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The most versatile lens adapter and rig system for phoneographers. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones!
The most versatile lens adapter and rig system for phoneographers. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones!
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Answers to your iPhone 7/7 Plus Questions

Posted by Vadym Chalenko (Creator)

Dear Backers,  

It's been a while since we've posted an update, but since our Kickstarter ended last year, we've been talking nonstop with all of you about new and exciting ways to improve our gear. Thank you so much for all of the valuable feedback! We’re constantly improving our products and your thoughts have a tremendous impact with our entire team.  

We’ve been getting a TON of questions about the iPhone 7/7 Plus compatibility with the Beastgrip Pro, and we’re excited to say that our iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Upgrade Kits are almost here! They include a redesigned, patent-pending lens mount with a dome-shaped, flexible rubber insert that creates a contoured fit around the camera module. The kit for the iPhone 7 Plus also includes a new lower clamp jaw that optimizes the position of the iPhone 7 Plus to allow the lens mount to align perfectly with either the 28mm or 56mm camera. You can see photos and a more detailed explanation of the upgrade kits here. We have a lot of other new products coming out very soon too, so stay tuned and thanks again for your patience!  



We’re also happy to answer any questions that you have at and if you aren’t already, be sure to follow and tag us on Instagram (@beastgrip_pro), Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and join our newsletter to stay updated on all things going on in the #BeastgripNation.  

We also want to shed some “light” on our friends Lumecube who are currently at the last 8 days of their Kickstarter campaign for the Life Lite Smartphone LED Light! It's super bright (1000 lumens) and is powered by the same great technology of their best-selling Lumecube light. Check it out now before it ends!

The new Life Lite mounted on the Beastgrip Pro at the InterBEE Convention 2016 Kenko Tokina booth.


Happy Holidays,  

The Entire Beastgrip Family

Important information about international shipments and surveys

Posted by Vadym Chalenko (Creator)

Dear Backers,

I hope you’re all doing well. We would like to take a moment to address a few important messages and FAQ’s we have received lately:

If you’re an international backer and have not received your reward yet, please be patient. All international rewards were shipped with USPS First Class International, which worked extremely well on our last campaign and is by far the most affordable international shipping option. In the unlikely case that it is lost, it is insured, but we are required to wait at least 60 days for it to be considered “lost” to file a claim to send you a replacement. Once your package arrives in your country it will have to clear through customs, which can take anywhere from several days to several weeks. Not at all countries are eligible for tracking updates from USPS First Class International, so if you have not yet received your package you can try to contact your local post office and provide them with your tracking number to find out more information about its location. If your package was already cleared through customs, your local post office should have more information about the status of your shipment. Please note: we are unable to see any more information than what is available on the USPS website and final delivery is made from your local post office, not USPS. Please be patient and check with your local post office; if it is not delivered more than 60 days after the shipment was made please contact us directly at

If you have any questions or issues with any of our products, please send us a direct message through Kickstarter or email us at along with pictures of what you’re experiencing, if applicable. You are free to comment publicly on Kickstarter, but in order for us to help you as efficiently as possible, please also contact us directly. Also, we still have backers that have not submitted their Kickstarter survey that was sent out in May. Please complete this as soon as possible with your shipping information so we can send your reward.

Thank you all so much for backing us! We’ve had a lot of great feedback and look forward to seeing all of your content with our products! If you haven’t already, follow us on social media.






Vadym and the Beastgrip Team

Rewards Shipped. Responses to Your Comments.

Posted by Vadym Chalenko (Creator)
Dear Backers,

First and foremost, we apologize for the delayed update. Last month was extremely busy for us, but fortunately, with a lot of hard work and dedication, we managed to ship out nearly all of the rewards before the end of the August. If you’ve backed us and have not received a shipping notification, please respond to the survey we sent you and provide us with your shipping information. 

In this update we will discuss a few issues that some of our backers have shared with us recently and provide a few tips on how to eliminate/avoid these issues. Since our first topic is somewhat difficult to explain, we’ve included a video below to demonstrate how to attach your DOF adapter and lenses to the Beastgrip Pro and eliminate the possibility of getting the macro lens piece stuck to the lens mount.

As seen in the video, please tighten the macro lens onto the lens body before attaching the lens to the Beastgrip Pro and do not over tighten the lens to the lens mount [on the Beastgrip Pro]. This will avoid the issue some backers had with the macro lens separating from the lens body and becoming difficult to remove from the lens mount. 

The same is applied to the DOF adapter; please ensure that your +10 macro filter is tightened up to the 37-52mm step-up ring before attaching the DOF adapter to the Beastgrip Pro.

We’ve also had a few backers experience an issue with the additional macro filters that are provided with the DOF adapter. It appears that the +1, +2, and +4 macro filters are defective and will not connect properly. Please do not use those filters! Please remember, as we’ve stated in our user manual, one 37mm +10 macro filter will work with most phones. As far as we know, the only phones that requires additional macro filters to focus properly on the focusing screen are Nokia Lumia phones. If you own a Nokia Lumia, please email or send us a direct message and we will assist you.

Lastly, several backers have encountered some resistance when attaching the Wide-Angle lens to their Beastgrip Pro’s lens mount. If you are experiencing this or any other issue with any of our products, please email or direct message us and we will assist you.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Vadym & Beastgrip Team.

Our Progress

Posted by Vadym Chalenko (Creator)
Dear Backers,

For this update, we would like to share some new details on our progress: As we mentioned earlier, we began the manufacturing process a few weeks ago. We are currently working with seven different companies in the United States and China, which has had it's fair share of difficulties, but we are making a lot of progress. We are expecting to receive everything by the second half of July. As soon as we receive the manufactured parts we will start assembling, packing and fulfilling everyone's rewards.

We settled into a new office/workshop located in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor area in Chicago, IL. This is a much larger and more efficient work-space to work in. We are ready to assemble everything (as soon as all of the parts arrive).

We had encountered some difficulties in the molding injection tooling process; fortunately for us, we began working with the manufacturer a long time before our kickstarter campaign launched and had invested in short run tools prior to the production tooling. Nevertheless, the whole experience was much harder than we expected. To fix this, we made a few improvements in the design and functionality of the Beastgrip Pro: In the last seven months: we made dozens of changes to the tool design, reviewed dozens of samples, made changes again and so on… over and over. I am now excited to say that we have overcome all of the issues that arose and that the latest samples we received from the manufacturer from the production sample run look great. 

 Just to keep you in the loop, here are some details on the major issues we had to overcome: 

- There was material warpage in the lower and upper arms.

- We had a high "fail-rate" with the overmolded inserts during molding process. 

 The first issue was unresolvable, but after many trials we decided to take another approach, which turned out to be a great improvement! The Beastgrip Pro's arms will now be manufactured from machined aluminum with an anodized black finish. 

We received samples last week and they are absolutely beautiful. We did not only achieve the perfect dimension tolerance, but also a great stiffness in these parts, which dramatically improved the Beastgrip Pro's overall functionality. 

From the beginning, we decided to make our parts with glass-filled nylon for maximum durability and have our brass inserts molded-in during the injection molding process to avoid any possibility of having the inserts pull out from the plastic during usage. This approach brought us a big challenge with ensuring that the inserts stayed in place during the injection molding process. Some of the inserts were stable, but others were becoming displaced, which is unacceptable to have in a finished product. After numerous trials, we quickly found a solution to keep the brass lens ring in place by adding additional pins to hold the lens ring tightly and completely eliminate the displacing issue.

 For the other inserts, we tried every possible solution: changing the molding parameters, adding/changing injection gates, etc. - in some cases it helped, but there was still a high fail-rate - with the upper clamp base part having the most concerning issue with the inserts becoming displaced. Each trial run we ran had a fail-rate of about 90%. To fix this, we swapped the other inserts for blind inserts and added six additional pins on the opposite side of the tool to hold them in place - the same way we added the two additional pins to the base part tool to keep the failing inserts in place. This solution allowed us to completely eliminate the displacing issue with the inserts. 

The large ¼”-20 inserts on each handle had a displacing issue as well, so we also changed these inserts to blind inserts and kept them at the exact same height as the thickness of handle parts (in the area where the inserts are located). Another benefit of having blind inserts is that they eliminate possible damages to the part when long screws are used for attaching accessories to the handles - the blind insert can withstand much more pressure if the screw is tightened and pushed inside. 

 We also added extra rubber material on the clamps and increased the stiffness and friction of the rubber - this way there is no contact between the phone’s edges and the plastic part of the clamps when the phone is mounted.

 Lastly, we made short male/female standoffs between the handle and the base from black-coated steel to increase durability.

 We are also very excited about the packaging we are using, especially with the box for the Beastgrip Pro. The local company we are using exceeded our expectations and helped us with the structural design of the boxes. As soon as we have samples of the finished box we will post photos for you to see. 

 At this point we are waiting for all of the parts and components to arrive so we can start assembling everything and fulfilling all of the rewards. Stay tuned!

 P.S. Check out the iBlazr 2 Kickstarter campaign from our friends at iBlazr.

 We are very excited about this project and can’t wait to use the new iBlazr 2 flashes that are packed with a bunch of really cool features that make this flash an incredibly versatile tool: wireless synchronization with native iOS and Android apps, adjustable color temperature, and the ability to have multiple flashes synchronized via the iBlazr app. This is a must have product for all Phoneographers!

Original iBlazr mounted on Beastgrip Pro
Original iBlazr mounted on Beastgrip Pro

Quick update...

Posted by Vadym Chalenko (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

 Here’s a quick update on what we've been up to: 

 For the past month we've been extremely busy. Everything is coming together as planned and we are on schedule to ship in August. We are also in the process of moving to a new location. We will post a detailed update with photos and more information once we get settled sometime next week. 

 Stay tuned! 

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Check out these amazing videos shot with our original Beastgrip and the Beastgrip Pro! We are so excited to be a part of them and to see our products in action. 

 This is another video by Austin Reza from shot on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,  Bentley just released using our original Beastgrip and Beastgrip Pro prototype! 

BTS video 

And be sure to watch the new trailer for Cai Lan Gong (HD), an Indonesian movie and the world's first full feature film shot with a Samsung Note 4  and our original Beastgrip. 

 BTS video