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The 2012 Typographic Wall Calendar is a project to produce a large (27.56in x 39.37in) printed wall calender made of 2012 keyboard keys
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Golden Pretzels, Silver Award and a band.

Posted by Harald Geisler and Thomas Ratliff (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Technically I wasn't allowed to announce that the "Typographic Wall Calendar" won at the "International Gregor Calendar Award". That's why I didn't post any update after the brief note about the ministries phone call. Sorry that I didn't let you know immediately after the event in Stuttgart on the 26th what had happened there.

Well, I had a good time and it was very different from what I expected. Now, not only because you are all involved in the success of that project, but even more because some of you vividly encouraged me (in the comments and mails after Update #5) to enter that contest, I wanted to share that evening-event and prize with you in some pictures and a 2 minute long video. 


When I entered the König-Karl-Halle (Hall of King Karl) in the Haus der Wirtschaft, I was quite surprised by the amount of people that actually showed up on an event purely to honor calendars. And the setting itself was very impressive. I expected something more "improvised". 

The sixhoundred seats were filled by over 70%. A band was playing in the background some all time favorites like "Killling me softly with his songs" and "I can see clearly now". Played in a way that give you the relaxed feeling of riding an escalator. I almost wanted to ask if they would play a version of "Heart of Gold", but the evening started.

…started with another surprise, the moderator(yes→ they had a locally famous radio chat show host) introduced a video message by the minister of Baden Württemberg. I think it wasn't the minister himself but the minister of finance. Next to me sat a guy in a red hoodie, reading comics throughout the whole event (see video.)

Then everybody involved in the organisation got introduced…ffwd… and I got really  excited and even a little gold rush when the jury was introduced by Friedrich Müller (he initially invited me to enter the contest). Mr. Müller introduced the jury with a picture in which two of the jury members were holding the "Typographic Wall Calendar" in the first row! While every other member of the jury would just hold one Calendar, I had every reason to be excited and imagined that maybe there would be a platinum prize!

The next minutes were a torture to my nerves. Beginning with 20 bronze followed by 10 silver and 5 gold prizes the nomination procedure would end with the super prize. Every winner would have to get up out of the audience on stage - followed by a few words about your project and a photo taken with a person on stage while you're holding a document in the camera.  

Well every prize is great, but the reverse order kind of messed me up and I had a hard time sitting in the audience wishing to not be the next one. Well bottom line: the "Typographic Wall Calendar" was the last one to get called on silver.

I was so overexcited I can't remember anything that happened on stage. A few days later I got the official press picture of me on stage. I am holding a huge piece of paper with an elderly man next to me and the collar of my shirt sticks out. I don't know what that person was there for, but I think he could have told me about that.

The rest of the show went by very quickly and ended with a "Where is Waldo?" -like- group picture. Can you find me in the picture? Post your finds in the comments - the first right answer gets a free Typographic Wall Calendar 2013 :)

Wow - what a show - all about calendars. The calendar with the red circle next to the "Typographic Wall Calendar" on the jury picture won the grand prize (smitten with surprize after the show the creator of that one approached me and ordered a print :)

What about the buffet?

Well Stuttgart is known for Mercedes and being "economic". The buffet was more on the economic side, but I have to say in a charming way. Good wine, nice sparkling wine and very good pretzels in two variations: with or without butter. A very sure, charming and economic way to get the audience drunk. I had about ten pretzels.

Unfortunately the band didn't continue after the show, otherwise I'm sure the snack would have turned into a rocking party. 

After the show also the exhibition was opened displaying over 1200 calendars… of course the "Typographic Wall Calendar" had a great position and soon found two new admirers:

Franziska Strantz on the left and Jule Schubert on the right were so nice to help me to reconstructed the event of handing out the documents on stage (see 3rd photo). Unfortunatly the collar of my shirt still sticks out. Both do not only look but also talk in the warm and charming tone of Stuttgart. Franziska I think has such a Stuttgarty smile, she totally would fit into a movie about the life of Albert Einstein or Heidegger (both were from Baden Würtemberg). Half a decade ago I studied with Jule a semester typography in Offenbach. She just returned to her birth town to found the design studio WEandME with Franziska. Have a look at their website: (I love their Studio portrait - Very nice hair - I would totally not fit in that studio-picture.)

Well I hope that somehow with my report, pictures and video could share that joyful event with you :)



PS.: If you're now too into pretzels you'll sure enjoy to compare the picture in the beginning with this video for "golden" pretzels. (although the background music is indeed very Stuttgart)

(Photocredits for me on stage with Michael Hüffner, CEO Verband Druck und Medien in Baden-Württemberg and the group photo: Udo W. Beier.)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Cliff Lawson on

      Congratulations, Harald, a well deserved award. And the collar just adds a charming touch of informality!

    2. Harald Geisler and Thomas Ratliff 4-time creator on

      @ Marja :) thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Marja Suurmunne on

      Well done, Harald! I'm a big fan - not only the Typographic Wall Calendar but also your updates!

    4. Harald Geisler and Thomas Ratliff 4-time creator on

      :) Congrats to you! Six minutes online… and you're the first one to get a copy of the 2013 edition ;-)

    5. Anne Dugan on

      You are under the "1" in 2012! Congratulations!!!