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The 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar is a project to produce a large (27.56in x 39.37in) printed wall calender made of 2013 keyboard keys
174 backers pledged $8,537 to help bring this project to life.

Will there be a 2017 Typographic Wall Calendar?

Posted by Harald Geisler and Thomas Ratliff (Creator)

Dear Backer,

I hope you're enjoying your print(s) of the Typographic Wall Calendar. As the year slowly and steadily moves to an end you might be wondering will there be a 2017 Typographic Wall Calendar? I am doing this project since 2009 and the 2010 Typographic Wall Calendar was the first edition, 2016 marked the 7th edition of the work. After following a project for so long it feels wrong to take a break, but also right to look for new directions of the project. There will be no 2017 edition of the Typographic Wall Calendar.

But theres good news…

For the last two years I have been experimenting with ways to change and develop the work. One of the ideas is to create a monthly calendar with one image for each month, which allows to play more with the structure of a calendar. These monthly calendars are also designed to be endless, which means they can be used like historic holiday calendars over and over again. This would be a Kickstarter project for 2017.

Here you see a first design for January, its layout follows the tradition of the Typographic Wall Calendar:

The design for April is more playful, the text can be read in a circular movement:

You are the first one to see these designs and I am curious to hear your opinion about this. Would this be interesting to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments or through a Kickstarter message with me.

– Thank you!

If you like to add some typographic keyboard flair to your 2017 my other Kickstarter "Typographic Postcards" will be interesting to you. But hurry up it ends November 16th!



And I like to close this letter with the design for February, which plays with the interweaving patterns of black and white keys:




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