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Beastgrip. Universal lens adapter for most camera phones's video poster

Beastgrip - universal lens adapter and rig system for Iphone, Android or Windows phones. Hand crafted in the USA. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 2, 2013.

Beastgrip - universal lens adapter and rig system for Iphone, Android or Windows phones. Hand crafted in the USA.

About this project

Beastgrip is a new approach to the mobile phone photo and video accessories.

It's innovative and universal device that will help you to take your phoneography to the next level.

Hello Kickstarters!

My name is Vadym Chalenko, i am professional graphic designer and illustrator also DIYer and photo enthusiast from north Chicagoland. For the past few years I've been into phoneography and i believe it has a great future! With my passion to camera phone photography and videography i am always trying to find the ways to be more creative. As a result of my love to arts and experience of making things Beastgrip project was born and i want to share it with You!

It's all about mobile phone photography and videography...

Nowadays most of the smart phones are equipped with high definition cameras and are able to take amazing pictures and videos. Moreover, mobile technologies are improving every day, and phone cameras getting more advanced. Millions of people every day take photos and videos on their smartphones and share this moments with their friends and relatives all over the world. In fact, phone cameras become so powerful  that many of Indie film makers, videographers, photographers, journalists  and others use phone cameras to fulfill their photo and video equipment arsenal.

Although, phone cameras are progressing every day there is always room for improvement. Having the opportunity to use camera phones with conversion lenses, filters, support photo/video gear and other accessories can dramatically expand camera phones capabilities! There are many devices on the market which can serve this purpose in one way or another.  But Beastgrip is a device that combines many of those features in one universal and convenient package.

What is Beastgrip?

Beastgrip is universal/adjustable lens adapter and rig system for most camera phones! It allows to attach wide variety of standard conversion lenses,filters, photo and video accessories and gear. Plus, it adds stability and comfort for handheld shots. 

Modular design. Patent Pending
Modular design. Patent Pending


  • universal and adjustable, works with most phones
  • provides with comfortable grip for more stable hand held shots
  • simple and convenient in use, works with or without protective phone case
  • fast and easy setup, mount and remove your phone in a matter of seconds
  • allows to attach any conversion lenses and filters commonly used with camcorders and dslr cameras
  • can be used as a surface mount  in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • standard cold shoe mount for mounting additional accessories such as LED light, microphone, and etc…
  • five standard ¼”-20 threaded mounts allows to attach it to supportive photo/ video gear such as tripod, stabilizer, slider, and etc…
  • easy access to a phone buttons and ports with most phone models
  • hand crafted in the USA
  • and it's even more fun with many color choices!

A smartphone can be mounted between the upper clamp and the lower clamp of the Beastgrip. Upper clamp is spring loaded and creates the pressure which holds phone securely in the place. Lower clamp has two mounting positions for more convenient adjustment to a different phone sizes.The lens mount is adjustable and can be aligned to the position of the camera on your phone. Phablets such as Samsung Galaxy Note series requires extended horizontal standoff rails. Each adapter will be shipped with extension kit, tools and instruction for installation. Installation process is simple and fast.   

Few examples of using Beastgrip

How Beastgrip is made?..

Beastgrip is made of 58 individual components. Each adapter is handcrafted in Chicago. Main body components are  in-house made using FDM 3D printing manufacturing process. Also, about 90% of all materials and hardware are made in the USA!

Beastgrip components
Beastgrip components

There is number of reasons why i decided to use 3D printing to manufacture Beastgip components. As an individual small business owner, 3D printing was my only opportunity to bring this project to reality.

Custom made enclosure with automatic temperature control allows excellent print consistency!
Custom made enclosure with automatic temperature control allows excellent print consistency!

Commercial mould injection manufacturing process requires tremendous upfront expenses and likely contracting overseas companies, what brings additional risks and challenges. 

In process of Beastgrip development i used 3D printer to build all prototypes. Beastgrip has a modular design, components has to be very accurate in dimensions to function properly when assembled together. Because of that i customized my 3d printer to achieve the best possible print results with excellent consistency.  That's how i realized that it's possible to make great quality finished product using 3D printers and be in control of the whole manufacturing process. 

Print details
Print details

 The story of making Beastgrip.

Is it strong?

By the nature of additive manufacturing, parts made with this process a less stronger than those which made from solid material, and for many applications can not perform as a finished product. Not in this case. I put Beastgrip through many months of testing for usability and durability in all possible conditions it could be used. I was constantly experimenting with different materials and improving printing techniques to achieve best look /performance and i am confident to offer this product to you. Beatgrip is a modular device which combines different materials. It's durable and has great solid feel!

What about lenses?

My goal was to create an adapter that would give an option to use  good quality optics from reputable brands with camera phone.  It opens whole new possibilities for creativity. Beastgrip allows to attach to your phone many types of conversion lenses and filters, commonly used with camcorders and DSLR cameras. Even SLR prime lenses working really good on camera phones, with proper DOF adapters! 

Lenses with 37mm threaded mount can be mounted directly to Beastgrip. Larger lenses with threaded mount up to 52mm can be mounted with additional standard step-up rings. Lenses with threaded mount larger than 52mm can be mounted with additional spacers. Wide variety of wide angle, macro, fisheye, telephoto lenses and filters are available from many internet retailers such as Amazon, Ebay or physical stores in wide range of prices that will fit any budget. I tested more than twenty lenses from Opteka, Century Optics, Xit, Zeikos, Neewer, Vivitar, Polaroid and here is the list of my favorite ones - which performed the best and are very affordable.

Examples of photos taken with different lenses

Photos # 1,2,3,4 and 5 were taken from the same distance to the object. Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S3
Photos # 1,2,3,4 and 5 were taken from the same distance to the object. Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S3
Beastgrip on Instagram
Beastgrip on Instagram

The Rewards

The Rewards will be shipped weekly as soon as work shop will be set up and production starts. "GET IT FIRST" rewards will be shipped in two weeks after campaign ends! Many of you will receive it before estimated delivery date! When i was setting up an estimate delivery date, I left myself an extra time in case of any unplanned issues.

Why I need your help?

 At the current stage i am able to make only small amount of adapters, because of each Beastgrip is finished and assembled by hand, and manufacturing of components with 3D printer is a time consuming process. I need funds to invest in additional printers, tools and equipment  to make production more time/cost efficient.  Manual heat press for brass inserts installation, precise mini miter saw, manual tapping machine for making aluminum rails and other tools are necessary for optimization and improving manufacturing process. In addition i need to order all materials, hardware and packaging in bulk to bring manufacturing cost down and be able to offer finished product for affordable price.

With your help i can make Beastgrip a reality!

Thank you!

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Special THANKS to all great people who contributed in the making of this campaign! Also to my friends and family for great support, Thank you!

Music by


Blank & Kytt

Photo/Video by

Vadym Chalenko, Roman Svitukha

Risks and challenges

Since i make Beastgrip myself and there is no need to relay on other companies for manufacturing actual components, risks are minimal. The possible delays can be related with availability of materials and hardware from suppliers. However materials are sourced from number of companies, what minimize this risk. I am passionate and completely committed to this project and will dedicate all my time and energy to deliver this product to you on time. Moreover my good friends and relatives are always ready to help. If any obstacles will occur i will keep everyone up to date and will do my best to overcome issues in a timely manner!

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