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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
983 backers pledged $184,052 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Matthew on

      I'm not sure about the color scheme... those of us who travel for business would be happier with plain black rather than the bright orange contrast. It's less likely to be appropriate in certain places.

      Also, the new luggage pass-through looks very narrow, and also very towards the top of the bag, making it more likely that the bottom of the bag will slide forward off the top of the luggage it is sitting on and fall down. A wider pass-through, as shown on the main page, would keep the bag vertical and flush to the rolling bag's handle.

      I am not sure these updates are an improvement over the original product which I thought I was ordering...

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      Jeremy Joo on

      The design of the backpack is stunning.

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      @Tan Tay Shyan Add the cost to your pledge. i.e. for an additional Messenger Bag add $129.

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      Michael Hopkins

      @ Josh @ Matt Constance, had a superb idea of the pass through being on the same side as the plug in? What's your thoughts on this? Also would it be to hard to add on opposite side of bag a place for a water bottle to go on the outer side opposite of the plug side of course. I always carry a water bottle and ever backpack on the Market these days has a place for our water. Is this possible to do and Create Josh? Would hate to have to Carry my water bottle separatly? Especially when I have a backpack lol. Please when you can address my two questions as it will help me decide if I add a Combo to my pledge. GR8 work my Man and thanks for all your communication!!

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      tigerwong on

      BTW, how long & what type of warranty does your bags come with? For example, Briggs & Riley offer a lifetime warranty. If it breaks, they fix or replace it. Obviously most companies are not that generous. What type of warranty does GOPLUG have? Thank you.

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      tigerwong on

      New backer, was going to suggest you use a contrasting color for the interiors, then your videos showed you already did. Hope all your other bags have a contrasting interior color too. Makes it easier to see what's inside. Have you decided on a final color scheme? Would love to see the orange in the backpack too. Can't wait to see videos of the trolly & roller bag as I ordered the travel combo.

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      Matt Constance on

      Josh is it not possible to have the pass through on the same side as the power? Its a small thing but would make running cables a lot neater. Otherwise they have to cross the luggage section of the backpack. Seems to me that just calls for tangles.

      Otherwise these look great.

    8. Cindy

      I'm extremely glad that the messenger bag will be big enough to fit my 15.6inch laptop now :D. The new one looks great, I love the colour scheme as well.

      For the solar battery how long does it take for it to be fully charged?

    9. John Fox

      Thank you for posting these great videos. I have a question/comment about the messenger bag. I'm interested in the solar battery, but it looks like the battery compartment is covered when the messenger bag's outer flap is closed with the clip and magnets. Have you considered a (velcroed) battery-sized flap or window that would expose the solar cell? Is it too late for such ideas? Either way, you have done an amazing job.

    10. Austin Robarts on

      This is becoming better and better with every Evolution! Thanks for making me very happy to have pledged for the backpack! It looks amazing

    11. Jeremy Halvorsen

      I'm a big fan of the backpack which I ordered, only thing that I'd love to see in a version (which I realize it's too late to change this, but maybe for in the future) is to make a checkpoint friendly version. This will probably be replacing my everki when I travel, but I'll miss the option to just unzip the laptop part to fold flat and go through xray -

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      Phong Nguyen on

      Love the new design of the backpack, definitely well thought out.

    13. Tmbrwlf on

      Love the new backpack....awesome job!!

    14. Chris on

      @Nathan Josh previously mentioned that you may now choose between which battery you want.

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      Nathan Meyer on

      I am a little confused about the solar battery stretch goal. Did that stretch goal mean that a solar battery would be created and that you would have to purchase it separately, or did it mean that all bags will come with a solar battery. If it is the first option, is it possible to swap out the basic battery for a solar battery for a markup?

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      Kim tesch on

      So to enter drawing post on our own timeline? Or yours? And then comment ? Thanks for awesome product.

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      Colin Chow on

      Look forward to the carry on video. I'm considering to gift it to a friend!

    18. Erin

      I might be wanting 2 backpacks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Colin Chow on

      the magnetic strip is clever! Looks great!

    20. Tan Tay Shyan on

      Awesome and thank you for posting the videos. I am happy to see the use magnetic strip instead of cutting corners and use velcro instead

      I do have a couple of questions tho...

      (1) can you let me know the specs of the textile material for these bags? it will help to determine how wear resistant the bag will be after some normal usage/abuse. A good set of durable zipper and wheels will do wonders too.

      (2) One thing that got me slightly confused is with the exposed panel for solar battery...will there be some changes to add an additional zip to expose the see through panel or will there be a different bag for those with solar battery to those who choose a normal battery?

      Now that you've got me all excited, do you have an option to pledge for additional bags? I have pledged for a travel combo but would love to add an additional messenger bag too. How do I do that?

    21. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      The messenger bag is sleek! It's one of my favorite bags.

    22. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      Thanks! I'm hoping to make them even better with every stretch goal we reach.

    23. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Marlena, there is a cord... I just failed to show it. SORRY!!!
      It'll be shown when I post the photos.

    24. RazorPointer on

      Why can't all Kickstarter projects be as AWESOME as this one!! Great Work! Can't wait to get my bag!

    25. Marlena Harris

      I'm a little confused. I thought they were supposed to have a built in cord:


      •Emergency Power Continuous Power - The built in cord acts as an extension cord as well as charges the built-in battery
      •Extend your reach with the built-in cord

      From the descriptions of the Backpack, Messenger Bag, Sling Bag, and Camera Pack:

      •Eight foot grounded extension cord

      Nothing listed for the Computer Trolley.

      From the Roller Case and the Camera Roller Case:

      •Twelve foot grounded extension cord


      The GoPlug concept began by carrying an extension cord to charge my multiple electronic devices whenever I traveled.


      2) the cord will be retractable on the roller bags.

      Is this something that was overlooked in the videos or is it something else? The battery is important, it's hugely important, but the cord is kind of a big deal, too. We need that easy charging the battery ability. I realize that the battery is removable, but there will be situations were removing the battery to charge it is probably not the best idea, especially if you are traveling.

      Thanks for getting back to me on this.

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      Jay Buangan on

      I like the updated messenger bag. Can't wait to take it on the road!

    27. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      Steve, the backpack is amazing! The textiles are more expensive than the earlier prototype and it's built really well.

    28. Brent on

      Both look amazing. Great work!

    29. Missing avatar

      Steve Wang on

      Backpack looks really nice.