you fund the project, check the "Updates" section for a link to your immediate download of the new songs*

NOW STREAMING: "When I'm Gone" -- We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to hear the original version before we send out the remix of this song to all our backers.  Enjoy!

Click the PLAY button below to stream the full version of our first single, Me Vs. Myself!  Receive this song as a FREE immediate download when you back our project!


Back in 2007, I called up Dan Koch and Joe Greenetz (formerly of Sherwood, RIP) and asked them to write and record an album with me as We Shot The Moon. With some friends, I took that band on the road for a few years before taking a break to pursue my solo career. The three of us have stayed close friends since then, and recently Dan and I decided to write another WSTM record, with Joe playing drums. Dan would produce the record as well, and it would be an awesome way to reconnect with each other, our shared musical roots, and fans of WSTM, Sherwood, or Waking Ashland. But while it is a rediscovery of our indie pop rock roots, we also challenged ourselves to embrace some new musical directions and are really excited about what we've come up with.  

So, why are we doing a Kickstarter for this album?

1. Last time I did a Kickstarter for my solo album(Community Group) I was blown away and humbled by the response from my friends and fans. Also, it was clear to me that those who backed the project had a great experience as well, and I wanted the same level of fan involvement for this album. 

2. The money we raise will allow us to release this record about a month after the campaign ends, at least six months to a year earlier than if we had to save up the funds ourselves. We are making this record without the help of a record label, but thanks to you guys and Kickstarter we don't need one! 

This will be a very active campaign - - Lots of updates, song previews, videos, and exclusive content. 

Speaking of exclusive content, everyone that backs the project will get the following: an immediate download of a brand new acoustic version of "Perfect Time", Dan's new dance/electronic rework of "I Am For You", and the first single from this album, "When I'm Gone".  

My goal is that everyone walks away from this feeling like they were apart of this record, that they made it happen, and that they got a good look into the process of making an album. 


We are so excited to have reach our fundraising goal in less than two days!  We feel humbled, blessed and ecstatic to be able to make music on our own terms through the help of our friends and fans.  But we're going to keep going, and here's why:

1. First and foremost, none of the prices of our packages are "padded" or inflated whatsoever -- we tried to price everything very fairly so that anyone interested in the band, project, or our previous/other bands would be interested in what we're offering.  (Example: signed CD, digital download, 3 exclusive bonus tracks, 12-track Retrospective with personal notes, entire J. Jones musical catalog AND ltd. silk-screened 18x24 poster with your own name as part of the design: $50, including shipping!)  So there's no reason you shouldn't back the project and grab your reward, even though we reached our goal!

2. Extra money raised will go to both of the following projects: 1) the purchase of additional recording gear, allowing us to make records more easily, cheaply and frequently in the future, and 2) "tour support" (which used to come from the record label!) for me to take this album out on the road for some club shows!  The more raised, the longer tour I can afford, and the more dates Dan & Joe will be able to join me on stage.

3. Finally, the more that we raise, the more we can reasonably "count on" support from our friends and fans in the future -- this is very valuable, as it allows us to hire folks to be involved in future projects that we couldn't have afforded this time around: producers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, visual artists, etc.

Thank you so much for your generosity and continued support -- I cannot believe how blessed I am to be able to keep making music, with your help.  It's impossible without you, and I will never forget that.

- - - - - - - - - - 

Here's a breakdown of the $7000 dollars we are hoping to raise:

Album Mixing - $2000

Album Mastering - $1000

Transportation Cost between San Diego and Seattle (where Dan lives) $1000

Studio Time - $1500

CD duplication - $1000

Gear/Software Purchase - $200

Kickstarter's Fee - $750

Total: $7450

Let's do this!



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    Advance Digital Download Package( 2 weeks before official release date): MP3 download of entire album + Immediate download of the following: piano/acoustic version of "Perfect Time", new WSTM song "Me Vs. Myself", a remix club/dance style of "I Am For You" and a remix of "When I'm Gone" (a new song on the album)

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    Advance Physical CD Package: A signed CD +A Retrospective Compilation of 12 of my personal favorite songs spanning my entire career (WSTM, Jonathan Jones, Waking Ashland complete with commentary for each song) + everything in packages above

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    Limited Edition Silk Screen Poster and Full Music Catalog Package: Hand numbered 18x24 poster: Your name will be printed on the poster as part of the design + Entire We Shot The Moon, Waking Ashland, and Jonathan Jones catalog (if you don't have it already) + everything in packages above

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    T-Shirt Package: an "I Kickstarted We Shot The Moon" T-shirt + everything in packages above

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    Deluxe Package: Your name in the liner notes + A handwritten signed lyric sheet of your choice of any WSTM, Jonathan Jones, or Waking Ashland song + A 10-20 min phone chat about ANYTHING (I have great touring stories!) + everything in packages above

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    Personal Song Package: I will write and record an original song for you including whatever key words or topics you want + everything in packages above

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    WSTM Storytellers House Show Package: I will come play an acoustic show in your living room or wherever you can fit me. Invite 20-25 of your friends and come hear what these songs are really about +everything in packages above. (Airfare included in the price!)

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    Private Listening Party and Executive Producer Package: You will hear the album approx two weeks before anyone else. I will fly out to you for a private listening party for you and 25 friends(air fare included) + You get listed on the album as an Executive Producer + everything in packages above

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    Super Hero Package: Let's talk. We are at your mercy.

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