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2013 Typographic Wall Calendar's video poster

The 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar is a project to produce a large (27.56in x 39.37in) printed wall calender made of 2013 keyboard keys Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 31, 2012.

The 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar is a project to produce a large (27.56in x 39.37in) printed wall calender made of 2013 keyboard keys

About this project

→Update: To order the Typographic Wall Calendar visit

"…stunning reinterpretation of a calendar is a masterful example of how a designer can completely flip a genre signifier on its head. Geisler reimagines calendars in order to change the way we visualize time, and in turn, redefines what it means to save the date." -Mike McGregor, Kickstarter, NYC

"The more I look at this poster, the more in awe of it I am… it's a complete revision of the way we construct time, month by month, day by day. To see a year laid that way is somehow frightening and optimistic." -Elizabeth Kiefer, Editor at Fab, NYC

Hi, my name is Harald Geisler. I am a typographer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Typographic Wall Calendar is a project I am working on since 2009.

The "2013 Typographic Wall Calendar" is a project to produce a large (70 cm x 100 cm / 27.56in x 39.37in) printed wall calendar for the year 2013. The calendar is made of two-thousand and thirteen used keyboard keys. The keys are arranged manually to write out all days of the year 2013.

By backing this project you help me to upfront the printing and production of the calendar.

2013 Typographic Wall Calendar made of 2000 and 13 used keyboard keys
2013 Typographic Wall Calendar made of 2000 and 13 used keyboard keys
Sorting keys for February
Sorting keys for February
February closeup
February closeup

Is it a real calendar? How do you read it?

Yes! It is a real, usable calendar. This typography calendar makes finding dates a fun and creative process. The keys are arranged in a grid. If you read them from left to right, they read each day of the year in sequence: January TUE 01 WED 02 THUR 03 etc. You can think of it like a string of all dates in the year. To make things easier, every month is differentiated by two "star keys." This enables you to scan the grid for a specific month before beginning to search for the day. After a bit of practice, you can orient yourself quickly within the grid. You can also use certain brands of whiteboard markers to write events onto the calendar.

How can you get involved?

With backing this project you are helping me to upfront the costs for printing, packaging and shipping the calendar. By backing the project with $39 or more, you will receive an original size print of the finished 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar. Prints are shipped from Germany to your home, world wide shipping included

My aim is to make this calendar something for everybody to have. Therefor  I would like keep the price at a low and affordable level. The most crucial part is the shipping. Since the poster is oversized, the international shipping from Germany is expensive. By choosing to receive one print, the basic shipping costs are covered. But if you decide to choose additional prints in the same reward (for your friends or colleagues) or even decide for a signed print, it helps even more to lift the project!

How did the project start?

The project began in 2009 as a (very oversized) New Years card for my Studio in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The response from friends and clients was overwhelming. People called up to say that they wanted to buy more or already framed it.

In 2010 the project became a Kickstarter campaign → The response was very positive. After a successful campaign with 205% funding, we shipped over 90 calendars to people all over the globe.

In 2011 the Typographic Wall Calendar received an overwhelming funding from 428 international Backers. → 

In January 2012 the Typographic Wall Calendar even received the Gregor international calendar award in Stuttgart. Yes, there are awards especially for calendars in Stuttgart.

The 2012 Typographic Wall Calendar on display at the Gregor Award in Stuttgart.
The 2012 Typographic Wall Calendar on display at the Gregor Award in Stuttgart.

Further the 2012 Edition became an 'Editors Pick' at GQ Germany. The Calendar was also featured on and reviewed in 'DESIGNER' an Art/Design magazine from Tel Aviv!

How is the calendar made?

First the keys are removed from the keyboards. Then the keys are arranged by hand into a grid. To achieve high resolution and minimize lens distortion, the keys are photographed line-by-line in small groups. The 2010 prototype was a gigantic image of 323 Megapixel (15119 x 21378px, 1,83 GB Photoshop file).

Print info: The printed Typographic Wall Calendar reproduces the keys in their actual size. The size of the print is B0 (70 cm x 100 cm / 27.56in x 39.37in). The artwork is printed in four color offset on thick glossy paper (250gsm) and finished with a UV coating to protect the print from scratches and the colors from bleaching.

What else is comes with the calendar? Last year every shipped calendar was accompanied by a 6 pages pamphlet that would show the 2010, 2011 and 2012 calendar, explain the concept of the artwork and an interview done by Kickstarter. Depending on the number of orders I'm planing to design a new 8 page poster/booklet! You can download a PDF of the last years edition →here.

And bubble wrap to protect the print from damages (Yes, I haven't thought about it, but the bubbles are probably filled with German air.)

What does the press say about the Typographic Wall Calendar?

“…my heart went all a-flutter.” Blair Pfander, Sundance Channel | SUNFILTERED, Brooklyn

“…one-of-a-kind…” Armin Vit, Quipsologies (former Speak Up) Vol.47 No.60, Austin TX

"…simple, effective, straightforward, yet dizzying…” Xiaoli Li, Formatmag

"Tipp", Jürgen Siebert, Berlin 

"Empfehlung der Redaktion” GQ (Germany), Munich

”…pretty weird…” @smashingmag, Freiburg, Germany

“Creative of the week”  Gerrie Smits, The RAAKonteur #20, London

“…der minutiöse Wahnsinn, …(der) eher an J. Johns oder einen sehr disziplinierten J. Pollock erinnert als an deinen normalen Wandkalender.”  Hans Schumacher,, Berlin

“…unique DIY…” Abby Jenkins, Apartment Therapy Unpluggd, US

“…staggering image…” Erik Brandt,, Minneapolis

“…thought intrigued…”  Idealog Weekly,, New Zealand

“…This is calendar ART. This is art that is a CALENDAR…”km, Clerk & unwell, Chicago

More Information:

Still like to know more? Mike McGregor from the Kickstarter team was so nice to invite me to a creator Q&A at → The Kickstarter Blog (Oct. 2010).

And follow the links on the side for further reading…

The campaign deadline is October 31 to ensure that calendars will arrive before the holidays. When the (fingers crossed) funding goal is reached, the calendar assembly will go in print. As soon as the prints arrive packaging will start. I will publish regular updates on each step of the production.

What will happen after the Kickstarter Project? All Kickstarter backers will receive their calendars first. The remaining prints will be sold on my studio's website I'm still looking for venues to display and sell the print. If you like this project and run a store drop me a line. Of course by backing this project you will not only get your copy first, but also at a much cheaper price.

Shipping Details:

The backer rewards include world wide shipping from Germany. All calendars will be send in a strong protective poster tube as small packets (Päckchen) with DHL. All shipments are covered with an insurance and trackable online.

"Päckchen" is the most economical way to ship goods from Germany. That means the posters literally get shipped, on a boat, from Germany. From my experience with the 2010/2011 Kickstarter campaigns I expect orders to take between one and (in the worst case) six weeks. To secure the safe delivery of the calendar, all shipments are trackable online. Shipments within the EU will most likely not be shipped on a boat, but still can take up to two weeks. Inside Germany shipments take between 2 days and up to a week.

Shipments from oversea backers will be shipped first, followed by EU and German backers. You are planing to make the calendar a gift to someone you like? All orders shall arrive before the holidays in December.

If you wish a guaranteed high-speed delivery of your reward, it is possible to arrange an express service. I.e. DHL two day delivery from Germany to any major city in the US is about 60€ (approx. $74) — please contact me for details through Kickstarter.

Risks and challenges

There are risks and challanges in the creation of every artwork and it is always an adventure. Especially when it is a complex project that combines different crafts. Since this the fourth time that I am preparing the Typographic Wall Calendar(3rd time on Kickstarter), I already ran into many obstacles and unforseen problems in the previous projects. From every problem I solved, I too learned how to handle them, generally the ones one does not calculate with.

The Typographic Wall Calendar is a piece of art, but as a calendar also a seasonal article. Everybody who backs this project will expect the calendar to arrive in time.
The biggest challenge in this project is to facilitate the world wide shipping from Germany in time and in the given budget. Through the experience of the last three editions I know it is possible, but it's a quite huge task in preparation and good timing.

Since the printing is done in Germany all bills have to be paid in Euros. The budget is in US$. I tried to make the calculation as tight as possible to keep the price low. I did my calculation in Euro and added a buffer to balance the possible effects of a changing exchange rate. That is also the reason why I increased the price for the Calendar from last year $35 (2010 & 2011) to $39.

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    The 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar :: You will get one print of the 2013 calendar (70 x 100 cm) shipped to your home.
    World wide shipping included. Add $10 for each additional print.

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    The Signed Edition :: You will receive one signed 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar shipped to your home. World wide shipping included. Add $10 for each additional unsigned print or $50 for each additional signed print.

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    The 8 Gift Edition :: Say goodbye to holiday shopping stress! This includes eight 2013 calendars shipped to your home or company address. The prints are packaged securely in eight individual poster tubes, mailed together in a single box. World wide priority shipping included.

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    The Exclusive Limited Kickstarter 2013 C-Print Edition :: You are a connoisseur and will recieve the Typographic Wall Calender 2013 printed with an océ lightjet printer, 100 years lightfast on glossy Kodak Pro Ultra Endura Paper(250gsm). Signed and numbered by Harald Geisler, strictly limited.
    70 x 100 cm plus 2 cm white edge.

    Add $10 for each additional (regular) unsigned 2013 print.

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    The Museum Edition :: This includes all four Typographic Wall Calendars 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 signed. World wide shipping included. Add $10 for each additional unsigned 2013 print.

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    The Transparent Aluminum Edition :: You are unbelievable - Thank you for your support. You will receive the 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar original photo print on Fuji archival paper, mounted on aluminum and sealed with 6 mm acrylic glass, ready to impress on your wall. Comes with a signed certificate. World wide shipping included. (This reward includes all rewards above) Congrats.

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    The Real Deal :: You are taking this project to another level! Thank you very much for your extraordinary support. You will receive one extraordinary and unique Typographic Wall Calendar made of 2013 real keyboard keys. An object made especially for you, 70 x 100 cm in size, in a walnut frame behind museum quality glass. For an unforgettable 2013. (This reward includes all rewards above) World wide shipping included !! On request I will deliver this reward personally anywhere in the world and we can have a nice chat about typography! If you reside outside the EU or North America please add the regular price for traveling costs from Frankfurt/Germany.

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